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Hi guys!

Happy New Year!

It's been an interesting bunch of weeks as I've repaired the site after a hack took half it down. Well, not really a "Hack". It's not hacking when your old web host gives them the password. It was the result of a sad Teen Love Affair gone wrong, and my cousin Jesen, who helps me with the site about 3 minutes a month. The Person Who Did This got mad at him for breaking up with her with the excuse that he didn't have time to do much but go to school anymore, so she got back at him by getting my password, thinking if the site was too much of a mess, he'd have time. She admitted it after only one phone call, so I do give her credit. She cried, even. She said she called my old web host and giggled a lot to the tech guy, and said she forgot her password. As if I giggle? Me?! Are they stupid? (well. ..actually..) I was never 17 so it's all lost on me. I've now moved my site, sent a lot of nasty mail to the concerned parties and well.. . payback was extracted. I can't give out details. It wasn't pretty but damn, we're good. Suffice it to say it wasn't the actions of mature, calm adults but then payback is a...you know.

A big thank you to Jesen and Sloop for helping me get things up again. Also, a certain young lady asked what she could do to apologize but found most of my suggestions distasteful. (Rifle cleaning equipment was only mentioned in one of them...I wasn't overly nasty..really.) I said awwww ...that's OK. I said to prove no hard feelings, I'd give her email address out and everyone would write to her and tell her it was OK, too - 34 printed pages of broken links is not a problem. We're all adults here! If you want to let her know you forgive her as much as I do, you can write her at Andi_Marcoli@excite.com. Don't forget to send her hugs from me :D

I would like to brag a second and say that the site was written up in SHIFT magazine (Canada) as one of the "100 Best Websites for 2003". They were even nice enough to mail me a copy. It was also in the Toronto Sun, the Seattle Intelligencer, the Australian Netguide. I never hear a thing on my end and thank those of you who scan me articles or let me know. As promised long ago, when I make my first $1000 I'll buy all of you a cup of coffee. I'm looking for a 3200 cup Mr. Coffee Maker and hope to find one soon. Just remember - friends don't let friends drink decaf.

Thank you all for the nice mail (99.9% of it is wonderful) and stopping by last year and making my "I'll get 30 hits a week" web site into a lot more than I ever imagined (I think last I looked, some sections have over 1 million hits and the Jackson page is going on 1.8 million). I'll be so stuck up from all this I'll soon start insisting the kid at the gas station call me "M'am" instead of "dude".

Hi to all the new people!

Six fossils of birds that lived 130 million years ago have been discovered in China and their find is throwing a huge question mark into the fossil flight record - these birds have four wings. Discovered in Liaoning, it seems to give credibility to the theory that what we know as "birds" were gliders before they actually developed the ability to fly.

Josh writes:
I just saw the most amazing display of chem-trails. The moon is waning but is still pretty full and there are 4 chem-trails that look like they begin at a single point and fan out to the left in an arc in front of the moon. Then there are a few more that run across the top sort of horizontally. The moon was a dingy color light brown that just sort of lurks behind all the criss crossing. It looks oddly like a person trying to draw their own cirrus clouds at different altitudes. Just thought you'd be interested. Later :) (Hi Josh!)

With all the spraying we've been getting here I'm waiting for them to write "Hah! You idiots!" in the
sky pretty soon. They might as well. But don't forget - we're all imagining it...::koff::

U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet threw out the lawsuit filed in New York last year by several families who said McDonald's was liable for them not raising their kids properly. Oh, did I say that out loud? I mean, they filed a suit and said McDonald's "unhealthy meals" were at fault because their kids were over weight. The plaintiffs included the parents of two teenagers whose obesity caused them to already develop severe health problems including heart disease. One 14-year-old girl is 4-foot-10 and weighs 170 pounds and two other teens are 5'9" and 270 pounds and 5'3" and 200 pounds. They say they have eaten at McD's several times a week for years and want more done to publicize the dietary content of their products, including an educational program on the dangers of eating certain items.

Another person who filed suit but also included Wendy's, KFC and Burger King is Caesar Barber, age 56 and 270 pounds. He said he developed diabetes and had two heart attacks after eating fast-food "four or five times a week" for decades. Even after the first heart attack.

The lawsuit stated that "children often are unable to resist the chain's playgrounds, Happy Meals, and toy promotions often tied to the release of popular movies. Children clearly are not capable of making health-related decisions, McDonald's tries to attract children and has an obligation to them."

Walt Riker, a McDonald's spokesman said, "These suits would have you believe that these kids have been robotically going to fast-food restaurants every day and that there's no one around to stop them," he said, adding that "most people should know that eating a Big Mac is different than eating lettuce." He added that there is comprehensive nutrition information available on the company's Web site.

The U.S. Surgeon general said that said obesity kills an estimated 300,000 Americans each year and costs $117 billion in health-related costs. There are nearly twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in 1980.

I have been following this lawsuit because to me it was one of the Mothers Of Stupid Ass Lawsuits. As I munched on my Double-Fudge Sugar Coated Ribbons 'O Lard Ice Cream, I marveled at how these people really dropped the ball
at placing the correct blame here: architects.
It is obvious to me that some kind of Area 51 technology has joined forces with some Evil Faction of Renegade Architects who, secretly working for McDonald's, have invented an invisible, undetectable hypnotic tracker beam that locks on innocent passersby and sucks them into the McDs, right up to the counter. Once inside, technology developed from those late night infomercials (code name: McOmmonSense) takes control of the hapless person's very will, even wiping out basic grammar school science like "9 calories to a gram of fat" and "Grease is not a food group". It causes them to order a meal that even a suet-eating wren would turn down (it's that name! "Happy" Meal! My GOD have they no mercy?!) and get this -
it makes them eat it!
I know, I know...you're slapping yourself upside your head for not thinking of this yourself.
Well, this is what I do all night instead of sleeping, so I'm honored to pass the wisdom on to you.

Two year old Elliot O'Sullivan was upset when a winter storm missed his area and wasn't able to make a snowman. His 24-year old dad, Shaun, a window fitter, happened to work a few hours away where it did snow, so before he started the 110 mile drive home that night, he packed his van with the white stuff and drove the whole way with the heater off, so Elliot could make his snowman after all.
That's one hell of a nice Dad.

For the first time a jawbone was successfully transplanted into an 80-year old man who had lost his due to facial cancer. The operation was done at the Regina Elena Institute in Rome and took 11 hours but so far, so good. The implanted jawbone was acquired from an organ donor.

Mike Murry and the UFO group he founded, Euroseti, will give a public presentation of what they say are "hundreds of UFOs" on January 26-28th that have been photographed by SOHO, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory spacecraft that is a million miles from Earth taking pictures of the sun. Murray got the images from a Spanish businessman who has a huge satellite dish in his yard. NASA first dismissed the photos as camera faults.

Murray says, "The first thing we did when we got the images was enhance them and we proved this wasn't the case. Some of the pictures are real crackers. They are the archetypal flying saucers - disc-shaped objects with some kind of glow around them. The glowing, saucer-shaped "craft" were apparently moving in a way that suggested intelligent control. Many have a pulsing light and leave a trail behind them".

The details of a UFO sighting that happened on December 27, 1980 near Suffolk, England have been made public through the American Freedom of Information Act. Called The Rendlesham File, the report was only known by 20 people who were now able to requested copies of the file.
The report was written by USAF Lt. Col. Charles I Halt who was the Base Commander at RAF Bentwaters who investigated the sighting and witnesses which included two base security police patrolmen and a third patrolman. Lt. Col, Halt's report said, "The individuals reported seeing a strange glowing object in the forest. The object was described as being metallic in appearance and triangular in shape, approximately two to three meters across the base and approximately two meters high." It emitted a "red sun-like light" as it moved through trees and then hovered, giving off pulsing blue light that sent nearby farm animals into a "frenzy".

In the morning, Lt. Col. Halt and his men discovered three 7-inch depressions and a radiation level 10 times the normal level was present. The Ministry of Defense, who must have the same comic writers as NASA, said the "UFO" could have been the beam of the Orford Ness lighthouse "with distortions being caused by the beam having been seen through the trees".

A rooster, trained for the gambling 'sport' of cockfighting, killed it's handler as it was turned loose in the Philippines. When released to the ring the rooster, equipped with razor-sharp steel spikes strapped to its legs which aid in the animals ripping each other to shreds, instead went after it's handler, slashing his thigh and groin. The man bleed to death before they got him to the hospital. No word on what the odds had been.

Change that trivia entry for the longest running situation comedy - the cartoon Simpsons just got renewed for two more years until May, 2005 which beats out current record holder "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet," which aired from 1952 to 1966.
"Isn't that extraordinary?" said Fox Entertainment President Gail Berman. "It says something about the quality control on a show that seems to be able to garner a new generation of fans every few years while still maintaining the core audience."

I'm wondering if a cartoon can be compared to a live action show; if so, they also didn't have the
massive commercialism "hook" in the past like we do now to market itself to new generations.
It is a great, creative show, nonetheless.
Me, I miss Ren & Stimpy.

This is a story from last year but I waited to see what all the people vowing to investigate this came up with - nothing of course. Last June 30th, Traci Martin of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma died of injuries from a car crash. The auto lot where the remains of Traci's car were stored picked up what looks like a ghost on one of it's security cameras and Traci's family is convinced it's her. Someone watching the monitors from the cameras saw it right away and said she immediately sent people out to see who it was, since the lot was closed and they'd be trespassing. They couldn't find a soul around. Some said it seemed fishy since the 'ghost' stayed within the exact field of the camera, as a real person would if they were making sure they'd be photographed. Almost looks to me like two people sometimes, standing next to each other looking over things.

Take a peek and decide for yourself.

Professor Ajay Rane who is somehow getting paid by the James Cook University in Australia says he's discovered the best way for us all to urinate. He says people (both sexes) should relieve themselves while sitting on the potty with both feet spaced slightly apart, flat on the ground and their hands on their knees, leaning slightly forward and looking slightly down, as if reading a paper from the floor.

"This improves both bladder and Big Potty function", said Professor Rane.

He also added that the "hover" method used in third world countries or in major U.S. Cities only serve to empty 1/3rd of your bladder so isn't healthy.

I don't know what pristine, Happy Meal world Professor Rane lives in, but here in the Big City you
don't let any exposed part of you touch a public toilet unless there is a leprosy triage hut nearby, or
enough toilet paper to put a good phone-book-size layer on the seat to to sit on. These usually being
absent, it's simple self preservation to "hover".

A man in Stavropol, Russia was on his way home from a bar (big shock here...) and, feeling the call of nature, decided to whip It out and take a leak in public, as some men are wont to do, thinking if you have One Of Those Things the world is your bathroom. A small glitch developed as he urinated against the side of a metal bus shelter in the -22F degree air, he staggered a bit and made contact with the wall. And his Weewee got stuck to it. You know the dog double dare about licking a metal pole in the winter? Yeah...that stuck. Except it wasn't his tongue.

A large crowd eventually gathered, giving helpful advice and trying not to tell him what a stupid poo poo head moron he was. Finally someone thought to ask a nearby shop for a kettle of warm water and poured it on the Member in question, which unfroze it from the icy grasp. The man refused further medical help and ran off.

I hope this doesn't leave the guy with any permanent scar. Because in the course of "things" you'd be required to ask why a scar is on that particular area, and he'd tell you. Then anytime you went near the thing, EVER for any reason EVER again, you'd start laughing yourself sick, unable to complete any act that had been in progress. You'd picture him standing there in the freezing cold with that very Thing stuck to a bus shelter, and a hoard of people standing around trying not to fall to the ground laughing, and be genuinely concerned for him. Or maybe that's just me.

It's the only one of it's color in the world and and no one is sure where it was unearthed - maybe the Amazon basin. The 2 to 5 carat "intensely purple crimson" stone was brought to J.D. Boles, director-general of the British Gemmological Institute in London to evaluate by an "anonymous owner". J.D. says it is priceless and "weight for weight, (this is) the most valuable natural object in the world". (Although people waiting for heart or liver transplants might disagree).
The color that was most rare for a diamond until this stone turned up is the red diamond, of which only 10 are known to exist. If you want to buy one, they start at about $4 million a carat.

Scientists at Monash University in Victoria, Australia think a compound found in the saliva of vampire bats might be used to as an incredibly effective anti-clotting medicine for stroke victims.

Contrary to what we read in comic books, vampire bats don't clamp on to the jugular veins of people and in great spurts or blood and terrible screaming, suck them dry. They land on animals and painlessly cut a small flap of skin away from the victim and then lap the blood up. This all goes undetected by the victim because the bat's teeth are surgical sharp and the anti-clotting agent, named Desmodus rotundus salivary plasminogen activator (I didn't make that up) prevents the blood from forming fibers which clot it. Studies also showed the bat spit doesn't cause further brain cell damage like the currently used drug can. No word on how long you have to kiss the bat for an effective dose.

A team at the University of Chicago has taken 28,000 year old bacteria and algae that was found frozen in an ice core and brought it back to life. The ice core is from Lake Vida in Antarctica and was brought up from a depth of 39 feet. They said the research may help in the search for life in the frozen lakes on Mars, the current excuse for NASA/the government getting piles of money to do things with our tax dollars these days.

More scientists, funded by NASA, will go back in 2004 with sterilized equipment and drill the entire 62 feet of frozen ice that covers the lake tin hopes of hitting the liquid water and bringing up samples chock full of things we haven't had active on Earth for tens of thousands of years and have no immunity to and know nothing about.

Brandy the boxer has the world's longest dog tongue - 17 inches (43 cm) and her owner John says seeing her eat is an experience unto itself. Brandy made it into the Guiness Book of World Records and even gets tan lines on her tongue, which is more than a mouthful. She said she's tired of going to bars and hearing, "Hey, can you lick your eyebrows" jokes from guys.

Headline that cracked me up: "Professional musicians have more grey matter in a part of the brain involved in processing music, say scientists". Ya think?

Mark Kessler of the Earth Sciences Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz thinks these patterns aren't man-made as some have thought, but are made by what's called "forest heave" - ice freezing and thawing, sorting and squeezing the different sizes of rocks and soil. Using a computer program he thinks he's successfully duplicated the effect.

Dustin sent me this: "A man in Cape Coral, Florida was diagnosed with Smallpox recently. He admitted himself to Cape Coral Hospital, which was shortly thereafter shut down and quarantined until the man was put into quarantine himself. After the initial media hype, nothing else was heard. Not even a "wasn't really smallpox" article in the paper. Im thinking somebody high up put the hush hush on it.". . . .

Well, Dude, it seems they did decide it wasn't small pox, but they don't know what it is and they managed to wreck the life of the poor lady who has it in the process. Not only did they somehow assume it was smallpox but also said she is contagious, another thing they didn't know for a fact.
This happened Oct. 26, 2002. Anne Hawkins, 59, was admitted to the hospital with sores, rash, vomiting and diarrhea. They quarantined two hospitals and anyone who came in contact with her, which is procedure. They tested Anne for smallpox, measles, spat, reactions to any medications and chicken pox. All came up negative. After two weeks they let her go home where she is still sick, is getting new sores and the other symptoms. They don't know what to do so give her antibiotics. Anne said all this attention about smallpox has caused her friends to abandon her, has ruined her life and she now lives like a leper as everyone is terrified of catching this from her, having heard she's contagious. Perhaps the hospital should have kept it's mouth shut until they found out for sure.

There has been an epidemic of "strange rashes" and people being diagnosed with immune system illnesses - MS, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Crohn's. The kicker is they are all acquired diseases and caused by a handful of mycoplasmas (a bacteria), the kinds which some have said they have found in chemtrail spray.
Coincidence? I don't wonder - I'm convinced.


THE DENVER AIRPORT section is back up. Enjoy.

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