35 July 24 - Aug. 19 2004
  101. Posted by : Will
Date Posted : August 19, 2004 12:43:25 PM
Location : Belfast
Favorite pig-out food : crisps
...ever happen to you? : no
Comments : Nice website, good for freaking friends out about death trivia they all think im strange now :)

102. Posted by : Ele
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 08:12:05 PM
Location : Mississauga, Ontario
Favorite pig-out food : Bagels
Comments : Hilarious! Thanks for giving me laughs about B. Spears and her two best friends.

103. Posted by : Bear
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 07:51:57 PM
Location : Utah
Favorite pig-out food : Carrots
Anything anomalous... : every day
...ever happen to you? : but then thats' life
Occupation/fav. hobby? : looking up strange events on the web
Comments : Love your wit and this site. You are quite the character and I have enjoyed every bit of it

104. Posted by : Ann
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 03:46:17 PM
Location : League City, TX
Favorite pig-out food : chips
Anything anomalous... : unfortunately, no
Comments : 1st time on this site. Very cool!! I will be back!!

105. Posted by : C James
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 10:53:10 AM
Location : Laredo Texas
Favorite pig-out food : Coffee: Liquid Gold.
Anything anomalous... : Life, Can't get much weirder.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Running,Listening to C2C.
Comments : Great Site. I like your hate mail. Good to see I'm not the only one people hate.

106. Posted by : jo
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 07:09:04 AM
Location : leicestershire
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : photography
Comments : hehe thought this website was great!read the hate mail and cudnt resist laughing!anyways, thanx 4 a bunch of laughs! xxxx

107. Posted by : Terri
Date Posted : August 18, 2004 05:15:42 AM
Location : Iowa
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Comments : This is entertainment for hours

108. Posted by : Rome
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 11:19:51 PM
Location : Iceland
Favorite pig-out food : Waffles
Anything anomalous... : My head
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Mischief
Comments : Good site :-P Havent been here in a minute, but Rahn just popped into my head and I remembered. How ya been? My hands are tied here, IT SUCKS. Anyway, good seeing you're actually updating, if you need help, holler. Romester-

109. Posted by : Staline
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 04:37:10 PM
Location : Port Union, Newfoundland
Favorite pig-out food : PIZZA!!!
Anything anomalous... : hell yes
...ever happen to you? : lots of things
Occupation/fav. hobby? : um.. reading about odd things
Comments : wicked site!! i completely love it!!

110. Posted by : Aunt I
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 12:24:38 PM
Location : nc,usa
Favorite pig-out food : fresh doughnuts
Anything anomalous... : nah
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sketching
Comments : I'm 47 years old. I love it when people keep it real. You do need to update more often though. It's just too good to let it stall. Great job!

111. Posted by : Susie
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 12:18:42 PM
Location : Athens, GA
Favorite pig-out food : Cereal!
Anything anomalous... : Lord yes...
...ever happen to you? : ...too much
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Receptionist....
Comments : What an awesome site!! Keeps me ever-so-occupied at work!

112. Posted by : Coyote
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 12:00:17 PM
Location : Work
Favorite pig-out food : cheese sticks
Anything anomalous... : i have 2 extra nipples.. their prolly just moles tho
...ever happen to you? : Had a bird bounce off my car going 70 3 days in a row
Comments : Great site I killed 5 hours at work going over it and your scence of humor is priceless keep it up :)

113. Posted by : sunny
Date Posted : August 17, 2004 11:56:16 AM
Location : netherlands
Favorite pig-out food : McDONALDS! sorry, I know
Anything anomalous... : Hell yeah
Comments : GREAT! Finally something's changed! Yay! We love you Rahni! Get on with those updates, hurry hurry! We thought you died!

(Nah, not yet! Thanks for worrying. I told my mom she should have had 3 or 4 more kids so I'd have some help here, and she didn't think that was funny. Zack the Cat has a pile of stuff for me to put up about 3 feet high so I'm hoping the technical stuff will stop causing problems and I can update more. Hope you folks are doing well! ~R)

114. Posted by :
António Perestrelo
Date Posted : August 16, 2004 03:09:25 PM
Location : Lisbon, Portugal
Favorite pig-out food : i'm a sucker for itallian
Anything anomalous... : not really sorry
...ever happen to you? : -
Occupation/fav. hobby? : 3d modeling/animating
Comments : Love the website. Lot's of variety in topics. You don't have to believe it to find them interesting.
Plz keep it up.

115. Posted by : Alyce Bachem
Date Posted : August 16, 2004 10:06:50 AM
Location : Trier, Germany
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading
Comments : Your site is very interesting! Keep up the good work!

116. Posted by : ALyce Bachem
Date Posted : August 16, 2004 10:04:45 AM
Location : Trier, Germany
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading
Comments : your site is really interesting! Keep up the good work!

117. Posted by : childbiscuit
Date Posted : August 15, 2004 04:48:25 PM
Comments : Done dine on the swine if you can't manage your time.

118. Posted by : Stella
Date Posted : August 15, 2004 04:47:44 PM
Location : Winnipeg, Manitoba
Favorite pig-out food : Haw
Anything anomalous... : no tattoos
Comments : One of the most entertaining pages ever!!

119. Posted by : Curtis
Date Posted : August 15, 2004 12:01:31 PM
Location : Bellingham & Seattle, Wa.
Favorite pig-out food : Frosted Miniweats
Anything anomalous... : light in the sky with 2 friends
...ever happen to you? : the 2 friends dont remember
Occupation/fav. hobby? : animator/student. Guitarist
Comments : i really like this site, looking forward to updates. ive never been one for. "anomalies" but now that i realize that theres some logical ones out there, it has goten my attention.

120. Posted by : Nimmer
Date Posted : August 15, 2004 09:32:46 AM
Location : Calgary
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza`
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : hanging out
Comments : This site is amazing, your responses to the hatemail is the best!

121. Posted by : Bobkittie
Date Posted : August 14, 2004 09:15:51 PM
Location : Mandan, North Dakota
Favorite pig-out food : Roadside Diner Breakfasts
Anything anomalous... : Giant Statues, Bobcats
...ever happen to you? : A Traveling Man, West to East
Occupation/fav. hobby? : postcard collecting, road trips
Comments : I collect postcards, I love to drive long distances, I have a nice Sony digital camera and love shooting giant roadside statues, and I'm a realtor - wanna buy a house?

122. Posted by : Christopher
Date Posted : August 14, 2004 07:18:01 PM
Location : Calgary
Favorite pig-out food : Cheetos
Anything anomalous... : No
...ever happen to you? : No
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music, acting
Comments : So glad you are back, Rahni. Keep the truth comin. We need your shining light to keep the cockroaches on their toes.

123. Posted by : Darshele
Date Posted : August 14, 2004 05:48:14 PM
Location : bama
Favorite pig-out food : anything and everythign
Anything anomalous... : once lived in a house with ghosts
Occupation/fav. hobby? : nope
Comments : I found your site by accident, and I think that I like it, it's weird and I really like weird so I must like it I think

124. Posted by : Kate Arbon
Date Posted : August 14, 2004 11:12:00 AM
Location : Crowthorne, Berkshire
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese takeaway
Anything anomalous... : Think I saw a chemtrail the other day but didn't know what it was or would've taken a photo for you
...ever happen to you? : My friend's cat died mysteriously of Good Health within an hour of said friend's mum passing away. Creepy.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Pizza Delivery Expert - stoned philosophising
Comments : A mate told me about this site. It rocks. Been sat here for 5 hours. You made me waste my Saturday.

125. Posted by : WaterMonster
Date Posted : August 14, 2004 07:04:58 AM
Location : UAE
Favorite pig-out food : smoked salmon
Anything anomalous... : Flat feet.
Comments : Horra!

126. Posted by : Mika
Date Posted : August 13, 2004 08:06:08 PM
Location : Chino, CA
Favorite pig-out food : mmmm.....pig...*gargles like homer*
Anything anomalous... : Did you know a pig's orgasm last 30 minutes? I wish I was a pig.
...ever happen to you? : Sadly no. My life is predictable and boring. It needs excitement.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Anything anomalous baby.
Comments : S i'm not as popular as the other kids. Maybe it's because I think too much. Yea thats it. I think too much. (That means it can't be anything else like because I'm ugly). Right?

127. Posted by : Leslie McDaniel
Date Posted : August 13, 2004 07:35:10 AM
Location : Pueblo,Colorado
Favorite pig-out food : pork chops
Anything anomalous... : what'sthat
...ever happen to you? : ?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : walmart worker/artist
Comments : I love doing a lot different things like walking and painting of couse taking pictures of diffents things ..Colorado is such a beautiful place..

128. Posted by : Derek
Date Posted : August 12, 2004 02:34:53 PM
Location : Kansas City Ks
Favorite pig-out food : fried chicken
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sales manager
Comments : I love this site, Ive waisted many a day at work just looking at this site

129. Posted by : debra
Date Posted : August 12, 2004 02:28:19 PM
Location : oklahoma city
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Comments : screw all those people with the hatemail if they dont like your website then they can got to another website

130. Posted by : Lynda
Date Posted : August 12, 2004 12:01:35 PM
Location : Southern California
Favorite pig-out food : Homemade Mac & Cheese
Anything anomalous... : Have a friend that had a ghost in
...ever happen to you? : her house. Saw it a few times.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Ramp worker for airline./Research
Comments : I have also been hooked on your site for a couple of days! Your wit is unmatched! My favorite is the hate mail and how it seems that none of the hater's have a grasp on grammar or spelling! Keep up the great work!

131. Posted by : Jamie Attwood
Date Posted : August 12, 2004 05:48:15 AM
Location : Aberdeen, WA
Favorite pig-out food : PEPPERONI PIZZA
Anything anomalous... : my friends say I have four nipples
...ever happen to you? : I almost drowned in 12 feet of water. sad...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Lead Guitar
Comments : I have nothing but the utmost respect for those that go against the main stream of idiots. I liked your details on the Cobain page and think you are right. I also think the things you posted about MJ and Britney, wether we like it or not is true. Screw the Fanboys.

132. Posted by : Trent
Date Posted : August 12, 2004 01:55:06 AM
Anything anomalous... : O.O ALIENS -.- i didnt say it
...ever happen to you? : no?
Comments : good site...yep its good alright... keep it up... update more im sure there is tonnes of stuff going out there unreported

133. Posted by : Lancer
Date Posted : August 11, 2004 09:06:23 PM
Location : Kykotsmovi, AZ
Favorite pig-out food : wings
Anything anomalous... : often, strange things happen to me.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Anthropology and DJing
Comments : Love the site. I have similar interests and enjoy reading the inane hate mail!

134. Posted by : Kevin
Date Posted : August 11, 2004 05:05:06 PM
Location : Fredericksburg, va
Favorite pig-out food : what do you have?
Anything anomalous... : nothing i can't explain
...ever happen to you? : and that sux
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I am a gravedigger
Comments : I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your site. I actually have been going through and reading everything on and off for the past three days....obsessed..hmmm maybe.I havn't seen any pics of you though....am i missing them

(There's a pic in the first Hate Mail page, some guy wrote and dared me to put one up. I ought to put a new one up. I'm kind of shy about all that. People ask me to put up something about myself and I've started it about 50 times and just don't know what to say. It's weird talking about myself. I'm pretty boring. :)~R)

135. Posted by : Tracy
Date Posted : August 11, 2004 04:32:44 PM
Location : PHX, AZ
Favorite pig-out food : El Famous Burritos!
Anything anomalous... : Saw a UFO once.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Tech
Comments : This is good stuff! The hate mail can keep you entertained for hours on end. Keep up the good work, Rahni!

136. Posted by : David
Date Posted : August 11, 2004 03:54:53 AM
Location : Israel
Comments : You have a great site. I most appreciate it that you say when something is a fraud (although many others are too). another thing is that you talk too much! how long did it take to write the whole site? it must be a full time occupation.

(Hiya Dave. I'd love to answer you but then I'd be talking too much again. ~R~)

137. Posted by : janis walrath
Date Posted : August 10, 2004 09:59:59 PM
Location : bremerton
Favorite pig-out food : cheetos puffs
Anything anomalous... : my sister's appendix was 18 " long
...ever happen to you? : My dog ate a box of crayons and had beautiful,multicolored doggie-poo for 2 days
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Nurse-love to travel and read and LAUGH
Comments : Could you gently remind your hate-mailers that an ' takes the place of a letter in a contraction; for example it is would be it's. Therefore, one who wishes to say "you are an *******" would be correct in saying "you're an *******", not "your an *******". I firmly believe that insulting, threatening letters should at least be grammatically correct and should also be spell-checked.
Your site is highly entertaining. Keep up the good work!

138. Posted by : Jani
Date Posted : August 10, 2004 08:27:09 AM
Location : Montreal
Favorite pig-out food : Ice Cream
Comments : Love this site. It's so entertaining! Guess what I do at work?!?!?

139. Posted by : Lise
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 11:51:13 PM
Location : Port Louis, Mauritius
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate and fruit
Anything anomalous... : yeah
...ever happen to you? : My father and mother both passed on a few years ago and I saw them that night
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing to KAT, my pen pal
Comments : KAT told me about this site and it ROX

140. Posted by : Kat
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 11:46:41 PM
Location : Surfers Paradise, QLD, Aussie
Favorite pig-out food : Peppermint Chocolate...!
Anything anomalous... : Hell yeah!
...ever happen to you? : I had to move last year because the medium said that the ghost in our house was in love with me and wouldn't stop tormenting me and my boyfriend... :S
Occupation/fav. hobby? : A surfer, skater and snowboarder hehe
Comments : This site KICKS ASS! Anyway, keep up the great work!!!

141. Posted by : Gina and Junior
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 11:08:29 PM
Location : Wood Dale, IL
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
...ever happen to you? : Ghosts
Comments : Me and my kids stayed up till 2am! LOVE it!

142. Posted by : Toni
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 08:12:42 PM
Location : Denver
Favorite pig-out food : anything chocolate
Anything anomalous... : hmmm
...ever happen to you? : that's a secret
Occupation/fav. hobby? : hairstylist/scrapbooking
Comments : You're site is AWESOME! Hugely entertaining. I especially love your responses to the lame-ass Michael Jackson fans hate mail. Your sarcasm makes me laugh 'til it hurts!

143. Posted by : Daryl
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 02:11:39 PM
Location : Gaylord
Favorite pig-out food : cheeseburger
Occupation/fav. hobby? : fishing
Comments : great site ty

144. Posted by : asabear
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 12:03:37 PM
Location : Central Kentucky
Favorite pig-out food : Kung Pao Chicken
...ever happen to you? : seen at least 3 ghosts and 1 UFO
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading/watching scifi/fantasy
Comments : kewl site; have tons of fun here

145. Posted by : shiva
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 08:19:46 AM
Location : MD
Comments : Great site, alot of neat pics and info. hatemail is funny- you have a great additude! keep making the MJ and britany fans crazy- the frickin idiots.. OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE SOME HUMOR PEOPLE jeez.. and no MJ is not the second coming of christ as many of the hatemailers seem to believe.. great site keep it up

146. Posted by : Klaatu
Date Posted : August 09, 2004 05:17:50 AM
Location : Little Rock, AR
Favorite pig-out food : BBQ ribs or fried catfish
Anything anomalous... : I have a haunted radio that comes on even tho it doesn't have a power cord.
Comments : Great site, just need to update it a little more often.

147. Posted by : Ali
Date Posted : August 08, 2004 10:09:57 PM
Location : Pueblo, Colorado
Favorite pig-out food : Oreos/ Tortilla Chips
Anything anomalous... : Nope, because I don't know
...ever happen to you? : what the word means!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Lawyer/ Dancin
Comments : I love ur site! It keeps me entertained for hours and hours and hours. It amazes my friends how much i know about chemtrails and underground bases!

148. Posted by : Jason
Date Posted : August 08, 2004 02:32:19 PM
Location : Pleasanton
Favorite pig-out food : Uh....
Anything anomalous... : Uhhhh.....
...ever happen to you? : Uh...............?!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student, Unicyclist, Gamer
Comments : Awesome website dude! Keep up the good work! I love it!

149. Posted by : Sally
Date Posted : August 08, 2004 12:23:39 PM
Location : Outside Chicago
Favorite pig-out food : Anything chocolate
Anything anomalous... : Well, I used to swear up and down that our house is haunted. I'll be up late and hear thumps in the walls. It is /not/ just the pipes! I swear!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing, singing, reading, blahblahblah
Comments : I loooove this site. Especially MJ's poor **** face. It's so true. Yuck. I saw Latoya on the tv yesterday and I swear, she /is/ Michael!

150. Posted by : Kenny
Date Posted : August 08, 2004 09:31:10 AM
Location : London, Ontario, Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Burgers
Anything anomalous... : all
...ever happen to you? : of the time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Baseball
Comments : Awesome site keep up the good work, eh :)

151. Posted by : Clay Young
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 11:07:54 PM
Location : Brownsville, Texas
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
...ever happen to you? : Got a spoon stuck in my mouth once... took a while to get out.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Listening to music
Comments : I love the hatemail entries ;)

152. Posted by : You Suck
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 10:12:29 PM
Comments : Your site is sick and should be closed. Your facts on Michael Jackson are wrong, hurtful and full of hatred. Who cares about MJ's appearance? He still makes killer music, regardless.

(My facts are taken from major newspapers, published books, ongoing news reports, court documents and police files. My "site" is over 700 pages, so you didn't look at much. Lighten up, Cupcake ~R)

153. Posted by : IrishLincoln
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 07:35:25 PM
Location : East Tennessee
Favorite pig-out food : salsa and chips
Anything anomalous... : well...I was captured by a tribe of Yeti once
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Historian
Comments : Great site...loads of awesome and neat stuff. Keep it up and please update!! LOVE IT!!!

154. Posted by : Gayle
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 04:39:31 PM
Location : Toronto
Favorite pig-out food : Haagen-Dazs
Anything anomalous... : no
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : computers
Comments : Truly thought provoking. This site was definitely worth checking out. thx

155. Posted by : Heather
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 03:35:07 PM
Location : Austin
Favorite pig-out food : anything full-o-carbs
Occupation/fav. hobby? : teacher
Comments : Your site cracks me up!

156. Posted by : Edgar
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 01:46:42 PM
Location : San Jose, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : no
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : running
Comments : I found your website by luck, I looked up Disney and Hate (I have this feeling each time i flip through that channel that its pure evil) and I have been stuck on your website for the past two days. I like the content and I love your opine on what you show. I have read some of the hate mail, but I think your website is spectacular. Keep it up and good luck.

157. Posted by : Currywurry
Date Posted : August 07, 2004 10:04:52 AM
Location : Huddersfield. Boring place too.
Favorite pig-out food : Wotsits
Anything anomalous... : shadow people...
...ever happen to you? : ...live in my room!! :-(
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Computer of course!!
Comments : Yay for your site!! It so good i laugh!! Nice hate mail ya got too, i'm quite jealous of that!! I never receive really nasty hate-mail!!! :-(

158. Posted by : Josh
Date Posted : August 06, 2004 09:50:53 PM
Location : BFE
Favorite pig-out food : Fun-size Mr. Goodbars
Anything anomalous... : Unfortunately, no.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Signing random guestbooks.
Comments : Cool sight, Rahni. I love the controversy you provoke and the "taboo" that you display on this humble website.

159. Posted by : Professional Widow
Date Posted : August 06, 2004 12:45:12 PM
Location : Montreal
Favorite pig-out food : sweet tarts
Anything anomalous... : nah, everyday life is wierd
...ever happen to you? : enough fer me
Occupation/fav. hobby? : free-roaming lizards
Comments : Loving your hate mail..um, well you know what I mean. I almost hope people keep writing in to you so I can see your savage respose! love it! super funny and supercool blonde. come check out the anomalous french culture up this way:)

160. Posted by : Paul Lee
Date Posted : August 06, 2004 06:49:39 AM
Location : Woking, England
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken Phaal
Anything anomalous... : Been on loads of ghost hunts
...ever happen to you? : ....nothing to report yet.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : ghosts, gadgets, girls, guitar, guzzling
Comments : Great site- a welcome break from work!

161. Posted by : Rick
Date Posted : August 05, 2004 10:37:11 PM
Location : Yuma Ariz
Favorite pig-out food : Lobster
Anything anomalous... : How about a Haw'n Marine Bio.
...ever happen to you? : living and enjoying AZ desert?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Retired teacher. internet, photo.
Comments : This site rocks. I love it. Your comments are
absolutely great. You really should write for some sort of tv show.

(I was told a major "funny" comedy show ripped off my Jackson page and did a bit on it so I guess I did write for a TV show. Of course I didn't get paid, but then the major tabloid that reprinted the Jackson page in it didn't pay me either. So I guess I could have some sort of job doing that, but the nature of the people in that biz is to just rip off what they want and figure you can't do anything about it, so what do they care. I suppose I ought to be flattered ~R)

162. Posted by : Lisa Seamon
Date Posted : August 05, 2004 01:12:10 PM
Location : Richmond, V.A.
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : Lefty's do it Right!
...ever happen to you? : start something and can't finish
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Hairbriader,stumble around.
Comments : Hi, Love your site!

163. Posted by : General Lee
Date Posted : August 05, 2004 03:52:22 AM
Location : Repulic of the Philippines
Favorite pig-out food : Milky Way bars
Anything anomalous... : Names of Communist countries
...ever happen to you? : Sure "Secret War" in Laos
Occupation/fav. hobby? : retired/Computer strategy gaming (turn based not RTS)
Comments : I really enjoyed your B. Spears breast size story/photos and some of your "Hate" mail" answers. About 9/11 could be errant air to air missles for sure. I read that a Veitnam Vet saw a missle trail headed for that TWA plane that went down in New York just before it's jet fuel tanks exploded (tank explosion from NTSB). And a Viet Vet should know a rocket trail when he sees one. Also heard it said that the Penn, jet was shot down on 9/11...Time may tell,as,there is now at least one WWW site about the "Secret War" in Laos. Please for give my poor spelling. I'm not educated just lucky to have survived this long. Keep up your great work. The pen is mightier than the Sword. Where's your spell checked ??? I love computer spell checkers,they make mr look so smart !!!

164. Posted by : oilboy26
Date Posted : August 05, 2004 12:41:16 AM
Location : Houston Texas
Favorite pig-out food : BURRITOS
Anything anomalous... : The 2 holes in the roof of my mouth just behind my teeth
...ever happen to you? : saw 2 foot tall huminoid run in front of me
Occupation/fav. hobby? : goth partys
Comments : nice place you have here keep up the good work and best wishes

165. Posted by : Izzie
Date Posted : August 04, 2004 03:07:15 PM
Location : Wales
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate of course!
Anything anomalous... : ....
...ever happen to you? : ..... not that I'd like to talk about
Occupation/fav. hobby? : horses, 3 to be exact
Comments : Love the site! Its so fun and informative, I love the information on Micheal Jackson (Nasty piece of work if ever I saw one, child abusor!!) and the Disney company (Never liked it much when I was younger too much death and other crap). I must say the people u recieve "Hate Mail" from are rather stupid sounding. Why try to support a man who abuses children who trust him!?! I'm really enjoying going through your site its funny and informative (Though there are some thing to "Hmmm" at!) and I hope to see more great stuff from you soon on here!

166. Posted by : jeanne
Date Posted : August 04, 2004 12:12:30 PM
Location : Pinellas, FL
Favorite pig-out food : cake!
Anything anomalous... : lots of anomalous - nothing provable!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writer/editor
Comments : Totally love this site. Thank God you're still updating! Keep up the GREAT work!

167. Posted by : Tracy
Date Posted : August 04, 2004 10:26:46 AM
Location : Grand Rapids, Michigan
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : I'm a graver
...ever happen to you? : I go ghosthunting
Occupation/fav. hobby? : graving/genealogy
Comments : Love your site! Thanks for helping me pass an afternoon at work :)

168. Posted by : John
Date Posted : August 04, 2004 08:16:54 AM
Location : Ottawa, ONT
Favorite pig-out food : Whoppers, Big Mac's
Anything anomalous... : RTFM
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Tech Support/ Camping, bonsia, billiards
Comments : excellent site, please keep it up. terrific content & format..

169. Posted by : Rick ///// 36
Date Posted : August 04, 2004 04:51:51 AM
Location : Thunder Bay. Ontario Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Whopper
Anything anomalous... : Yeah, I came across your site - which I found quite funny.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Airline industry
Comments : Love the site. Keep up the good work.

170. Posted by : Drew
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 06:42:58 PM
Location : Redding, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student / Hmmmm...
Comments : Rahni, your site rocks! Marry me! (Don't worry, it's a plutonic love) The Denver airport stuff is super interesting, and your collection of odd pics is cool too. Keep up the scrumtulescent work (yes I invented a word).

(Sounds good, Drew! I love CA, we can just get married, you can do your thing and I'll do mine and people will go crazy wondering what the hell kind of relationship we have. Sounds perfect, and my mom will finally shut up. ~R)

171. Posted by : Rei-Rei
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 04:27:02 PM
Comments : Sweet hatemail entries, I love you!

172. Posted by : Hub
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 03:44:53 PM
Location : UK
Comments : Great site, especially the Michael Jckson section ;)

173. Posted by : Daniel
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 03:22:52 PM
Location : Meridian, MS.
Favorite pig-out food : Lasagna
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Ghost & E.T. Hunter
Comments : Nice website.

174. Posted by : marcos garza
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 11:37:26 AM
Location : Mercedes TX
Favorite pig-out food : egg drop soup
Comments : i like this site a lot. thanx.

175. Posted by : Ben
Date Posted : August 03, 2004 02:18:03 AM
Location : Narrandera NSW
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza, Pringles
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music/Drums
Comments : Great site! The pigeon photo really broke me up. Dirty mongrels!

176. Posted by : Reioa
Date Posted : August 02, 2004 04:33:43 PM
Location : NJ
Favorite pig-out food : Pickles, pocky and snack cakes
Comments : The Disney section's really cool, political and in-depth. Fight the lawyers!! Free the Sweatshop kids!!

177. Posted by : Crystal
Date Posted : August 02, 2004 02:27:37 PM
Location : East Tennessee
Favorite pig-out food : Jelly Beans
Comments : The Michael Jackson hate mail has introduced me to a whole new breed of crazy. After reading the Disney info, I don't think my kids will be going there. Awesome site.

178. Posted by : Pauline
Date Posted : August 02, 2004 01:57:11 PM
Location : Northfield,MN
Favorite pig-out food : funyuns chips
...ever happen to you? : not yet.............
Occupation/fav. hobby? : weird stuff
Comments : Great stuff,Thanks

179. Posted by : Sam
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 10:56:20 PM
Location : Tacoma, WA
Favorite pig-out food : Reese's FastBreak bars washed down with copious amounts of soda
Anything anomalous... : No,
...ever happen to you? : but my dad was struck by ball-lightning in the 70s
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sci-Fi author
Comments : I ran across this page when someone mentioned the darker side of Disney. I've been readin' yer page for, like, five hours now.

180. Posted by : Helen
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 10:50:10 PM
Comments : Great Site!

181. Posted by : vollspacken
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 03:25:13 PM
Location : punk-ass Germany
Comments : haha, the hatemail section is hilarious... :D

182. Posted by : Fish
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 02:07:21 PM
Comments : Blub blub blub. . .

183. Posted by : Greg
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 02:06:42 PM
Location : UK
Comments : Cool Site

184. Posted by : Autumn
Date Posted : August 01, 2004 09:23:01 AM
Location : WV
Favorite pig-out food : Anything Italian!
Anything anomalous... : Erm...
...ever happen to you? : Weeell, I don't think so; I can't remember...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student/writing
Comments : I love coming to this site...it's so cool. I love looking at all the anomalies...and the strangest one yet is the Michael Jackson one....lol

185. Posted by : Jessica
Date Posted : July 31, 2004 09:22:30 PM
Location : Greenville, Ohio
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : notreally
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Artists
Comments : Can't wait to see what new things are gonna be on here

186. Posted by : Rich
Date Posted : July 31, 2004 12:05:01 PM
Location : Dorset, UK
Favorite pig-out food : The full English breakfast
Anything anomalous... : Not
...ever happen to you? : Really...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Photography
Comments : Great site. Stumbled on it whilst researching "Doc" Edgerton.

187. Posted by : Dan
Date Posted : July 31, 2004 03:14:53 AM
Location : Sacramento
Favorite pig-out food : Hot Cheetos
Anything anomalous... : no
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : takin' out girls :) ... LEARNING ABOUT EVERYTHING
Comments : Wow! amazing site... keep up the good work.
do you believe in ghosts? :)

(I sure do. ~R~)

188. Posted by : Todd J.Caudill
Date Posted : July 30, 2004 04:43:42 PM
Location : Eastlake,Ohio,U.S.A.
Favorite pig-out food : cheeseburgers
Anything anomalous... : I don't have a belly button anymore!
...ever happen to you? : I've seen ufo's 3 times,2 in daylight.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Writer,collecting baseball cards.
Comments : This site is excellent!It's wacky,thought provoking.Good variety of subjects.

189. Posted by : cobbiebook
Date Posted : July 30, 2004 10:52:38 AM
Comments : Just back visisting a great site....

190. Posted by : Apryl
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 08:19:06 PM
Location : Peoria,IL
Favorite pig-out food : vegatables!!mmmm
Anything anomalous... : yes. Ever see a green flaming basketball fall outta the sky!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Manager for HOT TOPIC, the best store ever
Comments : The pics are great!! keeps me and my friends entertained for hours.

(I love hot topic clothes. Can I be your new best friend? :) ~R)

192. Posted by : Mike
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 08:09:26 PM
Location : North Bay
Comments : Great site! Love your sense of humour about things too.

193. Posted by : kibby
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 07:53:42 PM
Location : Minnesota
Favorite pig-out food : Pretzels
Anything anomalous... : My family is crazy!
...ever happen to you? : hmmmmmmmmmmmm
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Ghost hunter
Comments : Man...I never knew so many people loved micheal jackson but by the way of the hate mail i guess so....This is one my bookmarked fav pages......Keep it up.........

194. Posted by : wayne
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 07:31:51 PM
Comments : cool site.

195. Posted by : Terra
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 04:38:55 PM
Location : Sydney,NS,Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Tacos
...ever happen to you? : saw a ghost
Occupation/fav. hobby? : swimming
Comments : Great Site

196. Posted by : anamedea
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Favorite pig-out food : tofo
Comments : hi!

197. Posted by : feargus
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 06:54:44 AM
Location : halifax canada
Favorite pig-out food : ?
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...ever happen to you? : ?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : marine engineer
Comments : excellent.

198. Posted by : Jennifer
Date Posted : July 29, 2004 06:53:45 AM
Location : Jax, FL
Favorite pig-out food : brownies
Comments : Love the site!

199. Posted by : Elaine
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 08:30:27 PM
Location : Victoria BC
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Assistant coordinator Family program
Comments : great site...a lot of work put into it...

200. Posted by : tyler
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 08:00:24 PM
Location : albq.,NM
Comments : this is BY FAR the best and most interesting site i have ever seen! thanx for taking the time to put this freaky stuff out there for all to see.

201. Posted by : Jennifer
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 11:04:28 AM
Location : Corpus Christi, Texas
Favorite pig-out food : Ben And Jerry's Half Baked and Cherry Cheesecake
Anything anomalous... : Unfortunately No
...ever happen to you? : Again, no, but still fascinated
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Cashier at a grocery store, reading, trivia
Comments : I have spent the last two days, for hours on end, going through every bit of this site, which was accidentally found while looking for info on anne boleyn's dog's name. I am extremely impressed with the work and information. Thank you so much for creating something enjoyable for people to go through.

202. Posted by : susan
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 09:53:07 AM
Location : boston ma
Favorite pig-out food : steamers
Anything anomalous... : ghost of child in CT hotel crawled
...ever happen to you? : into my bed - I freaked
Occupation/fav. hobby? : boating
Comments : great site - what's up with the Denver airport - most unsettling

203. Posted by : Currywurry
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 04:04:16 AM
Location : Huddersfield
Favorite pig-out food : Wotsits
Anything anomalous... : Ghosties in my room!!
...ever happen to you? : I can't see them!!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : My computer!!
Comments : Hallo!! Just got to say, this site rocks the socks that rock the party!! Shadow people live in my room!!

204. Posted by : The Magnificent Mono
Date Posted : July 28, 2004 02:24:48 AM
Location : Jasper, IN
Favorite pig-out food : M&M's!
Anything anomalous... : Having nothing anomalous about one's character is anomalous in itself, therefore, for having no true anomalies, I am an anomaly.
...ever happen to you? : Stampeding Lemmings
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Trekkie at Large
Comments : The commentary on Michael Jackson is the funniest thing I have frankly ever read/looked at. It made me cry.

205. Posted by : Holly
Date Posted : July 27, 2004 09:58:00 PM
Location : King, NC
Favorite pig-out food : noodles, mashed potatoes, pickles, chocolate, or ice cream (*_*)
...ever happen to you? : i've seen ghosts and was actually touched and scratched by one that was floating over top of me when i was lying in bed...it was creepy
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Seasonal Sales Associate for Hot Topic/watching anime, writing, and drawing
Comments : i absolutely think this is one of the best sites ever. you kick so much ass and hate that you go through so much hate mail. i want to be your friend for life after going through all the wonderful information, pictures, and odds and ends on your site. i totally believe everything you've got up about Michael Jackson and Britney Spears...don't you hate ******* arrogant idiots that are just too oblivious to see the truth? you can talk to me anytime if you like, i'd love to hear from you. my e-mail is

you have yourself a number one fan right here *nod* best wishes and keep up the astounding work.


206. Posted by : PocKet

Date Posted : July 27, 2004 01:57:11 PM
Location : Mexico City
Comments : Fun site!

207. Posted by : thecosmicgoose
Date Posted : July 27, 2004 01:12:04 AM
Location : Hunstville AL
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Ghosts
...ever happen to you? : seen ghosts, even talked with one.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Art student
Comments : Great site. very informative. i really enjoyed the "odd pictures" section.

208. Posted by : Tina
Date Posted : July 27, 2004 12:38:34 AM
Location : Hamburg
Comments : Cool pics!!!!

209. Posted by : Glassy
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 06:28:39 PM
Location : Hamilon, Ontario
Favorite pig-out food : cream cheese on crackers
...ever happen to you? : taken some odd pix
Occupation/fav. hobby? : photography
Comments : I absoltey love the site. especially the Disney, DIA, and the hate mail (hey those losers may need to get a life *** they're so ******* funny)

210. Posted by : Granny
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 05:31:55 PM
Location : Tekoa, WA
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate & Beer
Anything anomalous... : Photographed a hovering, distant UFO
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Playing video games, & baking cookies with my Grandkids. Awwwwwww
Comments : Love most of this stuff!! Keep up the good work.

211. Posted by : MA
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 04:12:43 PM
Location : Smyrna, NY
Favorite pig-out food : skittles
Occupation/fav. hobby? : college student
Comments : This site helped me get through my finals this year. Anytime I needed a break from studying, I would just come to this site and be entertained for a while. I love everything on the site.

212. Posted by : The great one
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 03:42:52 PM
Location : The pits of hell.
Favorite pig-out food : COOKIES XO
Anything anomalous... : I wish I knew what anormalous means...
...ever happen to you? : =/ years of years of ignorance.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : shrugging and wishing for things.
Comments : XO this site is DA BOMB DIGGITY

213. Posted by : Joe Mercier
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 09:25:54 AM
Location : Snohomish,Washington
Favorite pig-out food : Pasta Meat Sauce
Occupation/fav. hobby? : History,Alien
Comments : I'am Pleased and happy there is sites showing pic's.It took me almost thirty years to learn most of this stuff!Now modern people learn in seconds.Thank you for being brave and caring.

(It might be "sarcastic and jaded", Joe...but thank you all the same :) ~R)

214. Posted by : Epselon Draco
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 07:17:32 AM
Location : Holtville, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Hamburgers
Anything anomalous... : I dont know
...ever happen to you? : I suffer from sleep paralysis
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Metal Head, Guitar all day and night.
Comments : -Hey this site ******* rocks man, i just read the hate mail, dont let those cockholes bring u down. Keep up the good work i find this site interesting, il be checking back every now and then. Id like to see what u look like, im interested in weired people, and whoever runs this site, is on top of that list, not that i have anything wrong with it, in fact i admire you. Keep it up and keep kicking ass!!

215. Posted by : Lisu
Date Posted : July 26, 2004 01:01:55 AM
Location : Finland
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sitting on my ass.
Comments : Was just reading the hate mail section. Has anyone ever done a study on the hate mail mentality? They are unable to use correct punctuation, spelling and hit the caps lock way too often. Interesting how they all do it the same way. C'mon someone make a study.

(Good point, Lisu. Some of them are so large I actually make them smaller, we're talking 72 pt font, lime green, lots of !!!!!!!. Out of all the Jackson Hate Mail I've had ONE that was intelligent and really just discussed the thing. I wrote back. She wrote back. I wrote back again. The next letter from her was the crazy one, so at least she hung on for a few weeks. But they don't say one word about me making fun of Britney or Pamela, or the Barbie and Ken people. So if they are against being mean and "cruel" to people, wouldn't that mean everyone? Just for yucks I did a search on Jackson's current press concerning his trial and I couldn't find one article that didn't mention his face, his being bizarre. No one defends him, not one paper or magazine doesn't have some remark about what a wack job he is. A lot of the hate mail is from other countries, so maybe they just don't hear all the tidbits like we do here. And a surprizing number are older women, in their late 30s and early 40s. It's pretty interesting stuff :)~R)

216. Posted by : jabberwock
Date Posted : July 25, 2004 10:54:08 PM
Location : Garland, Tx
Favorite pig-out food : italian
Anything anomalous... : saw a UFO once
...ever happen to you? : countless deja vu
Occupation/fav. hobby? : bassist/propagandist
Comments : love your site. needs more odd pics.

217. Posted by : Ed
Date Posted : July 25, 2004 07:19:38 PM
Location : Calgary AB Canada
Favorite pig-out food : The usual, burgers, pizza etc..
Anything anomalous... : Saw a UFO once
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Emergency Medical Technician/ Cycling
Comments : Help! I'm an Englishman in Canada! Nobody understands my British accent!

218. Posted by : EternityMan
Date Posted : July 25, 2004 05:26:17 PM
Location : Cyprus
Favorite pig-out food : Penne-Quatro-Formagi
Anything anomalous... : maybe
...ever happen to you? : thought I saw aliens
Occupation/fav. hobby? : SciFi (Star Trek)
Comments : !

219. Posted by : mandy
Date Posted : July 25, 2004 02:02:43 PM
Location : west midlands
Favorite pig-out food : kfc
...ever happen to you? : snezzed spaggetti
Occupation/fav. hobby? : this web site
Comments : hello!!!!

220. Posted by : dee
Date Posted : July 25, 2004 10:22:05 AM
Location : hamilton, ontario!
Comments : The Best Site to visit on the Most Boring Day at Work!!

221. Posted by : Sara
Date Posted : July 24, 2004 10:14:30 PM
Location : VA
Favorite pig-out food : sour cream and onion sunchips!!
Anything anomalous... : there was a deer...
...ever happen to you? : oh uh
Occupation/fav. hobby? : bleh
Comments : this site is quite interesting *smack*

222. Posted by : Meagan Loney
Date Posted : July 24, 2004 09:23:03 PM
Location : Great Falls, MT
Favorite pig-out food : Frito's
Anything anomalous... : Where to Start?
...ever happen to you? : Yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student-AstroPhysics/Gaming
Comments : Love the site....keep up the good work!!!

223. Posted by : chris
Date Posted : July 24, 2004 03:08:44 PM
Location : charlotte
Favorite pig-out food : tacos
Comments : glad to hear the site will be updated soon. i've gone through every single article time after time. peace. I've never heard of Togo, but its flag looks cool

224. Posted by : pooface
Date Posted : July 24, 2004 11:23:54 AM
Comments : dude!@!