#23 .... Oct 3, 2002

Hi Guys!

Been awhile, huh? Well, I missed you, too. I did! My health took a bad turn and as you may have noticed I haven't even updated the site for almost 3 months, which is a long time for me. Thanks to those who Emailed asking if I was OK or dead. I won't bore you with details, as it bores me more. Besides! I'm not quite ready to turn into my grandmother yet and launch into the minutia of how crappy I feel as the mainstay of conversation. And I don't mean to single out the Older Crowd - please don't think that - that's just what I have the most personal experience in.

I don't know what specific Alien race abducts people and does the particular implant that causes this behavior. If you've ever been forced by gunpoint to go play Bingo because everyone else had the flu (oh sure..like I'm the only one that's happened to...) you know that when they get within 3 feet of each other, these Implants trigger each other via some invisible infrared beam, like Furbys have, and they start talking to each other about This Stuff. These chips makes certain individuals forget all social manners. self pride and decorum - or perhaps it causes a type of sudden sociopathy - and leads them to interpret the phrase "How are you?" to somehow mean, "Tell me, in great detail, about your diarrhea attack last night. Please use hand gestures where necessary, also". And what's more horrifying is the rest of us somehow get used to this and will sit there saying, "Oh? Oh....I'm so sorry. What does your doctor say? Are you taking anything?" after hearing about the latest "I ate something I know I'm not supposed to eat and barely made the toilet" soliloquy as casually as someone else might tell about a dent they found in their car. I've had many a nice meal ruined at some holiday get-together by That Bunch - and it only takes two - starting up a seemingly caring, commiserating query into the other's health only to have it turn into a "Can You Top My Symptoms" Death Match as vicious as a hot Ebay auction. "I'm so sorry you projectile vomited frogs this morning! I hate when that happens! But I found out this morning that while I slept, one of my cancerous bunions placed long distance calls to 900-Sex numbers!" It's as if they're playing for a brand new Lexus and a year's supply of Metamucil. When they whip out the pens and start drawing body-part diagrams and flow charts (and I mean that literally) on the napkins, I pray to the gods that before I get to that point someone shoves me down a flight of stairs.

Where was I...oh..things might be slow here for awhile. But I think the 'slowest' is over.

Welcome to all the new people! over 600 this month alone! And to Perry who is 70+, and look what he has to read in his very first newsletter. You can see how I am already, huh? Which brings me to :::segue::

I'm going to have to stop mentioning birthdays :( in the newsletter ...for two reasons. One is there's way too many to mention now with so many on the newsletter. The other one just deals with that I do all this "by hand" and it's burying me now that so many are signing up (and I'm not complaining). I'm working on that, too :) So Happy birthday to everyone ~~<| tin foil hat for ya!

One more thing - the site is now a year old! When I started this I had no clue it would get the hits it has (over 240,000) or be linked to other sites like it has (over 350 last I checked). I've never done a thing to promote it. Which is proved by the fact I have no newsletter program and copy the stuff by hand when it comes in - I had no idea this would be more than my personal amusement Insomniac Hobby. I'm utterly stunned. I have been asked by a lot of people who I am, where I am, what the hell is wrong with me and why don't I have anything up about me on the site. Mostly because I'm kind of private, and some because I don't know what to tell people. I never could stand the narcissist love-fests some have on their home pages. It's a damn web site, it's not a cancer cure. I have some questions people have sent me over the months so I am making a page from those and will put something up when I talk myself into it some more.

Thanks to all of you for being on the other side of the "enter" key. You're good medicine :)


On Sept. 11 the numbers that came up in the New York Lottery were 9-1-1.

There are eleventy hundred kinds of chickens on Earth. Some are pretty; some are pretty damn strange looking. This guy has photos of every breed : http://cyborganic.com/People/feathersite/Poultry/BRKChickensA-C.html

Scientists from the University of Budapest, Hungary have found that it takes between 25-35 people to get a "Wave" going in the stands at a sport game. A Wave is when a section of the crowd, in turn, jump to their feet, throw their arms in the air and then sit down. When this is done in timed sections, the effect is that of a rippling wave. The research found that waves usually move in a clockwise direction around stadiums at an average speed of 20 seats per second with an average width of 15 seats.

In 1999 Californian and Swiss scientists discovered a huge "Jupiter-like" planet that isn't there after all.
Astronomer Steven Vogt, University of California-Santa Cruz, was among those who originally made the "Planet HD 192263" discovery. He asked fellow astronomer Gregory Henry of Tennessee State University and his team to do his "star brightness study" and double check the findings because "We were pretty skeptical about this one to begin with".
Henry's team took a closer look at the 'wobble' of Star HD192263. Wobbles can be caused by or thought to indicate the gravitational pull of an orbiting planet. They found instead that this "wobble" was really an optical illusion caused by large 'star spots' on the surface of HD192263. This discovery could take a few of the 100+ newly discovered "planets" off the list once they're looked at closer though Henry says that 95% of the recently found are "solid discoveries".

=-Trivia Tidbit: the highest earth-based telescope belongs to the Indian Astronomical Observatory in Hanle, India. It sits at 14,800 feet-=

Anthony Atala of the Harvard Medical School and team have replaced major segments of the penises of several rabbits using parts grown in a lab from their own cells. The critters were able to use the ... um..."thingies" to mate. They hope that this breakthrough in tissue engineering could eventually make it possible to help children born with genital abnormalities, or reconstruct the DoHickeys of men who have suffered injuries or, say, had their Whazzits cut off by angry wives.
It could also provide an alternative to the crude methods currently used to enlarge Dinglethingies, such as injecting fat cells under the skin or cutting the penis's suspensory ligament anchoring it to the pelvic wall and "pulling out" more of the internal part so that ..

Oooookay..that's it. Quite enough. I don't even have one of the damn things and I just clamped
my legs together after typing that last line and did this whole curl-up-like-a-salted-slug thing and went
ew-hew-hew-hew-hew. No..that's quite enough.


California restaurant owner Jerry Tibbs, 51, and three friends were fishing on his boat off the California coast when a whale breached, crashed down into the boat and killed him. His friends were unhurt and stayed on the damaged boat until the Coast Guard towed it to shore. Coast Guard officials said it was the first time they could recall an accident caused by a whale hitting a boat.

All the info here you need to make your own tinfoil hat for about $35 that is guaranteed to block out Alien Telepathy mind control signals. The site also has a cheesy photo of a "real alien" and the glare of the camera flash reflecting off the plastic skin. Oh sorry, they describe it as "shiny, nutrient absorbing skin". (Funny...my skin isn't shiny. And everyone knows Greys don't have thumbs. Sheesh!)

An anthropologist stumbled upon the nearly complete skeleton of a 4-month old Neanderthal baby that died about 40,300 years ago, filed away in a French museum's drawer and forgotten after its discovery 88 years ago.
The fossil is missing only the shoulder blades and pubic bone, making it one of the most complete Neanderthal skeleton in existence. By analyzing the dirt and debris attached to the bones with other fossils known to be on display, the arm and leg bone of this baby were found in another location in Paris. Those bones had not only recorded as having come from the wrong fossil site but also wrongly believed to be half of what was thought to be the only known Neanderthal double burial.

Sonny Wagner of Wisconsin is an 18-wheeler long distance truck driver and has reached the mandatory retirement age of 69, so he's retiring. He's driven 4.6 million miles without an accident - that's 9 round trips to the moon or almost 180 drives around the world.
Wagner says the secret to safe driving is patience, patience, patience and he never drives his big rig more than 60 miles per hour, even when the speed limit is 70.

My moment of happiness for Mr. Wagner vanished, and rapidly, when I thought back to all the thousands of times I've been stuck behind a truck or vehicle going 10 miles under the speed limit and blocking the whole damn road, causing traffic to back up for miles. You can almost forgive the Stupid and Clueless but this guy's been doing it on purpose? Nothing like driving along obeying posted traffic speeds and then having to slam on the brakes, heart in your throat, when you realize the truck in front of you isn't doing the speed limit and you are going to decapitate yourself. Nothing like the death-defying mayhem caused when one Butthead Up There is out for their Casual Sunday Drive in the Fast Lanes during Rush Hour. Do these people just find themselves suddenly sucked off a main road by some Time-Space Vortex that materializes them, terrified and stumped, on the EXPRESSWAY where the silently agreed upon speed limit by those who drive it is "Autobahn'? Perhaps I missed another meeting and I'm being too harsh. And who doesn't love getting stuck in back of two of them side by side, trapped for endless miles behind The Roadblock of the Damned? These are the same type of drivers who think that if they make a right-hand turn doing more than 5 mph, that the car will tip over. It's times like this I desperately wish I had a rocket launcher.

More than 20,000 people have visited a house in Brazil because an image of the Virgin Mary is said to be visible in a window. Three children claim to have been the first to see the face in the glass pane.
The Catholic Church in the town of Ferraz Vasconcelos sent 'experts' to look. Guess what they said? Story and photo in RELIGION

Scott Fahlman invented the online smiley face twenty years ago this month :-)
I found many lists online of literally hundreds of faces and even fan clubs; second in their idiocy only to the internet acronym lists that popped up when "LOL" and "ROFL" wasn't enough for some.
Happy Bday, :-)
View the horror: http://www.smileydictionary.com/

The world's largest aluminum company, Alcoa, has announced the invention of non-stick aluminum foil and says that this is 'the biggest thing to happen to aluminum foil since 1947, when foil was invented'.
The new foil can withstand temperatures ranging from - 40 below zero to 650 F (343 C). For those trips to Europa and Pluto, no doubt.

British scientists have found a meteorite in the Canadian Wilds that's such a rare composition, it's a type all it's own.
It's estimated to be 4.5 billion years old, or as old as our solar system. More in Science

The Thailand parliament is considering manufacturing fake amphetamine pills to attempt to curb drug abuse and addiction. When taken, they would cause severe headaches and vomiting
Sitha Thiwaree, a member of parliament, said this might act as a deterrent. ''If drug addicts take these fake pills and vomit, they may later feel scared and not want to touch them again.''

Sparrows and starlings are dying from an unknown disease in Scotland and scientists have no idea if humans could be affected. Tests on the swollen brains of the birds ruled out West Nile virus.
Ornithologists report seeing this disease in 1994 when it was so rare it wasn't
researched in depth. Young birds can't fly and hop around in tight circles with their heads twisted
strangely to the side or do somersaults and can't remain standing until they die of exhaustion.

Sort of like the anticipated Thai Drug Puke pills, I'd imagine....

Pamela C. Yelick and her team at Boston's Forsyth Institute have found a way to grow living teeth in the laboratory, a discovery that could start a dental revolution. The experiments were done using pig dental stem cells taken from discarded pig jaws from a meat packing plant.

The Madcaps have already grown batches of tooth crowns but each are only about the size of one of the capital letters on this page. They estimate it will be at least 10 years before larger teeth can be grown and they figure out how to make the technology work with human teeth. One approach would be to use a patient's own cells to grow the teeth, the scientists said. Another would be to use pigs that have been genetically modified to be compatible with the human immune system

Great..now they'll have us walking around with tusks...

A 26- year old Madison, Wisconsin man (of course it's Wisconsin..) was in critical condition with 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body after accidentally setting himself on fire while trying to get rid of head lice. Out of pity and local pride, police have not released the man's identity.
Instead of simply going to any drug store an buying a bottle of "Rid" for a few bucks to solve the problem, the man rented a
hotel room, soaked a towel with rubbing alcohol and wrapped it on his head to get rid of the lice.
Then Einstein lit a cigarette. He immediately became engulfed in flames as the match ignited the fumes and towel. Clueless wonders who had been in the room with him watching all this were nice enough to put out the flames and call an ambulance.

Mail - I am buried since I didn't really look for about 3 months. I will get to it ASAP and those who sent corrections and info on the Cave Guy - it'll be added next time. :) It'll be slow going for awhile yet. I need minions. Anyone want a job? I can pay you in coffee and witty banter. :D

Go walk on the surface of Mars courtesy of NASA latest photos


SCIENCE: Betty, the amazing discovery of a tool making crow ... *The anomalous one of a kind Meteorite

Jared, who hangs himself by hooks ..~.. A piece of the plane that hit the Pentagon - some don't think a plane really hit it and one of the reasons is there were "no photos of a plane" ( please don't send me mail debating the conspiracy - I don't do debates) ..~.. Phil's 'What the Hell Is This' Alien Bug (also on front A-U buttons) ..~.. Photo from HotSexxxy69 from AOL ..~.. Photo from the Proof There Is A God files

Photo of a weird 'chemball' ..~.. A big article I did about the Dyn-O-Mat company and their "safe" weather modification Gel that the government seems to be quietly helping in development for and vice-versa. I didn't like the sound of this, so I started digging. I don't think you'll like what I found ..~... Letter from a doctor in Arizona about seeing spraying, how sick his patients are from it and barium showing up on hair tests ... Letter and Photo from Sid who saw jets spraying the same storm ..~.. Post from Mike who also saw them spraying the storm and some stats on how the spraying is keeping the storms away

Very graphic from the Ukraine Air Show disaster ...(if explicit/sad things bother you, don't look). ..~.. Redone Death Trivia page so it loads faster and some added trivia

RELIGION: *Story and photo of the Virgin Mary Window sighting

lots more, because I am a big damn asshole for maligning Michael Jackson, it seems. I'm the only one on EARTH saying anything disparaging about how he looks. I'm destroying his LIFE! People are seeing my page and going, "What!? He had plastic surgery? I had no idea he didn't look like he used to until just now! I've never seen or heard a thing about this! Except here on this one crappy web page!" And here I stupidly worked about a zillion hours on the rest of the site! For nothing! Letters now numbered and linked to a handy quick-jump menu, for your convenience.

: Button on front page. The map was getting so full of bunnies and fish I couldn't see how anyone would know where to post anymore, so I archived a few hundred posts to make some room. I didn't have time to do anything fancy so it's just the plain text of everyone's posts. It's great reading and if I can figure out how to make it nicer I will. If anyone is really really really bored out there, have at it :) Thank you for all your kind and funny comments and anomalous stories! I have read and do read every single one.

That's it for now....Thanks for reading
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