# 20.... May 19, 2002

Hi Guys!

Judging from the hate mail I received, a few of you noticed I hadn't updated the site in a month and a half. I've been sick. But did you write me with concern and care in your hearts? I could have been hit by a garbage truck, I could have been carted off by Men in Black, I could have been dragged off by a band of Crazed Neptunians, but did you even ask? NooOooOooOo. I get 'When the *** you gonna update?' and 'What the hell...same shit's been up a month!'. Actually, it's kinda cute you miss me so much :)

I do come back with a tip for you though - if you get sick, go to the vet. Not that it cured all my ills, but the vet did fix a respiratory infection for me. My cat, Zack, who as some of you know helps me with the site, started sneezing like mad about a week ago. I found this pretty damn funny. You ever see a cat sneeze? They're totally stunned at what just happened. They take a minute to gear up, making twitchy rubber faces, then they sneeze, lick their nose and then look around, dumbfounded,no clue where that all came from. So, for a few days I just laughed at the cat's misery, like the uncaring bitch I am. Well, it stopped being funny when the snot started flying when he'd sneeze. I knew he had some kind of infection and I figured I'd take him to the vet on Monday but the bastard actually figured out how to aim it. He'd do things like jump on my lap, snork a Kitty Loogie all over me, then take off. When he sprayed me from across the room with his back turned towards me while pretending to look out the window, I realized I'd lost, so I took him in. He has a sinus infection. I had something going on too; it's that time of year here in the Great Midwest, so I think nothing of it. The vet mentioned we both seemed to have a bug, and asked what I was taking for it? Nothing, I said, I just drink more coffee. The cat got a common antibiotic pill and he gave me a large amount so I had some, too. It's all people medicine - animals just take tinier doses. So Zack gets one pill a day, I get four. Price for the 50 pills - $9 for a 10 day supply. When I got home I got online and went to the Internet site of my local drug store to look up the price us Humans are charged for this. A 10 day supply, if prescribed by a People Doctor, would have been - $38. It already aggravates me to no end that the very same meds we take here in the US are amazingly cheaper in Canada and Mexico. I take shots that are $182 for 2 here, yet I can buy them online from a UK or Mexican Pharmacy for $12 each - the very exact, same thing. Now I find out the cats and dogs get a break too?! I wonder if I can grow a tail?

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A bizarre new life form has been discovered off the north-east coast of Iceland in a place where volcanic activity heats the water close to boiling point. The microbes are probably the smallest living things on Earth. It would take more than six million to fit on the head of a pin. The microbes are classified as Archaea - one of the three giant branches of life that also include bacteria and eukaryotes, organisms with cell nuclei. The new group is called Nanoarchaeum equitans and are strange spherical bugs that live on the surface of a much bigger Archael organism, Ignicoccus. The Nanoarchaeota appear to be reliant on their host microbe and unable to survive on their own. What and why there's this relationship between the two remains a mystery; the scientists say the tiny bugs are not parasites.

Simon Braddy of the University of Bristol, UK. and a team of Canadian and British researchers have discovered the oldest fossil record of animal footprints - so old they change the accepted belief that plants had existed on land far before animals arrived. Lobster-sized, centipede-like animals made the prints wading out of the ocean and over sand dunes about 530 million years ago. The previous oldest fossil animal tracks were 490 million years old. The footprints in each track are 4-5" apart and indicate the animals were about 25" long (75 cm), and had 16-22 legs. A groove in between the tracks means they also dragged a tail behind them. It's likely that the creatures lived in the oceans and came ashore to mate and lay eggs, as horseshoe crabs and sea turtles do today. The multiple fossil tracks are of different widths, meaning that the ancient dunes were well trodden.

Tracks in the Australian desert estimated to be a billion years old may be of the oldest multi-celled organisms. The grooves may have been made by worms-like creatures but it's also speculated that groups of single-celled creatures moving together could also have been responsible. The snail-like tracks are about one millimeter wide and several centimeters long. Experts told Nature magazine that whatever made the marks probably died out in an evolutionary dead-end and didn't evolve into any present animal we could link it to. Paleontologist Stefan Bengtson, of the Swedish Museum of Natural History, says the sandstone bearing the tracks is at least 1.2 billion years old, possibly as much as 2 billion.

Nasa has invented the world's lightest solid, named AeroGel, also called 'solid smoke' because of its cloudy appearance and super-light weight. It's 99.8% air. NASA plans to send some of the stuff up on board the Stardust probe which will intercept comet Wild Two in 2004, in hopes it will function as a type of 'drag and stick' sponge to capture particles cast off by the Comet.

Mobile phones are becoming an important part of communication between couples, with many using them for 'nagging'. One in three couples use mobiles to contact their other half more than 10 times in a day, according to a survey. The main reason for phoning or sending a text message to their partner, given by 81% of the surveyed, was to tell them they were running late. Next was 67% who said they would call to ask them to do something they had forgotten, then 42% who wanted to check whether they need anything from the store, and 28% to find out what is for dinner. One out of 20 said they'd call as they pulled into the driveway to let them know they were home.

I'm probably one of the few people left in the US who sees no need for cell phones and hates them with a passion. Yeah, yeah - I agree it's smart to have one in the car in case of emergency, but this new Accepted Social Order of legions of people walking around screaming into phones as a permanent state is bizarre to me. I've had to sit and listen to clear, loud 'private' conversations that were not dire or even important in doctor's offices, movie theaters, malls, stores; a captive audience to someone's life I don't need to be a part of. Which led to a strange scene this week. I was at the store during a "buy one get one free' sale, so it was packed. The number of people walking around having loud, rambling conversations on cell phone as they shopped was staggering. As they strolled along, ramming their carts into things and blocking the aisles because they weren't paying attention, they held a running aisle-for-aisle, item-for-item discussion with the person on the other end, or just plain blithered about crap so they didn't have to spend 40 minutes alone with themselves. I don't mean one or two people; I mean a LOT. At the Dairy section I came across a man in obvious distress, talking on a cell phone, loudly, pacing back and forth as if someone just told him his house blew up. I accidentally on purpose hung around pretending to look at the yogurt, listening. What could be so upsetting? Why the hell didn't he go outside? What ever happened to people wanting privacy ? Or some manners? The problem destroying this man's peace of mind was that the Skim milk that was on sale was sold out. HORRORS! I kept waiting for him to sink to his knees and start pulling out his hair, a weeping mass of destroyed psyche.

The discussion was with his wife, who's name we would all learn, was Brenda. What should he do? There was no more Skim milk! Should he just buy "any" Skim milk so they indeed had "Skim Millk" or was the fact it had been on 'sale' the key element here? If not, should he buy the 2% milk on sale? If he did this then they'd have On Sale Milk, even though it wouldn't be what she wanted. Or should he buy a some NON- sale Skim milk...so they'd HAVE milk...and then maybe tomorrow they'd have more of the desired On Sale Skim Milk out? Did she want to hear the brands and prices again? Come on Brenda. I don't have all day for this! I stood there like a deer in headlights. I glanced around and saw about 10 other people hanging on the fringes listening to this guy, too, seeing solid proof of how sad those Trendy "Touch Base" People are. Other Cell Phone people who wandered into this man's Arena of Spew would grab their other ear, hunch over their phones and scutter away like bugs to quieter sections of the store to continue to scream and yap without the distraction of someone screaming and yapping. When did people get so stupid? What did this guy do before cell phones? I figured at the rate he was going, by the time he found out they were also out of the On-Sale Butter, he'd be carted off by ambulance, wrapped up in a straight jacket. I was about to leave when a kid of about 14 came up and grabbing a chocolate milk off the shelf, turned to the man and said, "You hav- ta call to ask how to wipe your ass, too?" Everyone within earshot started clapping, out loud, in the store. Mr. Skim 2% Dammit Brenda turned and fled, embarrassed. Without the milk.

Felix Rios, who drives a Mister Softee ice cream truck in Connecticut was dragged into court by residents who complained that he played the jingle from his truck too loud. They said they're sick of it and that he's breaking noise pollution by-laws. Homeowner Hyacinth Yennie said, "I can't stand it any more. Every night, it's the same songs, over and over and over and over. It drives you crazy." The ice cream man's lawyer Ron Johnson said: "The way the city's noise ordinance is written is unconstitutional. The music coming from an ice cream truck is a time-honoured tradition." He fought the case based on "free speech" violations. Rios was ordered to lower the volume and was given a limit on the number of times he can play the jingle in a given 'earshot' area.

Animal control officers in Panama City, Florida have been trying to catch a stray dog they named "Mason", after the jar used to make canned preserves and pickles. Reason being, the dog's head is stuck in a jar. Big laffs! Mason has managed to chew her way through the bottom of the jar, so she's able to eat and drink. The officers blame their inability to catch her on the jar, which they say amplifies the sounds of people trying to sneak up on her and tips her off. One man who saw her says she looks like an "outer space dog."

The remains of 2,000 soldiers discovered in a mass grave in Lithuania are from Napoleon's army. It's believed they died of cold, hunger and disease during the French emperor's disastrous invasion of Russia in the winter of 1812. They were found last autumn by workers laying telecommunications cable in the country's capital Vilnius.

Crayfish have a charming way of really breaking out the arsenal to win a fight - they urinate on their rival. It's thought that the urine conveys chemical information telling the other its sex, diet, health and fighting condition. Ecologists say a spurt of urine at the right moment can show the ...uh....'Pisser'... that they are ''capable of really doing damage on the ...um...Pissee and that it's a 'last warning before it gets serious". Crayfish will resort to tearing each other's limbs off in serious fights but only become that violent if the release of urine is blocked. Thomas Breithaupt, of the University of Hull, injected freshwater crayfish with a dye which made their urine glow green. He and a colleague then instigated fights between blindfolded crayfish to reproduce the animals' night-time fights.

Of course it would be men who become so fascinated with Pissing Contests. You know they were standing around their lab, giggling like mad, giving the crayfish names like "Master Blaster" and "Miss Piss This!". , staging these fights and placing bets on who will win, maybe starting Office Pools. Too bad they didn't have a Live Web cam on all this...I'd watch!

Scientists in the US have come to the conclusion that the Black Death wasn't the bubonic plague, after analyzing church records from the 14th century to find out how the disease spread. The theory that the Bubonic plague was the cause of the Black Death was first suggested by 19th century doctors and that the disease was spread by rats carrying infected fleas. However, extensive analysis of church records show the disease spread over entire towns and cities with many busy roads, wide rivers and natural barriers which would have restricted rats. Penn State's Dr. James Wood said: "This disease appears to spread too rapidly among humans to be something that must first take hold and become established in entire wild rodent populations, like bubonic plague. Lists kept by Priests on the monthly mortality rates of parishioners during the epidemic shows a 45-fold greater risk of death than during normal times, a level of mortality far higher than usually associated with bubonic plague." Wood says there are other diseases with similar symptoms which are more likely candidates.

The Catholic Church is investigating whether three alleged miracles in the past year can be attributed to Carlos Manuel Rodriguez, a beatified Puerto Rican office clerk, who died in 1963. The first miracle occurred in 1981 when a woman claimed that prayers to Rodriguez cured her of lung cancer. The Roman Catholic Church later recognized this event as a true miracle and beatified Carlos for it. The recent miracles attributed to him involve curing a person of gangrene; another of diabetes and heart failure and a third of skin cancer. The Church must officially "confirm" a miracle before he can be canonized, or declared a saint.

armers in northern Afghanistan are fighting their worst plague of locusts for 30 years and are preparing for the situation to get worse when the locusts mature enough to grow wings and spread. Farmers are so desperate they are herding thousands into holes ahead of the plague and then crushing them under their feet.

I forget what comes next...the Plague of frogs, Rain of Blood or shortage of Skim Millk?

A common soil bug, Streptomyces coelicolo, is being studied to see if it can be used to make new antibiotics and medicines. The DNA of the microbe has been found to contain more than 20 gene clusters that make antibiotics and other compounds, four of which are already known and are used to produce more than two thirds of the world's antibiotics and a number of anti-cancer and immune-system-suppressing agents. What the other cluster's chemicals might do is unknown but it is believed they'd have the same remarkable healing properties, too. Completely new drugs can be engineered by piecing together different gene clusters, and could be used to overcome "superbugs" that are becoming resistant to current antibiotics.

A 36-year-old Romanian man felt so guilty for stealing wood from a forest near his home that he crucified himself, then walked to the police station to ask for forgiveness. The unnamed man tied himself to a cross and sewed his lips together, topping it all off with a barbed wire 'crown of thorns'. Oh yeah, and he was just wearing his underpants. Doctors treated his injuries. The police fined him for Public Disorder and are looking into the wood theft claim. The Libertatea newspaper helpfully added that that the man has no known psychiatric problems

From My Mail
...from Neal: I love your site, it is very interesting and raises lots of good points. I live in Colorado and I travel a lot so I have seen a lot of Denver International Airport and I am now suspicious of the possibility of an underground base. The reason, however, that I am e-mailing you is because of an interesting article I found at the Denver Mason's web site. The article is called "You May Have found a Conspiracy Site When..." and not only includes denials, but rude or hostile/prejudice denials. The URL is http://tg.syswiz.com/commentary/light4.cfm and if you read this article you will notice a reference to conspirators being gay and being gay as being inferior. As you may know, one of the symbols used to show that someone is homosexual is a rainbow. I have also noticed the rainbow running through the murals at DIA which begins to fade away when it comes near the soldier. This is a quote taken from the mason's article: "The type can be blue, green, or magenta--the latter color is suspect because everyone knows it's a color used by homosexuals--but the background is always black" This quote is referring to the type used on "Conspiracy Sites." I have just noticed this and though I am not gay, it does offend me that these comments are being made. The connections between the paintings, the airport, and the Denver Masons are undeniable. I thought I should call this to your attention. The attitude of the Denver Masons makes it even more painfully obvious that something's going down at DIA.
Wow, Neal...good catch. For those of you who don't know about the Denver Airport "conspiracy", you can read about it here: http://www.anomalies-unlimited.com/Denver_Airport.html
The Military figure Neal mentions that's near the fading rainbow can be seen by clicking on the thumbnail pic of a woman in a brown hooded cape holding her face and a dead baby, about half way down the page. Yes, a dead baby. And this is part of the 'art work' at the Denver Airport.

From Beau.. who says he made this up : What do you call a beagle of royal decent, with no green card, caught in the US?
An illegal regal beagle alien. (groan)

FRONT PAGE: Amazing "Roswell" Sky Rod photos, story and how-to from the wonderful Bill Watson (these can be found in Odd Pics, also).......New larger, designed page and update on the History of Michael Jackson's Face - he just had another nose job. You think it couldn't get much worse? Think again.

CHEMTRAILS: Whole front redesigned so it loads faster and I 'poodled' it up so it's pretty. No faces; we girls get to do this. ......Photos sent in by Josh from NY of them getting hammered out there ......... Photos from Sid in Arizona, ditto ........ Three pages of photos I took on three days including one of April 22 showing one of those odd "Chem UFOs" and one day of spraying where I got pairs of planes and massive sputters and pretty obvious "on-off" switch spraying. .........Also a new article I found in which the UK (and US) admits to using the public for chemical and Biological testing, including chemspraying, from 1940 to 1979. When asked if they're still doing it, they said they "decline to say".

ODD PICS: ..The Ghost Spirit Firefighter sent in by Lee ....... An Obligatory, almost required photo of a guy with Elephantitis of the Testicles, sent in by Denise. No web site should be without one. .......Also an update to the "Would You Spend $5,000 on a Fish?" story - one of the best rewards of having a site - a very nice letter from the actual aquarium in Hawaii and Fish-Dad- Person who hatched the aforementioned fish, and he sent a photo, too! Here I am ranting about it, and he guy finds me. Talk about being busted! I'm grateful the read my rant about it with the intended sense of humor. :)

SCIENCE - *Photos and story of two sets of the oldest fossil prints found to date - one definitely animal, the other possibly slime, but both changing the theory that plants made it to land first ... *NASA'a AeroGel - the strange almost-not-there lightest solid in existence they hope to use as a Comet Catcher

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