#22 .... July 15, 2002

Hi guys!

Well, this was a good one.

I was a nice day and I was helping the kids downstairs draw a hopscotch on the sidewalk when the lady next door waved to us, all excited, "Come see what I bought!" So I walked over. On her porch sat one of the most horrifying things I've seen in a long time - two cement geese about 3 feet tall, dressed up in little American Flag outfits.
The Boy Goose was dressed up like Uncle Sam with a stars-and-stripes vest, striped stovepipe hat and a little white beard. The Lady Goose had a dress of the same red, white and blue Flag material and a little white sun bonnet with wires that came out like a halo of sparklers.
"Aren't these the cutest things?!" she squealed.
"And there's different outfits for every month! October is a little pumpkin suit for the man and a witch for the lady! And..oh! There's a whole catalog of little outfits! Let me go get it!"
She ran inside shaking her hands in front of her as she gingerly hopped up the stairs - don't go away!.
Her husband came out, rubbing his forehead as if the pain was almost too much to bear, and looked at me, almost ashamed.
"You married her," I said, helpfully.
"Oh my God, you should see February," he said, now rubbing the bridge of his nose, "the outfits look like two big hearts all full of lace and ribbons. And there's little arms sewn into the sides so that they hold hands with each other...."
Libby appeared with the catalog. "....isn't this CUTE?! Look at December! Mr. and Mrs. Santa isn't that cute!?" And you can get little outfits like a doctor and nurse! And Tarzan and Jane..."
I guess I had that look on my face like people get when they just witnessed an accidental decapitation. "No?"
"Well, it's uh...different. I guess. You know what'd be funny? Marilyn Manson and George Bush".
"Who's she?"
"Don't give her ideas," Libby's husband said to me, "we'll end up with a Dolly Parton Goose or Elvis".
"Elvis and Dolly? OH, THAT WOULD BE SO CUTE! I bet I can make those!"

If the Cosmic Supreme Being is a merciful and loving One, He/She/It/They will not allow this cement goose fad to spread beyond the shores of the US.

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Tinfoil hats for all !

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Michael Nyberg, who is 16, was experimenting with a theory he had - that acoustic energy would kill mosquito larvae before they could become adults. All mosquito larvae hatch and live in water, so they have internal air bladders that help them breathe, move and feed until they get big enough to be annoying. Mike found that if you send sound waves between 18 kilohertz and 36 kilohertz (just above the level humans can hear) though the water they cause these air bladders to vibrate like a tuning fork and rupture, killing the larvae. And Good Riddance.

Mike's Dad, Herb says, "You drop it in the water, push the button, three seconds later you pull it out — you're done. Any larvae within three feet will die instantly. Any within five feet will die within 24 hours." Test so far show this device doesn't effect or harm any other critter in the water except the mosquitoes.

The Nyberg's "Larvasonic" received a patent last October, but each $4,000 unit is industrial size and so far only used by county and state agencies. They're designing two more models with wider kill ranges and plan to develop a Larvasonic for regular folks to use at home.

Can't they develop something like this to use on Public Cell Phone Screamers?

Brazilian Palaeontologists think they may have found the fossil of what is now the oldest known dinosaur. The critter is thought to be a relative of reptilian carnivores called Thecodonts - that were relatives of crocodiles - that were slogging through the muck about 235-240 million years ago. They think this New Guy was the first to have come on to land, so ended up getting all the chicks. It was pieced together from two 12" skulls (30 cm) and other bones which put it's estimated size at about 6.5" (2m).

Scientists have discovered the fossilized remains of a marine animal they say is "far more advanced than anything else from its time". They say it may have been a sponge or coral which lived nearly 550 million years ago but has a much more sophisticated series of tubes and also a hard shell which was not seen at the time.

According to new calculations, there are a lot more flowering plant species on Earth than previously thought, probably about 422,000 species.
However! Scientists now think that instead of there being over 30-million species of insects, there are probably a lot less - only four to six million different insect groups. Ready for the explanation? This is precious: This new estimate is "based on a study of the plants which insects eat and that insects are "much less picky feeders' than anyone had realized."

I think I speak for all of us when I say, "huh?"

A 50-nanometer transistor - about 1/2000 the width of a human hair - has been created on top of a silicon wafer.
It has been built with a two-sided "gate' which allows current to flow in either direction, meaning the processing speeds of some chips could be doubled.

A one-year-old Alsatian named Tschibsi ran over a mile to get help after its owner had an accident on some farming machinery and sliced off part of his foot in an isolated field. Austrian police said the 62-year-old man would have bled to death if the dog had not run the 1.2 miles to the farmer's home, barking and howling until the farmer's wife realized something had happened and called for help. A medical helicopter took him to hospital where he's recovering.

Mickey Lyman, 44, thought he would rob a store in Connecticut but only managed to make an ass of himself when the shaving cream he put on his face as a disguise warmed up and dripped off. Lyman is a regular customer at the store. Said Shop owner Shahab Mirza, "In a second we recognized him."

PART 2 ...
Roger Wallace, 60, of Tucson, Arizona who was out enjoying his hobby, died after the 6-pound, radio-controlled plane he was operating crashed into his chest, authorities said.

PART 3...
Randy Kimball and Sharon Stehli got married at 7:11 in the morning on July 11, at a Seven-Eleven convenience store in Fort Myers, Florida, where they met.
The ceremony was performed by a notary who is an assistant manager at another Seven-Eleven.
Afterwards, the newlyweds sipped coffee from a foam 7-11 cup.

My God, the world is going to hell

Chinese scientists are examining an ancient pile of weird stones that some say might have been a launch tower for UFOs. The stones are on the shore of an isolated lake that is at such a high, harsh altitude that it hasn't even had a nomadic population.

The structure has three tall cave-like hollows in it, two of which are collapsed. There are pipes running through it made of iron which has rusted into the rock itself. Eight per-cent of the pipe material has defied Earthly analysis and some of the pipes run into the lake.


A team from Peking University found a 62 mile long (100 km) faulted belt of mantle crust near the Great Wall of China. Analysis estimates the rock was laying deep beneath what was sea floor 2.5 billion years ago, which makes it the oldest rock on Earth.
The rock is full of minerals, including an unusual type of chromite which appears to have been deformed at extremely high temperatures before they were completely crystallized by volcanic heat.

US scientists have created the first synthetic virus from scratch by following a recipe they downloaded from the Internet and using gene sequences for Polio from a mail-order supplier. Responding to criticisms that such research could lead to bioterrorists engineering new lethal viruses, the scientists behind the experiment said that only a few people had the knowledge to make it happen and, "It was just a matter of time before it was done"

I often wonder when I hear the news lately and her reports like this, or details
on how anthrax can be spread, or exactly where terrorists could go mess with
if they wanted to really screw us up or details of where our military troops are
and what they're planning on doing next....
does it ever occur to our media to SHUT THE HELL UP once in awhile?


When police forced their way into the home of an 86-year-old recluse's home in Helsingor, Denmark, they found him sitting on the toilet . He had been dead about a year, judging by the date of a bottle of medicine found next to the body. Neighbors said they had not seen the man for a long time but had not tried to contact him because the man was a loner and made it clear he wanted peace and quiet. They finally called authorities when they noticed a bad smell.

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UPDATE ON ARCHEOLOGY - I got an Xray of Pedro the Mystery Mummy, so have added it on the page with that story and photo of the mummy hisself. The mummy was found in 1932 after a mountainside was blasted open by some men looking for gold. Placed on a shelf in what had been a totally sealed cave was a bizarre liitle being who was the subject of much scientific scrutiny at the time. It was determined the mummy was a humanoid adult. Oh, it gets better...go look :)

SCIENCE: *Tooth Receiver Implant ... *Oldest Dinosaur found ... *Oldest 'Sophisticated' Fossil ... *The Nanotransmitter ....A neat satellite map of Antarctica ... *The Oldest Rocks on Earth

NEW SECTION - HATE MAIL ... Had to do it... it cracks me up. You can get to it via the button on the front page. Some is old, some is new, I just added one last night. One of the letters is from a guy who told me he was a drop-dead cute stud of serious magnitude, and I had to be repulsive troll since I didn't have a photo of myself on the site. I told him if he showed me his I'd show him mine. After all, how often do we get to see an actual photo of gorgeous, perfect, intelligent, well-adjusted, stable, socially gifted men who have nothing better to do than send psychotic misogynist mail to women on the Internet? What a well-rounded individual! He did sent a photo of himself, and I put up one of me, if you want to look. I haven't heard back from him yet and am quite disappointed.

ALIEN WRITING: I redid the section to load faster (most examples are pop up windows now) and added a photo of a very ancient scroll found in a cave in the Gobi desert that is of a language no one's been able to translate nor seen before.

GUEST MAP: On the front page you'll find a button which will pop a map up for you. You can put a pin on it to show where you live and leave your name and a message. I added this after realizing people from ALL over the world were writing to me and signing up for the newsletter. I thought well HOW the heck does that happen? So I put the site's URL in an engine that traces who has it listed on their site amd found A-U linked to over 240 other sites..wow!
People fascinate me so I wondered who the heck they were, and this is a way to find out. The comments so far have been nice as hell and the question I ask - Have you had anything anomalous happen to you? - has generated some hilarious and interesting answers (the guy who said "I caught a duck once" just killed me). I have also removed and sent rabid hate mail to several doodyheaded little buttmunches who posted pottymouth stuff, so I've had LOTS of fun! Stop on over and pin yer place when you have a sec, and thanks!

I've received a lot of mail the last few months with new info on underground bases :::drool::: and have to get to work redoing that section. 'They' are actually building them as we speak. I appreciate you folks telling me and haven't forgotten you. (One person wrote to tell me I had goofed up marking one of the bases on the map I made. They were so polite about it too, like, "By the way, you put that base on the wrong side of the border, so it's in the totally wrong state, you might want to fix that". Oh, that was funny. What an IDIOT I am sometimes. :)

That's It for now! Thanks for reading! More very soon!

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