34 June 16 - July 24, 2004

226. Posted by : Zeroguy
Date Posted : July 24, 2004 08:03:11 AM
Comments : Great site! :)

227. Posted by : John
Date Posted : July 23, 2004 07:14:40 PM
Location : Iowa
Favorite pig-out food : BBQ Pork Ribs
Anything anomalous... : I lived in a haunted house. The ghost
...ever happen to you? : Kept gooseing my wife.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I am a RPG geek
Comments : I love your site. I get a kick out of the hate mail.

228. Posted by : Robyn
Date Posted : July 23, 2004 01:41:39 PM
Location : Justin TX
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : I think I see shadow people all the time, in fact, I think there is one in my office by the window which I will take a pic of when I get the chance, I thought I had eye problems before,....maybe I do?
...ever happen to you? : the aboce
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Staffing Coordinator in a Nursing Agency, music
Comments : I really like this sight and spend my bosses money during the day by reading it during working hours. I'm a wonderful employee,...promise!

229. Posted by : Erin
Date Posted : July 23, 2004 12:39:45 PM
Location : Iowa City, Iowa
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
...ever happen to you? : i think i'm psychic
Occupation/fav. hobby? : lying, cheating, stealing....hehe
Comments : This is literally the best website I have EVER seen in my life. I look at it everyday. I love you webmistress! (even though im not a lesbo)

230. Posted by : Jason Tyler Tomasi

ate Posted : July 23, 2004 05:10:34 AM
Location : Wellington, New Zealand
Favorite pig-out food : Nachoes, Chocolate
Comments : :) Very good site.

231. Posted by : matt
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 11:38:52 PM
Location : lubbock
Favorite pig-out food : heroin isnt food
Anything anomalous... : what
...ever happen to you? : oh, not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sleep
Comments : this is cool but im cant sleep now mjs face

232. Posted by : Ian
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 08:47:11 PM
Location : Hobart Tasmania
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Flying my Cessna
Comments : I have thouroughly enjoyed reding your site and thanx.

233. Posted by : Beatrice
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 06:24:50 PM
Location : New York
Favorite pig-out food : mint ice cream
Anything anomalous... : After seeing the shadow people on your site, today, I...
...ever happen to you? : ...got very paranoid and coulda swore I wasn't alone at home.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : student/going on the internet
Comments : I just want to say that I really enjoy going on this site. Sure, it can give me the willies but occasionally I find something cute like the "Stupid Pet Trick" picture or the other cat pictures. I like your way of writing (well, of course you know how to write better than, oh say, the kids that send you hate-mail. I mean, you're an adult an' all.), as well as the pictures. However, you've got some broken links. For the Ghosts section, right after the "Porch" picture, three or so links afterwards also link to "Porch". Anyway, keep up with the anomalous/interesting/amusing stuff!

234. Posted by : Kevin young
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 02:58:09 PM
Location : taike, china
Favorite pig-out food : umm mash patatoes
Anything anomalous... : i keep seeing shadows in the corner of my eye
...ever happen to you? : the shadows are watchin me
Occupation/fav. hobby? : drums, band and so on
Comments : your site is soooo sick how come you guys stopped updating? the last time you guys updated was oct 3, 2003

("you guys" is "me". I did a few updates but didn't update the update thing. Then I owed my provider a lot of $ for over use of bandwidth and couldn't get into my FTP until I paid them. Then other stuff happened. Etc. I'm still arguing some things but I'm back. If you want to get me a staff of about 5 it'd be a great help :) ~R)

235. Posted by : Dean Hamilton
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 12:42:17 PM
Location : Thayamo Island, Pacific Ocean
Favorite pig-out food : Nachos
Anything anomalous... : I once saw a kind of disc in the clouds over Thayamo Town, Our capital.
...ever happen to you? : See Above.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Occupation: "Save the Sea" Chairman.
Comments : Love the Site... Too bad no-one else from Thayamo Island has visited!

236. Posted by : Ericka
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 11:49:11 AM
Location : State College Pa
Favorite pig-out food : cheese?
Anything anomalous... : I have a belly button!
...ever happen to you? : No I really don't have one
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I'm a nurse
Comments : Nice site, I hate it that you can't resize the windows that some of the articles pop up in, maybe I'll email to complain

(You just did complain. But if you do email tell me which windows. Or pull the edges in and resice the window ~R~)

237. Posted by : lori
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 10:44:12 AM
Location : mid west
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : of course
...ever happen to you? : live with ghost and smack in the middle of chemtrail alley
Occupation/fav. hobby? : raise dogs
Comments : love this site. have passed it on to friends who are as strange as me

238. Posted by : Harry
Date Posted : July 22, 2004 02:39:54 AM
Location : Colchester, Essex, England
Favorite pig-out food : Moussaka
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Old cinemas
Comments : Rahni, the hate mail you receive and your witty replies have had me roaring with laughter ever since I came across them yesterday. Terrific!

239. Posted by : Mallow
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 10:23:54 PM
Location : Sioux City, IA
Favorite pig-out food : Sour Jacks
Anything anomalous... : :(
...ever happen to you? : I wish
Occupation/fav. hobby? : nothing unique
Comments : i love your site, it's jam packed with neato stuff

240. Posted by : jo
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 07:51:06 PM
Location : syracuse
Comments : really great site...i'm constantly looking over my shoulder when i'm reading this stuff

241. Posted by : Teltsa
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 01:12:53 PM
Location : Austin, TX
Favorite pig-out food : Begals
Anything anomalous... : Yes everything happens Anomalous
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Arts crafts scaring the hell out of people
Comments : Great sight always enjoy reading it.

242. Posted by : raftinman
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 01:04:12 PM
Location : virginia
Favorite pig-out food : pineapple
Occupation/fav. hobby? : whitewater
Comments : love the site the hate male is the best. retarted *******s

243. Posted by : loreen and karla
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 12:05:38 PM
Location : downtown los angeles
Favorite pig-out food : pasta salad at mocha java
Anything anomalous... : unfortunatley, no.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : we work for a jewelry designer
Comments : we love your sight. while we were looking at it something really strange happened. we actually shut up and paid attention. thanks.

244. Posted by : Eric
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 11:15:35 AM
Location : Minneapolis
Favorite pig-out food : Cheetos
Anything anomalous... : Yeah - I've seen the black smokey figures in my dreams - The next day bad things happened
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Corporate Hostage
Comments : Thanks for a great site!!! I've laughed and I've been creeped out. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

245. Posted by : lisa
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 09:17:49 AM
Location : Texas
Favorite pig-out food : mexican food
Occupation/fav. hobby? : nurse
Comments : love the site! esp. wacko jacko pics!

246. Posted by : Tina
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 08:50:14 AM
Location : Washington
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Comments : Fantastic site! Great pictures. The hate mail is a bit disturbing. Disturbing, yet hilarious! Keep up the good work.

247. Posted by : Vonette
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 08:24:32 AM
Location : Rotterdam
Favorite pig-out food : Curry
Anything anomalous... : alas, no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : watching plastic surgery go wrong
Comments : Love your site

248. Posted by : Travis
Date Posted : July 21, 2004 01:59:46 AM
Location : Sacramento
Comments : I LOVE the DIA stuff, its so great

249. Posted by : Elsbeth
Date Posted : July 20, 2004 12:18:13 PM
Location : Madison, WI
Favorite pig-out food : Ribs
Anything anomalous... : the lost sock
...ever happen to you? : i know both went in...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Uber-Geek
Comments : Very fun site

250. Posted by : Julia
Date Posted : July 20, 2004 08:50:39 AM
Location : London
Comments : don't listen to the haters, your site is fab.

251. Posted by : Jason
Date Posted : July 20, 2004 07:16:24 AM
Location : UK
Favorite pig-out food : Pot Noodle!
Comments : moo :)

252. Posted by : Hendro Setyo Wibowo
Date Posted : July 19, 2004 10:32:52 PM
Location : Kuala, Lumpur
Favorite pig-out food : Anything eatable
Anything anomalous... : few scary ****s
...ever happen to you? : saw ghost twice back home in my country in Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Mass Comm. Student, like music, play guitar, got a band, junk food, local food, bla bla bla...
Comments : u're site is just whack!!! if thats how u would describe it. i like the disney section man. it's so there man... and ur pic collections are amazing man... may be if i've got a digi cam a could contribute and share to u all wat ****s i've got in Malaysia...Cheers.

253. Posted by : Gin
Date Posted : July 19, 2004 07:41:06 PM
Location : nc
Favorite pig-out food : .. NOODLES!! ^-^
Anything anomalous... : not that
...ever happen to you? : i know of... >.0
Occupation/fav. hobby? : to do stupid smily faces! ~.~
Comments : i luff ur site ^.~

254. Posted by : Rob
Date Posted : July 19, 2004 01:26:08 PM
Location : Wichita
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Boring life with no UFOs, ghosts...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Science Fiction, Wargames
Comments : Very humorous site. You are so funny; one could almost think you believe this stuff.

255. Posted by : Sam Pluck
Date Posted : July 19, 2004 10:16:01 AM
Location : London, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Banoffee Pie!!!
Anything anomalous... : JFK of course
...ever happen to you? : Nah
Comments : I dig this site!!!!

256. Posted by : dennis
Date Posted : July 19, 2004 03:36:41 AM
Location : forestville ca
Favorite pig-out food : beer
...ever happen to you? : yep
Occupation/fav. hobby? : fix things
Comments : me and the wife laughed our asses off over the hate mail and replies. really funny stuff. i spent two or three days going over your whole site and am now sad that there's nothing left.

257. Posted by : Big Steve
Date Posted : July 18, 2004 07:00:01 PM
Location : VA
Favorite pig-out food : Bold Party Chex
Comments : Update more, this stuff is sweet!

258. Posted by : Rachel
Date Posted : July 18, 2004 05:06:46 PM
Location : San Antonio TX
Favorite pig-out food : ritz and pineapple creamcheese
Anything anomalous... : no...not yet
Comments : stumbled onto this site by accident, and i love it! will be stopping by often!

259. Posted by : EvenWorseHamster
Date Posted : July 18, 2004 02:27:10 AM
Location : Seward, AK
Favorite pig-out food : doritos
Comments : Friend of TheBad, TheWorse also likes this site.

260. Posted by : TheBadHamster
Date Posted : July 18, 2004 02:24:06 AM
Location : Anchorage,AK
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate
Anything anomalous... : sure
Comments : I claim this state in the name of The Bad Hamster! I love your site, I'd like to see new stuff, like a grimm or chupakabra...

261. Posted by : Cathy Smith
Date Posted : July 17, 2004 03:31:58 PM
Location : Oklahoma City
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Saw an angel once
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Reading
Comments : Great website!!

262. Posted by : amy
Date Posted : July 16, 2004 08:00:45 PM
Location : rusk, tx
Comments : thanks for the site!

263. Posted by : mark
Date Posted : July 16, 2004 12:19:39 PM
Location : buffalo, ny
Favorite pig-out food : wings
Comments : great site!

264. Posted by : trev
Date Posted : July 16, 2004 11:21:52 AM
Location : Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
Favorite pig-out food : ribs
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sales
Comments : cool site, lots of amazing stuff

265. Posted by : taryn
Date Posted : July 16, 2004 08:44:24 AM
Location : michigan
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Comments : cool site interesting stuff and witty sarcasm

266. Posted by : mark
Date Posted : July 16, 2004 05:04:54 AM
Location : London
Favorite pig-out food : Chips
Comments : Great Site......

267. Posted by : Kat
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 10:39:01 PM
Location : McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Nothing that I can recall,
...ever happen to you? : but I'm a believer!!!!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Logistics / Scuba Diving
Comments : No, this is NOT a joke, I am currently writing to you from not so sunny, icy-cold, Antarctica. Thanks for putting up such a great freakin' page! I learned so much interesting information from reading your site. Also, I enjoyed your comments, and your sense of humor on some of the topics you put up. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

268. Posted by : DrDave
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 10:20:05 PM
Location : Independence, MO.
Favorite pig-out food : anything with carbs
Anything anomalous... : I wish....
Occupation/fav. hobby? : computer geek/camping, hiking, no,ok, computers...
Comments : STOP ALREADY!!! My sides ache, there are tears streaming down my face, and my guffawing has the neighbors calling to find out what the hell is so ****ed funny at 2 in the morning. Great Site!! The Denver airport stuff kinda creeped me out, though.....weird, no, Bizarre paintings!!!! Keep it up!! :-D

269. Posted by : Jen
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 09:51:09 PM
Location : Ontario
Favorite pig-out food : Anythig chocolate
Anything anomalous... : my roaming mole on my belly
...ever happen to you? : i live in a haunted house
Occupation/fav. hobby? : paranoral, ghosts and all thigs spooky
Comments : Your site is great and I especially love how you cut down and ***** slap the chowderheads back in place. You have a great sense of humor and it shows. I will be back...often!! Thanks.

270. Posted by : Amanda
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 09:17:35 PM
Location : Phoenix, AZ
Favorite pig-out food : hmm..ice cream?
Anything anomalous... : Pssh, where do I start?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Drawing(wish that was my occupation)
Comments : ;P Great site! I love it. Although that Disney stuff severly ****** me off. I always knew they were evil...

271. Posted by : Missy
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 08:59:12 PM
Location : Morgantown,WV
Favorite pig-out food : Cashew Chicken
Anything anomalous... : No
...ever happen to you? : No
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sales
Comments : Awesome web site!!!!!

272. Posted by : Lark
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 06:14:25 PM
Location : Whitewright, TX
Favorite pig-out food : Artichokes
Anything anomalous... : Looking, searching, hoping for info on ORBS!
...ever happen to you? : I have Orb pics and other stuff I can't explain!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music - I am a celtic musician
Comments : I hope someone knows about current research into Orbs. I have had some strange encounters with them...

273. Posted by : Julia
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 06:14:04 PM
Location : Calgary, AB, Canada
Comments : This is an awesome site....I love weird stuff and the unexplained! :)

274. Posted by : Rickie
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 05:55:15 PM
Location : VA
Favorite pig-out food : Pretzels
Anything anomalous... : ummmm....
...ever happen to you? : ....
Occupation/fav. hobby? : mechanic
Comments : lol, still got alot here to check out.... pretty awesome....

275. Posted by : Evan
Date Posted : July 15, 2004 09:19:57 AM
Location : Louisville KY
Favorite pig-out food : Shrimp Flavored Ramen, or Pizza!
Anything anomalous... : There be giant catfishes in the ohio river right off louisville.
...ever happen to you? : I have a scar ON my eye! It's a great conversation starter.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Walkin around and just admiring the winter and fall. Plus i love being with my girlfriend.
Comments : This site rocks! Honestly. I really liked the disney land part.

301. Posted by : Tom
Date Posted : July 09, 2004 04:05:03 PM
Location : Stockton, Utah
Favorite pig-out food : Anything Italian!!!!!!!!!!!
Anything anomalous... : Just myself
...ever happen to you? : I thought I saw a ghost once when I was MUCH younger.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Law Enforcement / Read when I can.
Comments : I love your web site. Kinda stumbled across it when I was researching something else. I particularly enjoyed your Hate Mail responses. People I know would say we have the same sarcastic sense of dry, rapier humor. I love it!!! Keep up the good work. I'll send money when I have some to spare (add to your $15 and change you've made thus far).

302. Posted by : Lene
Date Posted : July 09, 2004 02:17:26 PM
Location : Shreveport/Bossier City
Favorite pig-out food : Jelly Bellys and candy corn
Anything anomalous... : Oneiromancy
...ever happen to you? : ...on several occasions.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Writer
Comments : Interesting site, worth perusing more than once. Continue your fine work!

"All I know is that I know nothing." ~ Socrates

303. Posted by : g~nizzle
Date Posted : July 09, 2004 12:40:25 PM
Location : sacramento
Favorite pig-out food : chinese food
Anything anomalous... : my peni...oh, ANOMALOUS....
...ever happen to you? : Ghosts, the devil, crazy stuff
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I build bikes
Comments : I would love to say I have seen it all, but alas, I have not.

304. Posted by : Andrew a.K.a. Funkey White Boy
Date Posted : July 09, 2004 09:55:37 AM
Location : Glendale AZ
Favorite pig-out food : Hot Cheetoes
Anything anomalous... : If I hear a song ONCE I know EVERY WORD of the song PLUS the beat!
...ever happen to you? : I don't get it? lolz
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Computer Geek/Web Page Designer/Freshmen in High School
Comments : Rahni your site ROCKS SO HARD! I love all the weird pix and all that jazz...........All the hate mail about Michael Jackson's face....*sigh* its great!

305. Posted by : Richard
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 10:19:42 PM
Location : Stanley, NC
Favorite pig-out food : Fruity Pebbles
Anything anomalous... : Every day of my life
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Chemical Plant Operator/student@Gaston College
Comments : You've done an excellent job with this website. Keep up the good work!

306. Posted by : Ralph Kelsey
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 10:07:02 PM
Location : Athens Ohio
Favorite pig-out food : chunky peanut butter on crusty italian bread
Anything anomalous... : Paid $20 to attend a session with a channeler. He wasn't that entertaining. The true believers told me to tape the session so I could study it. I did so I could play it for my pals for laughs. BUT, th
...ever happen to you? : I got off some good wisecracks at Graceland. The people from Germany and Japan looked at me like I had farted in church.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Comp Sci at OU. Love live music: rock/soul/blues/jazz/rockabilly/bluegrass. Travel. Pretending I can still play serioius basketball.
Comments : Great site!!! Send me an email. I have lots of good stories.

307. Posted by : Matt
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 09:36:30 PM
Location : Montreal
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
...ever happen to you? : my best friend went crazy so yes lots of things
Occupation/fav. hobby? : babysitting (not)
Comments : great site and well worth the 6 hours of reading...

308. Posted by : Seth Maxwell Malice
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 12:45:02 PM
Location : New Madic/Orleans/Frisco/go-go
Favorite pig-out food : Free-All you can Eat
Anything anomalous... : My love for anomalies
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Pranks/annoying People!
Comments : You are grate! On the Nreves of Billions I love your site. Check mine out, I think we should get married...I'll steal the Car!

309. Posted by : tink
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 10:44:25 AM
Location : Wyoming
Favorite pig-out food : banana split with all the goodies
Anything anomalous... : not really...
...ever happen to you? : unless you count the ghost that lives with us in our apartment
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Love being spooked
Comments : What a great site!! Love your sense of humor... just the right amount of cynicism to make me smile.

310. Posted by : Irene
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 04:42:28 AM
Location : Athens, Greece
Favorite pig-out food : Pasta
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I love creepy things!
Comments : You are having a great site! Nice job!

311. Posted by : Irene
Date Posted : July 08, 2004 04:40:12 AM
Location : Athens, Greece
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I love creepy things!
Comments : Well done my friend! You have done a fantastic job!

312. Posted by : john
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 08:38:15 PM
Location : saskatoon saskatchewan
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : I have 18 nipples! ...uh jk =)
Comments : Nice site, i also like the link to the hate mail, nice touch. Makes me glad i never took the time to build a website!! hah! Take it easy.

313. Posted by : Jake
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 04:41:24 PM
Location : The North Pole!
Comments : Hey hun we haven't seen any updates in about half a year! I am worried that you've lost interest in the site. I miss all of your witty jokes and wonderful articles. Hope you're still around! *mwah*!

314. Posted by : me
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 10:19:19 AM
Location : Vancouver
Favorite pig-out food : pasta
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Comments : Wishing you would update it more often!

315. Posted by : Samantha
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 10:03:11 AM
Location : New Richmond Ohio
Favorite pig-out food : SKYLINE
Anything anomalous... : Uhh...
...ever happen to you? : My dog as barking like crazy at something that asnt there...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Drawing
Comments : I love this site!...Its in my favs!!

316. Posted by : Mike Gallagher
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 07:19:46 AM
Location : Hitchin
Favorite pig-out food : Sunday Lunch
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Scuba
Comments : Great sense of humour. Keep up the good work.

317. Posted by : Dim
Date Posted : July 07, 2004 02:48:42 AM
Location : Genova, Italy!
Favorite pig-out food : Pasta w/ Pesto!
Anything anomalous... : Everything after G8
...ever happen to you? : Nuthin'... ****
Occupation/fav. hobby? : TaeKwonDo.. GRR!
Comments : I love your site... keep it the **** up! XD

318. Posted by : Emma
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 08:57:35 PM
Location : Toronto
Favorite pig-out food : I'm not telling
Anything anomalous... : nope
Comments : nice site,
p.s I think I pinned toronto heh

319. Posted by : Simone McIver
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 07:48:52 PM
Location : Auckland, New Zealand
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken Whopper/ Burger
Anything anomalous... : Moving Star in the night sky
...ever happen to you? : Saw A moving star and followed it until I lost it.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Playing computer games
Comments : Awesome site, have already been on it for hours, keeps me really interested, looking foward to updates.

320. Posted by : anthony
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 04:26:51 PM
Location : odessa,tx
Favorite pig-out food : the kind you eat
Occupation/fav. hobby? : electric guitar
Comments : i just stumbled upon your site just messin around one day, and its the greatest thing ive EVER stumbled upon---keep it up

321. Posted by : cory
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 02:49:46 PM
Location : somis
Favorite pig-out food : ummm... food?
Anything anomalous... : no...
...ever happen to you? : yes...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : i have a goat.
Comments : i have a pretty goat. umm... i like togo dressing up skellingtons and walk them around the local grocery store. in a rusty old red wagon. . people think im crazy and i don't know why... PIGS CAN FLY!!!! i have a 6 toed cat... his name is max.. is that anomalous??? I DON"T KNOW!!!

322. Posted by : al mabry
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 01:17:21 PM
Location : kentucky
Comments : Great site! Kudos for your design work, keep it up!

323. Posted by : jason
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 12:54:32 PM
Location : yorkshire
Favorite pig-out food : currys
Occupation/fav. hobby? : education
Comments : hi hope your all ok

324. Posted by : monamure
Date Posted : July 06, 2004 08:35:53 AM
Location : Romania
Anything anomalous... : ..nothing...
...ever happen to you? : ..I can think of..
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I used to paint / draw
Comments : I really like your site!

325. Posted by : Eva
Date Posted : July 05, 2004 06:57:13 PM
Comments : Wunnerful, wunnerful site! Ah one, ah two!

351. Posted by : Rex Mackenzie
Date Posted : July 01, 2004 02:50:32 AM
Location : New Zealand
Favorite pig-out food : Nachos
Anything anomalous... : Nope
...ever happen to you? : Crashed an Aeroplane
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Aeroplanes
Comments : Interesting site

352. Posted by : Robbie aka Scarlettsloth
Date Posted : June 30, 2004 09:15:06 PM
Location : Grand Rapids
Favorite pig-out food : Doritos
Anything anomalous... : I have 4 titanium plates in my face on not a scar that you can see!
...ever happen to you? : Me and my friends were messing around with a Quija board in my room, and I being a complete moron invited every demon into my room to see if anything would happen...It did. I also told satan to **** h
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Diving
Comments : I like your site alot, and I'm fascinated by some of your information

353. Posted by : Louminator
Date Posted : June 30, 2004 02:05:59 PM
Location : Harker Heights, TX
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : nothing of any interest whatsoever has ever happened to me.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : soon to be nurse
Comments : Your website is great. The hate mail, especially from Michael Jackson fans, is hilarious. They are just freaky as he is, if that's possible!

354. Posted by : Chris
Date Posted : June 30, 2004 12:10:01 PM
Location : Los angeles
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : none
...ever happen to you? : none
Occupation/fav. hobby? : snowbording & paintballing

355. Posted by : Linkybum
Date Posted : June 30, 2004 10:53:58 AM
Location : Lawrence, MA
Comments : Thanks for the wonderful site. Keep up the good work!

356. Posted by : Joanna
Date Posted : June 30, 2004 01:28:31 AM
Location : Athens, Greece
Favorite pig-out food : Souvlaki
Anything anomalous... : Yeah sure
...ever happen to you? : Kinda
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Business Consultant/ Sex
Comments : Good work, keep it up.

357. Posted by : Toodles
Date Posted : June 29, 2004 08:10:04 PM
Location : Japan
Anything anomalous... : third eye
Occupation/fav. hobby? : surfing...the web
Comments : Did the site. I'll be back, fer sure.

358. Posted by : Dennis and Jill Preston
Date Posted : June 29, 2004 07:55:20 PM
Location : Flathead Lake, Kalispell, Mt
Favorite pig-out food : chips
Anything anomalous... : no 8-(
Occupation/fav. hobby? : walmart, nurse
Comments : Found your site via amplify. Read it until 2am.

359. Posted by : Regina
Date Posted : June 29, 2004 12:07:14 PM
Location : Lansing, MI
Favorite pig-out food : buffalo chicken wings and lots of bleu cheese dressing
Occupation/fav. hobby? : TEH INTARWEB
Comments : nice site. Love the layout of the main page, but some of the text in the graphics were kinda difficult to read (using Mozila Firefox). And with Brit, if I had a growth "spurt" like that, my mom would have taken me to the doctor to find out what was wrong with me.

360. Posted by : Matt
Date Posted : June 29, 2004 09:41:41 AM
Location : Builth Wells, Wales
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Comments : I spent a good few days reading this site, its bloody amazing, some of that archeology stuff, and all that Disney corruptness. There could be almost anything going on there, and no-one can intervine, Crazy!!

361. Posted by : Katie
Date Posted : June 29, 2004 07:40:50 AM
Location : Connecticut
Favorite pig-out food : Fritos
Anything anomalous... : No.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Drawing
Comments : This site kicks so much ass. I love it!

362. Posted by : Mooncat
Date Posted : June 28, 2004 06:05:41 PM
Location : Hitchin, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza or pringles
Anything anomalous... : Nope
...ever happen to you? : Nope, but I'm sure there should be more vodka in that bottle...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Playing my geetars
Comments : Well, third time lucky from the UK. Fantastic site. Spent far too long reading it and should be in bed as I have to get up again in just over 4 hours!

363. Posted by : Tom
Date Posted : June 28, 2004 02:50:11 PM
Location : Hicksville, NY
Favorite pig-out food : Um... Green olives
...ever happen to you? : I got hit by a car once...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Guitar, cartooning, puters, XBox, writing
Comments : Love the site.

364. Posted by : Merideth
Date Posted : June 28, 2004 01:38:52 PM
Location : Denton, Texas
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese food
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : financial planning
Comments : I think I have read every single thing on this site. Rahni, you have done a great job here! You sound like a fellow cynic with a twisted sense of humor. Glad to know I'm not the only one left. Seems like all that's out there are a bunch of sheep that believe everything they're told (Britney's boobs are real, and Michael has only had 2 or 3 surgeries purely to improve his breathing? COME ON PEOPLE...). Keep up the good work.

365. Posted by : John
Date Posted : June 28, 2004 11:44:49 AM
Location : Snellville, GA
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : saw a UFO while visiting FL.
...ever happen to you? : it was in Gulf Breeze.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : teacher (SpEd), music, collecting records
Comments : Great site! Very interesting.

366. Posted by : BC
Date Posted : June 28, 2004 10:12:02 AM
Location : Ferndale, MI
Favorite pig-out food : Reeses peanut butter cups
Anything anomalous... : I heard voices late one night, other then the usual ones. :)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : snowboarding
Comments : Excellent site!

367. Posted by : Monica
Date Posted : June 27, 2004 04:45:52 PM
Location : Las Vegas, NV
Favorite pig-out food : Marshmellow pies
Comments : Loved your site, Eye opener stories.
Keep em coming!

368. Posted by : Leonore
Date Posted : June 27, 2004 04:03:20 PM
Location : Belfast
Favorite pig-out food : Choccie :P
Anything anomalous... : Sorry - am terribly boring
...ever happen to you? : nope - still boring!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Civil Servant
Comments : Hello from sunny(!) Belfast - it appears I am the 2nd British person to sign up! Hours and hours of interesting reading on this site - many thanks. I was particularly interested in the Disney section. A few years ago at Liverpool airport, I was told the story of a woman who took her 2 children to Disneyworld, and both were kidnapped - funny how it never made the news. Not sure how "true" this is, but your site has definitely given me more food for thought.
Cheers :)

369. Posted by : Jim
Date Posted : June 27, 2004 06:40:16 AM
Location : New Delhi
Favorite pig-out food : one thats for thought
Anything anomalous... : myself !!!
Comments : Three well desrved cheers for Rahni. your aalysis coupled with you witticisms makes delighful reading.

370. Posted by : Laura
Date Posted : June 27, 2004 01:06:52 AM
Location : Adelaide, SA, Australia
Favorite pig-out food : Hula Hoops
Anything anomalous... : nope..
...ever happen to you? : ..
Occupation/fav. hobby? : music
Comments : Great site, do you have a links section or have I just not been able to find it??

(Hi Laura! I did at first, but so many sites shut down or move, the links go dead, some got furious at me for the traffic they'd get from being linked (one college guy had so many hits they took his page down :(...it got to be a pain in the ass updating them and changing things to keep it all current. So the hell with it. I have a few links here and there but I figure the big sites that make all the money get found on their own, and if someone has a site I want to list I write to ask and rarely hear back, so I don't list them. Most of what I put up is stuff I read in books, magazines, boring journals, and just regular old fashioned research. I rarely look at other sites so I don't mimic things already up. What I do read online is about every foreign newspaper I can find since the news in the US is so damn slanted and biased. They don't report the news; they tell people what they want them to think. Did I say that out loud? :) ~R~)

371. Posted by : Mark Fletcher
Date Posted : June 26, 2004 01:51:19 AM
Location : Albuquerque
Favorite pig-out food : Donuts and stuff
Anything anomalous... : I saw an eclipse once
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Programming
Comments : I like the odd pictures section. Glad they're not all ghost/alien pics because that can get old too fast. Like everyone says: good site, update often, bla, bla, etc...

372. Posted by : Jeffrey
Date Posted : June 25, 2004 02:16:09 PM
Location : Portland, OR
Favorite pig-out food : Rocky Road Ice Cream
Anything anomalous... : sorry...not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Servant of the people, gardening for myself.
Comments : It is sinful how much I enjoy reading your comments. Thank mother nature I'm wicken, or I would be roasting in hell right now.

373. Posted by : Damon
Date Posted : June 25, 2004 01:12:52 PM
Location : all over but isuppose i'm from around here somewhere
Favorite pig-out food : mint chocolate chip ice cream(the green kind turkey hill brand is the best ever but u can't get it outside of PA) and Philly Cheesesteaks(made in Philly and not Geno's they suck)
Anything anomalous... : The bloodline of jesus is an interesting topic but then so are a million others
...ever happen to you? : I "feel" ghosts or something have scince i was a kid never saw one though and HATE staying in old houses
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Bodybuilding, chess, reading, aspiring webmaster
Comments : Great site love the way you word things there's so much bull**** out there. Sometimes i wonder if people in general are that dense as to not see "anomalies" then i realize they don't want to or worse don't care. Stumbling accross a site like yous is refreshing. Thanks for going to the trouble:)

374. Posted by : Sarah
Date Posted : June 25, 2004 01:02:59 AM
Location : Tulsa OK
Favorite pig-out food : subs
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing and drawing
Comments : Love the site!

375. Posted by : Doob-O-Matic
Date Posted : June 24, 2004 09:57:17 PM
Location : Sydney, Australia
Favorite pig-out food : German Shepard
Anything anomalous... : No... :(
Comments : w00t!
...ever happen to you?

376. Posted by : Grundel
Date Posted : June 24, 2004 02:48:02 AM
Location : Germany
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading, films
Comments : great site :-)

377. Posted by : magpye
Date Posted : June 24, 2004 01:09:12 AM
Location : northern CA
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream of distinction
Anything anomalous... : All my life
Occupation/fav. hobby? : journalist/bird-raiser/gardener
Comments : I particularly enjoyed your pics on Mt. Shasta. I live just north of there and want to do a local story on this siting.

378. Posted by : KK
Date Posted : June 23, 2004 10:13:34 PM
Location : Fort Hood, TX
Favorite pig-out food : Subway
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Military
Comments : Interesting site, keep up the good work. I'll be visiting often just to surf around your extensive site.

379. Posted by : Trevor
Date Posted : June 22, 2004 09:19:16 PM
Location : Douglasville, Georgia
Favorite pig-out food : Goldfish
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Acting
Comments : This site made me want to pee myself with excitement! Do you find that odd? I hope so.

380. Posted by : Les Dunbar
Date Posted : June 22, 2004 09:42:19 AM
Location : Hong Kong
Favorite pig-out food : roast duck(peking duck)
Anything anomalous... : i can see ghostes
...ever happen to you? : yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : travelling
Comments : very good site, leaves lots of unanswered questions

381. Posted by : kel
Date Posted : June 22, 2004 02:22:55 AM
Location : sac california
Favorite pig-out food : cheese stix
Occupation/fav. hobby? : waitress
Comments : your site is pretty dam funny and interesting. I like the illusions. its funny because i like michael jackson and i found your site looking for mj info. but your site was more entertaining. funny ****. keep up the good work!

382. Posted by : Stacy
Date Posted : June 21, 2004 08:58:35 PM
Location : Minneapolis, MN
Favorite pig-out food : Long Grain and Wild Rice pilaf
Anything anomalous... : Some friends and I were driving through a graveyard one night. On our way in, we passed an old school bus sitting by the gate. We idled around with the windows down for maybe a half an hour, and then
...ever happen to you? : Then I'm pretty sure I saw the same bus as I was driving along I-80. It was about dusk, and out in the middle of a field, I saw what looked like the same old bus sitting beneath a street lamp. There w
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Musician
Comments : Love the site. Absolutely love it. And I have a friend who wants to know if you're single. But he can ask his own **** self.

383. Posted by : Christine
Date Posted : June 21, 2004 02:20:46 PM
Location : Kansas City, Missouri
Favorite pig-out food : Lots of food
Anything anomalous... : Intuitively gifted, 2 NDE's, visitor contacts
...ever happen to you? : So many anomalies, so little time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Radiology/MRI/Alternative Healing/reading&writing,water sports,teaching
Comments : Nice site, enjoying it and want to thank you for putting it out.

384. Posted by : JoAnn Jackson
Date Posted : June 21, 2004 08:28:34 AM
Location : San Marcos Texas
Favorite pig-out food : mashed potatoes and gravey
Anything anomalous... : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : house wife and crochet is my fav hobby
Comments : I have to say that you really can come up with some good comments to the people. I agree with you about Michael Jackson. None of his fans seems to believe anything bad about him and especailly that he is a molestor of children. I believe he is a molester and that he has had tons of too much plastic surgery. So you go girl!! One of these days everybody will know that he is a weirdo that is sick in the head. In fact I don't understand how they don't know that now just by the way he acts in public.

385. Posted by : Kelly
Date Posted : June 20, 2004 10:27:21 PM
Location : Atlanta, GA
Favorite pig-out food : brownie batter
Anything anomalous... : No my life is boring and miserable.
...ever happen to you? : sike
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading and making sweet sweet love
Comments : A site that includes a pictoral history and recognizes the murder of Kurt Cobain--what more could one possibly want? Ah, yes. Massive nuts and pictures of war survivors. Excellent.

386. Posted by : Stefan
Date Posted : June 20, 2004 10:41:28 AM
Location : Barcelona
Favorite pig-out food : Jaco shaped poptarts
Anything anomalous... : Yeah!!. . . Last week I saw a steamin pile of freshly made doggy poo!!
...ever happen to you? : In the poo was the shape of Jaco's face, I now have it in my freezer for worshipping
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Worshipping jaco shaped doggypoo
Comments : Love your hatemail, amazing how plastic tities and rotting faces can get people going like that.
Britney Spears eatin poptarts, would that be considered canibalistic???

387. Posted by : Rachael
Date Posted : June 20, 2004 06:08:25 AM
Location : West midlands
Favorite pig-out food : Hula hoops
Anything anomalous... : nope my lifes boring
Occupation/fav. hobby? : once had life now newly tunred internet geek
Comments : well am the first uk person wow i feel so special and not the retarded kind, erm well y hello tra lalala, cheerio and all dat.... we dont actually talk like dat it only the londeners do, kill them all or take their money wateva

388. Posted by : Thai
Date Posted : June 20, 2004 04:26:46 AM
Comments : I love you, I think we should be together.

(Send me a pic and your last year's income tax return and I'll let you know ~R~)

389. Posted by : Adrian
Date Posted : June 19, 2004 09:26:36 AM
Location : NYC
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Comments : great site... have any pin up thingies that arent adorably cute?? Flaming demons or or angry brain eating zobies for instance. I just cant jive with being a bunny or butterfly :D

390. Posted by : Dana
Date Posted : June 18, 2004 01:41:29 PM
Location : Greenwood SC
Favorite pig-out food : French fries!
Anything anomalous... : Um, nope, nothing really. Married Elvis in a UFO but that's about it.
...ever happen to you? : And I think I saw Mother Teresa in my bathtub.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sleeping
Comments : Flipping great site! Just flipping great!

391. Posted by : Lavender Fairy
Date Posted : June 18, 2004 12:14:20 PM
Location : GR
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate!!!!!!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I love animals
Comments : LOVE this site!

392. Posted by : Elaine
Date Posted : June 17, 2004 08:58:35 PM
Location : somewhere in california
Favorite pig-out food : oreos
Comments : great site. loved the ghost pictures. keep up the good work.

393. Posted by : Stacy
Date Posted : June 17, 2004 05:26:42 PM
Location : Las Vegas
Favorite pig-out food : anything Mexican
Anything anomalous... : too many things
...ever happen to you? : too little time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Aerospace
Comments : Freaking hilarious!!! THanks for saying so eloquently what most of us think!!!

394. Posted by : Appreciative Browser
Date Posted : June 17, 2004 09:08:22 AM
Location : N.California
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza, beer, steak, more beer,..
Anything anomalous... : Yes,
...ever happen to you? : Yes,
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Electronics Engineer/ Physicist (really)
Comments : I would like to express my appreciation for the genius who maintains the Micheal Jackson web material. Bully for you!. I like the "Mommy Dearest" analogy the best. In light of this morning's news flash about MJ's freckled peter, maybe there is a tangent worth exploring, maybe a giraffe or something.

395. Posted by : Patrick G.
Date Posted : June 17, 2004 07:58:00 AM
Location : Detroit
Comments : Awesome site! You really got me thinking...and the odd pics are very cool as well!

396. Posted by : Lina
Date Posted : June 17, 2004 03:43:09 AM
Location : MA
Favorite pig-out food : fried foods and beer
Anything anomalous... : grown up and voodoo, ghost, and horror stories from the Bronx
...ever happen to you? : tried summoning a demon, brought along years of bad luck, you decide ;-)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : crappy writer, web mistress
Comments : Hey, great site! I sift through BS and "maybe"s on the web a lot, and this is definitely one of the best sites I've seen. I really appreciate your Britney page, since so many people are too busy kissing ass to say the obvious. Found the 'Hate Mail' hilarious - wow, does MJ have a lot of 'devoted' [read: mental] fans!!! Please continue the posts there and digging up those totally interesting "maybe"s ;-)

397. Posted by : Jennie B
Date Posted : June 16, 2004 01:59:16 PM
Location : Springfiled, OH
Comments : Hi! Great web-site! I couldn't get close to Ohio, so I thought I'd just plop down here

398. Posted by : Wade
Date Posted : June 16, 2004 01:26:23 PM
Location : Ottawa
Favorite pig-out food : Pie
Anything anomalous... : No
...ever happen to you? : No
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Playing Poker
Comments : Awesome Web Site

399. Posted by : Alexandria
Date Posted : June 16, 2004 09:33:07 AM
Location : NC
Comments : Great site, but umm...bout dia..(Denver International Airport) I went there and saw those pics, but why won't you say somethin about them. And if you have, why don't you just go public wit it? That's some scarry a** Sh**

(I did..that's why it's on the web site. :) ~R~)

400. Posted by : Scott Randall
Date Posted : June 16, 2004 07:27:53 AM
Location : Texarkana
Favorite pig-out food : Mexican Food
Anything anomalous... : Red River Army Depot
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Technical Support Manager
Comments : Not sure how true this is, but the Red River Army Depot is supposed to have a HUGE underground component to it. The land the Depot occupies at this moment is a HUGE tract of land. Might be some good research there for you!