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Boppo the creepy dummy from Richard

Is it Michael Jackson?!

Of course it isn't. This thing has way too much nose.

Richard sent this in with the comment:
"Here's a picture of one of the weirdest looking ventriloquist dolls I've ever seen".

Amen to that. I got the chills when I opened this picture up. Confession time. I am terrified of clowns, and really do not at all like dolls or puppets. The only time I ever saw a doll or puppet in a movie and didn't have to hide my eyes was during the marionette scenes in "Being John Malkovich". Those puppets were astounding.

I've often wondered why most ventriloquist dummies are these grotesque, hateful, sinister looking things. What got to me about this one is that looks like it has real human hair. You never have an M-80 handy when you need one.


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