3 8-3 to 8-31-02


51 Posted by : dave
Date Posted : August 31st, 2002 (12:59 AM)
Location : Sacto
Favorite pig-out food : yes
Anything anomalous.. : There was this one girl with a wooden leg
Occupation and/or fav.... : teeth
Comments : Eye popping, mind expanding, GREAT job!!!!

53. Posted by : HONEY
Date Posted : August 30th, 2002 (6:36 PM)
Location : SAC,CA
Favorite pig-out food : PIZZA
Anything anomalous.. : NO
Occupation and/or fav.... : TELEMARKETER,SPADES

54. Posted by : Karen
Date Posted : August 29th, 2002 (1:31 PM)
Location : Sacramento CA
Favorite pig-out food : cherry pie
Anything anomalous.. : yep
Comments : Love the site! The MJackson comments are ones that my own family have made!

55. Posted by : Jamie
Date Posted : August 29th, 2002 (1:08 PM)
Location : Sacramento
Favorite pig-out food : Junior Mints
Anything anomalous.. : Not that I can remeber...
Comments : What an interesting site. Especially when you're bored at work!!

56. Posted by : Aaron
Date Posted : August 29th, 2002 (9:35 AM)
Location : Little Rock
Favorite pig-out food : badger
Comments : $@%!&* Great site

57. Posted by : gruff boy
Date Posted : August 29th, 2002 (8:00 AM)
Location : chichester
Favorite pig-out food : ben 'n gerry's choc fudge brownie
Anything anomalous.. : got laid
Occupation and/or fav.... : surfin'
Comments : Bored at work - site sorted me out, like 2 hear more about that cave dwelling geezer with the weird feet

59. Posted by : Toast
Date Posted : August 28th, 2002 (7:19 PM)
Location : Piedmont NC
Favorite pig-out food : dbl stuff oreos
Comments : Hours of perusing pleasure! Thanks!

61. Posted by : Leuthesius
Date Posted : August 28th, 2002 (11:39 AM)
Location : Rogers Ar
Favorite pig-out food : BabyBack Ribs
Anything anomalous.. : Lets just say I "think" I saw neptune... or mars... or ... neptune ;)
Occupation and/or fav.... : Contractor Labor, Pizza Delivery, College Student
Comments : It's not the general publics fault that everyone is too weak minded to accept the facts... I'm not weak minded, and I WANT to know the facts.

62. Posted by : Amanda
Date Posted : August 27th, 2002 (9:14 AM)
Location : Memphis, TN
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous.. : Grandmother's house VERY Haunted
Occupation and/or fav.... : Executive Assistant
Comments : Hmmmmm....Awesome site!!

63. Posted by : Roger levell
Date Posted : August 26th, 2002 (7:19 PM)
Location : Grand Prairie, TX
Favorite pig-out food : anything w/cheese
Anything anomalous.. : nope
Comments : Enjoy this stuff. Looking foeward to more of same

65. Posted by : Gweldar
Date Posted : August 25th, 2002 (11:16 PM)
Location : Danville, VA
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Comments : Really cool site!

69. Posted by : steve
Date Posted : August 24th, 2002 (9:17 PM)
Location : nw montana
Favorite pig-out food : whoppers
Occupation and/or fav.... : kayaker
Comments : this is one hell of a site. Keep up the good work.

70. Posted by : tjtrackstar
Date Posted : August 24th, 2002 (8:06 PM)
Location : Beverly, NJ
Favorite pig-out food : anything with sugar
Anything anomalous.. : an entire day of deja vu
Occupation and/or fav.... : pro ice hockey
Comments : this site has all the info no one else wants to worry about posting----it covers the important parts

71. Posted by : Kathryn
Date Posted : August 24th, 2002 (9:32 AM)
Location : Spring Hill Florida
Favorite pig-out food : cheezeits
Anything anomalous.. : im not sure. i daydream a lot.
Occupation and/or fav.... : Sales
Comments : This site rocks.

72. Posted by : Robert
Date Posted : August 24th, 2002 (6:31 AM)
Location : Peoria,IL
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate chip cookiws
Anything anomalous.. : We have 2 cats does this tell you anything
Occupation and/or fav.... : paramedic
Comments : If you see it on the internet than you know it has to be true!

73. Posted by : rlhunter
Date Posted : August 24th, 2002 (2:00 AM)
Location : hinsdale new hampshire
Favorite pig-out food : captain crunch
Anything anomalous.. : not yet
Occupation and/or fav.... : saw filer
Comments : cool site

74. Posted by : SuzyQ207
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (8:12 PM)
Location : Detroit, MI
Favorite pig-out food : bagels and cream cheese
Anything anomalous.. : not that I know of
Occupation and/or fav.... : homemaker/cooking,houseplants,coin collecting,pets
Comments : You've got neat site here. I signed up for the newsletter, and can't wait to check it out.

75. Posted by : Lisa
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (7:34 PM)
Location : Bristol TN
Favorite pig-out food : I don't play favorites!
Anything anomalous.. : well, I live in a haunted house...
Occupation and/or fav.... : human services
Comments : I think this site is great! It's really a lot of fun, and I've been sending links to my friends, many of whom are as warped as I am!!!!!

76. Posted by : Mo
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (12:41 PM)
Location : Conifer
Comments : I always thought the airport was weird..................

77. Posted by : Cathy
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (12:34 PM)
Location : whitewater,wi
Favorite pig-out food : dubl-stuffs
Comments : cool site :)

79. Posted by : diane k
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (7:53 AM)
Location : florida, usa
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate pie
Anything anomalous.. : the spirits of the world are attracted to me for some reason
Occupation and/or fav.... : social worker
Comments : i can see them, hear them, smell them actually i've grown used to it it's just always been that way

80. Posted by : Bobby Sue
Date Posted : August 23rd, 2002 (12:18 AM)
Location : Mississippi Trailer Park
Favorite pig-out food : Pig skins
Anything anomalous.. : my uncle herbert once saw a two headed pig
Occupation and/or fav.... : picking fleas off the dog
Comments : this site looks like photos from my last family reunion

82. Posted by : Annette
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (4:43 PM)
Location : Encinitas
Favorite pig-out food : Galzed donuts
Occupation and/or fav.... : Receptionist
Comments : Love this site, very educational..interesting..keep up great job!!!

83. Posted by : Ashe L.
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (3:57 PM)
Location : Frankfort
Favorite pig-out food : Whatever looks good
Anything anomalous.. : bunch of chemtrails, but mainly I just "research" and end up hearing things. lol
Occupation and/or fav.... : drawing and looking at random paranormal things
Comments : AWESOME site. Probably the best one Ive come across. Bookmarked =) Keep the site runnin and more pictures! I loooove pictures. lol.

84. Posted by : Grey Kat
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (2:34 PM)
Location : Right next to that big crop circle...
Favorite pig-out food : My mom's fried chicken!
Anything anomalous.. : I think I saw a UFO when I was 3 or 4.
...ever happen to you? : ^_^;; (what IS this line for?)
Occupation and/or fav.... : professional layabout and artist wannabe
Comments : The most fun you can have with your clothes on...or off, I guess. Hell, I'm just sitting at my computer in my house. I could be wearing a Kermit the Frog costume for all you know! C'mon, everyone! Get crazy!

(Though maybe not if you're surfing this site from work...)

85. Posted by : mouseshadow
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (1:20 PM)
Favorite pig-out food : oreos
Anything anomalous.. : birth
...ever happen to you? : : <
Comments : Just in case you're feeling stressed about cooking Thanksgiving Dinner, ha!
> >
>Chicken Recipe
> >When I found this recipe I thought it was perfect for those people who just are not sure how to tell when poultry is cooked thoroughly but not dried out. Give this a try.
> 6-7 lb. chicken
> 1 cup melted butter
> 1 cup stuffing
> 1 cup uncooked popcorn
> salt/pepper to taste
> Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Brush chicken well with melted butter, salt and pepper. Fill cavity with stuffing and popcorn. Place in baking pan in the oven.
> Listen for popping sounds. When the chicken's ass blows out the oven door and flies across the room, the chicken is done.
>And, you thought I couldn't cook.

(You're a sick puppy, Mouse...I love that in a person.
thanks for the smile :) ~R~ )

86. Posted by : FRE
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (1:06 PM)
Location : West Palm Beach
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken Wings
Anything anomalous.. : yes
...ever happen to you? : Conspiracy Theorist
Occupation and/or fav.... : Bean Counter
Comments : This site RAWKS....

where are the reality TV exposes?

(I was thinking of putting up all my exposes of Art Bell's BS charlatan lying sacks of crap guests, but there's too much other stuff. Did you watch that 'reality' show about the guy who picked a bride out of a bunch of desperate, gold digging sluts? (oh wait, I'm editorializing...) Marry a Bachelor - something? I just read that she told him to kiss off. Seems he decided he wants to persue his newfound fame and told her that the wedding and her would have to just wait till he got around to it. Ah, true love. ~R~)

87. Posted by : Dani
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (9:15 AM)
Location : Upper Peninsula, MI
Favorite pig-out food : Everything
Anything anomalous.. : well.........
Occupation and/or fav.... : Receptionist
Comments : Great website!

88. Posted by : Bob
Date Posted : August 22nd, 2002 (7:03 AM)
Location : On the edge of Delaware
Favorite pig-out food : Macaroni & tuna fish
Occupation and/or fav.... : Geek
Comments : Worth a second look... Poor Michael J!

89. Posted by : maggs
Date Posted : August 21st, 2002 (10:46 PM)
Location : goodyear, az
Favorite pig-out food : sugar sugar sugar
Anything anomalous.. : ah, i dunno!
Comments : a very trippy site you have, yes it is!

91. Posted by : Teresa
Date Posted : August 21st, 2002 (11:53 AM)
Location : Southern California
Anything anomalous.. : yeps
Comments : neato, spiffy site!! =)

92. Posted by : melody
Date Posted : August 21st, 2002 (11:03 AM)
Location : ivins,utah
Favorite pig-out food : fresh steamed clams w/butter
Occupation and/or fav.... : artist wacko
Comments : check out my kids suspensions pics coming soon

93. Posted by : marcy
Date Posted : August 20th, 2002 (10:01 PM)
Location : i was aiming for chicago
Favorite pig-out food : p-butter, banana, + bacon sandwiches (like elvis)
Anything anomalous.. : life
...ever happen to you? : www.sperryart.com
Occupation and/or fav.... : artist, grad student, office drone
Comments : hi!

95. Posted by : mree
Date Posted : August 20th, 2002 (12:56 PM)
Location : Columbia, SC
Favorite pig-out food : Thai brown curry
Anything anomalous.. : I am going to have twins very soon...with no history in either side of our family.
...ever happen to you? : Leftover spiced French fries aren't too bad when you're really hungry.
Occupation and/or fav.... : I'm a housewife, pending stay-at-home mom, and I love to read, especially books by Miss Manners.
Comments : This site is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait until the next update!

96. Posted by : QuietBear
Date Posted : August 20th, 2002 (7:58 AM)
Location : Rescue, Ca.
Favorite pig-out food : dark dove chocolate and hot popcorn!!!
Anything anomalous.. : we have a permanent in-house ghost. Mom named him "Hiram"... he is always letting us know he is around... real fun guy!!! lol...
Occupation and/or fav.... : artist and spiritual counsellor
Comments : God, i get such a kick outta your stuff... You are awesome Rahni...

98. Posted by : Spyke Malicious
Date Posted : August 20th, 2002 (1:46 AM)
Location : San Antonio
Favorite pig-out food : *drools* everything
Anything anomalous.. : i have a knack for living in haunted houses and seeing things that happen lol
Occupation and/or fav.... : i go to school
Comments : i would say you dont wanna know j/k.....by the way like your site rock on!

99. Posted by : Red
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (9:10 PM)
Location : Lewiston, Mich
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
Occupation and/or fav.... : self-employed - consignment
Comments : twisted thing to check out late at night when I can't sleep. My friends all think I am twisted this site just reenforces thier beliefs.

100. Posted by : Emily
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (9:07 PM)
Location : California
Comments : Actually I live around here ---------> somewhere. Anyway.... Your site is awsome! I love the underground bases stuff.

(Thanks, Emily! I have a lot more dirt and info on additional bases, newly built very strange military somethings and first hand gossip info people have sent me, so stay tuned. I'm working at redoing a LOT here, and that bases thing was a monumental job :P Plus I have one of the bases in the wrong damn state on the map I made..I really amaze myself sometimes :)
~R~ webmaster-person-whatever)

101. Posted by : crazymelonballs
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (6:34 PM)
Location : florida
Anything anomalous.. : my exhusbands has one testicle
Comments : this is a great site! keep up the awesome work

102. Posted by : Caitlyn
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (3:36 PM)
Location : Santa Rosa,Ca
Favorite pig-out food : cheesecake
Anything anomalous.. : I saw my grandma naked that was very anomalous.
Occupation and/or fav.... : archaeology
Comments : Pretty cool site ya got here. Love the Odd Pics.

103. Posted by : andrew
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (10:19 AM)
Location : roseville MI
Comments : i like the chemtrail info

104. Posted by : Noone
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (5:07 AM)
Location : Klagenfurt
Comments : Great and Interesting Site.....keep on rocking!

105. Posted by : Zane Baisley
Date Posted : August 19th, 2002 (12:49 AM)
Favorite pig-out food : AS LONG AS ITS EDIBLE
Anything anomalous.. : NOT YET

09. Posted by : guy
Date Posted : August 18th, 2002 (4:53 PM)
Location : howard city
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
Comments : cool site!!

110. Posted by : Black Mamba
Date Posted : August 18th, 2002 (3:56 PM)
Location : Guernsey
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous.. : Yes, Several
Occupation and/or fav.... : Engineer
Comments : Good site. Nothing about you tat I could find though. Like to know a bit about the author.

(hiya. I'm the shy type ::koff:: so I didn't want to put anything up about me on the site. People have sure asked, and thank you. I'm boring. Really. You can find a pic of me in the Hate Mail section of the site, though, in Letter #6. ~R~ A-U webmistresswhatever)

111. Posted by : heather
Date Posted : August 18th, 2002 (2:34 PM)
Location : salida, co
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
Anything anomalous.. : only at DIA
Occupation and/or fav.... : river rafting/skiing
Comments : love the site, just found it today and have plowed through a lot of it already. will be using Colo Springs airport from now on...

112. Posted by : Baron
Date Posted : August 18th, 2002 (1:33 PM)
Location : Almost in Canada, WA
Favorite pig-out food : The souls of my enemies
Anything anomalous.. : I found out that in spite of it all, I'm saner than most people I've met
Occupation and/or fav.... : record producer/engineer/heartless slave driver
Comments : hi sis! "Michael Jackson's Flying Monkey Stage"? That almost killed me. And the "Hate Mail"! So much on the site here and yet they whine about one damn page. Such priorities. please send me the email addresses of the abusive little buttwipes. I'd like to start a club of your loyal supporters who would be happy to write those people back for you. Often.

226. Posted by : Hanna
Date Posted : August 15th, 2002 (1:57 PM)
Location : Manchester
Favorite pig-out food : Cheesecake Ice-Cream
Anything anomalous.. : I was pushed down the stairs of a creepy bell tower
Occupation and/or fav.... : Full-time Student
Comments : I just love this web site! Well Done! (Best bit was the hate mail) I had to laugh!

227. Posted by : Jacqui
Date Posted : August 15th, 2002 (6:35 AM)
Location : South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Double choc fudge ice cream
Comments : Best damn site I've seen in a longgggg time. Love the hate mail!

228. Posted by : Jóhanna
Date Posted : August 15th, 2002 (5:51 AM)
Location : Iceland
Comments : This is a great site, keep it up.
Kveðja frá Íslandi.

(megi gudirnivera med per, Jo ! ~r~ webmistress)

229. Posted by : DepExDefComptroller - Black Lodge 1
Date Posted : August 15th, 2002 (1:09 AM)
Location : Ultima Thule sub-entrance #2
Favorite pig-out food : Anything native
Anything anomalous.. : classified
>ever happen to you? : restricted
Occupation and/or fav.... : classified
Comments : Excellent disinformation work. An appropriate reward for your efforts has been selected when the time comes...
(yeah, well, hurry it up, will ya? My car just died and I also need a new ZIP drive . ~R~)

230. Posted by : KHAIRUL HEZRY
Date Posted : August 15th, 2002 (12:51 AM)
Location : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Favorite pig-out food : dairy milk chocolate
Anything anomalous.. : I think I actually saw a shadow person...mind you, I was 4-5 yrs old at the time
Occupation and/or fav.... : professional slacker
Comments : I was looking around at the message board of snopes.com (an Urban Legend site) and was directed to your site to view Wacko Jacko's face changes. Scary.
Great site, by the way.

231. Posted by : Dave
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (8:48 PM)
Location : Cairo, Egypt!
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza..man, I miss it
Anything anomalous.. : Thinking you had to be some 20-somthing guy doing this site and then finding your photo
>ever happen to you? : in the "Hate Mail" section...WOWSER! If I can sell my wife off out here, I'm yours ! :-)
Occupation and/or fav.... : Researching a book and teaching out here for 2 years
Comments : This is a great site and I'm looking forward to seeing things out here with 'different eyes". I will send my email in case I can assist with any photos for you! Stay gorgeous and funny - it's rare!

232. Posted by : Ken
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (8:27 PM)
Location : Liuzhou, China
Favorite pig-out food : Ice cream
Anything anomalous.. : I ended up in China
Comments : Love the site. Keep it up and ignore the hate.

233. Posted by : Denis Leblanc
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (6:03 PM)
Location : Lennoxville, Québec
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous.. : Distance psychic expériences
Occupation and/or fav.... : Building contractor
Comments : The truth will finally be revealed about our origin the day those narrow minded authorities (politicians, religious, military, ect) will stop hiding and destroying facts and evidences.
Keep up

234. Posted by : Samin
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (5:41 PM)
Location : Kazakhstan..really!
Favorite pig-out food : hummus
Anything anomalous.. : i heard airplanes overheard many times..very loud so that i wondered if they were crashing or in trouble
>ever happen to you? : but no matter how i looked i could not see any. this went on for 3 weeks and many heard this too
Occupation and/or fav.... : bricklayer / loud music!
Comments : when i have a bad day i come here and laugh at the mental Hate Mail idiots. Then i feel like i have NO problems. keep them coming!

235. Posted by : Paul
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (1:49 PM)
Location : Odense Denmark
Favorite pig-out food : Sour Cream and Onion Crisps
Anything anomalous.. : "spoke" to dead friend on ouija
Occupation and/or fav.... : ghost recon
Comments : Great site keep up the good work

236. Posted by : Sean "XariusX" Maddison
Date Posted : August 14th, 2002 (7:00 AM)
Location : Grantham
Favorite pig-out food : Pasta
Anything anomalous.. : quite a lot of things, sunsets casting uncanny shapes are the most common, and the shadow people phenomenon
Comments : great site man

237. Posted by : Peter
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (10:03 PM)
Location : Geelong
Favorite pig-out food : People
Anything anomalous.. : has been featured on apple.com
>ever happen to you? : <
Occupation and/or fav.... : Person who swears at the computer
Comments : Nice site, nice guest map

238. Posted by : Angellore
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (9:08 PM)
Location : London
Favorite pig-out food : Chilli Con Carne
Anything anomalous.. : No :(
Occupation and/or fav.... : Getting pissed down the pub
Comments : Excellent site

239. Posted by : Bev Holdsworth
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (6:06 PM)
Location : Auckland, New Zealand
Favorite pig-out food : Guacamole
Anything anomalous.. : Life!
Comments : Just discovered this site by accident when a friend emailed the Michael Jackson history - bizarre boy! so far I have only looked at Odd pics but this site appeals to my warped sense of humour.

240. Posted by : befree
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (9:13 AM)
Location : St. Elizabeth Jamaica
Favorite pig-out food : jerk chicken
Anything anomalous.. : no
Occupation and/or fav.... : artist
Comments : Excellent site...

241. Posted by : Jan Eggum
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (8:38 AM)
Location : Bergen,Norway
Favorite pig-out food : svinekotelett
Anything anomalous.. : re-invented spontaneously all
>ever happen to you? : the guitar chords 1969-73
Occupation and/or fav.... : music,movies,movements
Comments : nice site (almost un-american)

242. Posted by : Brian Banjaxed
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (6:46 AM)
Location : Dublin
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous.. : no
Comments : Interesting site. You have obviously worked hard to maintain it. While I do not believe in all the chem trail stuff, I believe it is absolutely essential that voices like yours are heard. Thank gwad for the internet.

243. Posted by : Devo
Date Posted : August 13th, 2002 (3:38 AM)
Location : Brisbane
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Comments : Very interesting site

244. Posted by : Ian "CyrixInstead" Stanway
Date Posted : August 12th, 2002 (5:38 AM)
Location : Stuttgart
Favorite pig-out food : Anything McDonalds
Anything anomalous.. : Well, no, not that I can think of
Occupation and/or fav.... : Lazy Student
Comments : Hey! This site is very, very entertaining! I'm an English student on placement in Germany, and you just brightened up my day!!

245. Posted by : Craig Connell
Date Posted : August 12th, 2002 (2:51 AM)
Location : Calgary, Ab
Favorite pig-out food : Potato chips
Anything anomalous.. : Heard a ghost voice once.
Comments : Fantastic site!!

246. Posted by : Haley Parsons
Date Posted : August 12th, 2002 (12:30 AM)
Location : Nova Scotia, Canada
Anything anomalous.. : There was that one time last Tuesday when I.....
>ever happen to you? : .....
Occupation and/or fav.... : Favorite hobbies? All the fun stuff, you know like, breathing, blinking, sleeping...
Comments : This page is very interesting. I have bookmarked it for future visits! ~_^ By the way, that Michael Jackson page is scary... Why god, why??!

247. Posted by : Mats Engstrom
Date Posted : August 11th, 2002 (1:38 PM)
Location : Solleftea, Sweden
Favorite pig-out food : Spare ribs
Occupation and/or fav.... : Computers/Telecom
Comments : Amusing reading...

248. Posted by : Pip
Date Posted : August 11th, 2002 (10:05 AM)
Location : Sheffield uk
Favorite pig-out food : Chcken Korma
Anything anomalous.. : I once saw a huge black billowing shape when I was small about 2 miles away that looked like a massive octopusmade out of black bags. We watched it for about 1/2 hour billowing and couldn't explain wh
Occupation and/or fav.... : admin and part time dj.
Comments : Just spent an enjoyable few hours nosing around the site. It has certainly opened my eyes to alot of things. I often wondered what the chemtrails were..now I know. Thanks and keep it up !!

249. Posted by : aj mcguire
Date Posted : August 10th, 2002 (10:47 PM)
Location : somewhere ontario
Anything anomalous.. : yeah, seeing freaky things
Comments : great site... a great read, really opens your mind up to new topics

250. Posted by : Tim
Date Posted : August 10th, 2002 (5:34 PM)
Location : Yorkshire, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Sweet and Sour Chicken with Fried Rice
Anything anomalous.. : not really
Occupation and/or fav.... : IT Trainer / Basketball
Comments : Excellent site, keep the weird stuff coming. I especially like the weird pics of the aliens and things.
Occupation and/or fav. hobby?

251. Posted by : penski
Date Posted : August 10th, 2002 (1:37 PM)
Location : berwick upon tweed
Favorite pig-out food : pringles
Anything anomalous.. : ...i keep seeing dark things on walls at the corbner of my field of vision which disappear when i look at them directly
Occupation and/or fav.... : student/musician
Comments : cool site :) lots of stuff that i've seen happening (including chemtrails being sprayed at low-altitude [300 feet or less - plane was military jet about the size of a pringles lid at arms reach and chemtrails were emenating from behind it's wingtips])

252. Posted by : Jill Hamilton
Date Posted : August 10th, 2002 (4:23 AM)
Location : Howick South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous.. : yes
Occupation and/or fav.... : web designer artist
Comments : LOVE your website! just discovered it...friend told me about it.. thanks

253. Posted by : j1mmy
Date Posted : August 9th, 2002 (10:59 PM)
Location : vaxjo
Occupation and/or fav.... : student
Comments : great work! :)

254. Posted by : Henrik
Date Posted : August 9th, 2002 (1:20 PM)
Location : Sundbyberg (Rissne)
Comments : Cool site! really rulez =D

255. Posted by : Dave Deslander
Date Posted : August 9th, 2002 (7:01 AM)
Location : Quebec, Canada
Comments : You have a really interesting site! Congratulations!

256. Posted by : Homer
Date Posted : August 8th, 2002 (1:50 AM)
Location : Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Chow mein
Anything anomalous.. : My life
>ever happen to you? : I don't know what this line's for
Occupation and/or fav.... : Air traffic controller
Comments : I wanted to write a nasty e-mail, just to get a smart-ass reply... but I'm just to lazy. Besides, I think you have a great site,, took a bit of time to figure out you had no porn. Oh well... I'll live...

257. Posted by : Carlo BECKER
Date Posted : August 7th, 2002 (6:14 PM)
Location : Luxembourg
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese
Anything anomalous.. : Not really
>ever happen to you? : No idea what this is
Occupation and/or fav.... : Capoeira
Comments : Love the site!
Keep up the good work!
Nice comments to the hate mail by the way!

258. Posted by : Avalon Bliss
Date Posted : August 7th, 2002 (6:20 AM)
Location : London, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Candy from the US
Comments : Top site, dude. Into conspiracies much?

259. Posted by : Lior
Date Posted : August 6th, 2002 (7:40 PM)
Location : israel
Favorite pig-out food : good chocolate or icecream
Anything anomalous.. : no
Occupation and/or fav.... : i'm a lazy girl :o)
Comments : great site!! i will have nightmares from the "Cave Being"..i don't want to go to sleep :o(

260. Posted by : fluffy
Date Posted : August 6th, 2002 (11:14 AM)
Location : scotland
Favorite pig-out food : homous
Anything anomalous.. : saw a puppy ghost.....honest....in a hospital of all places!!!!!!!!
Occupation and/or fav.... : layabout!!!!!!!
Comments : me and my pal have spent so many enjoyable hours looking through this hugely interesting site.....saying ooooooh and uuuurgghhh and crying with laughter and the wicked sense of humour!!!!!!

261. Posted by : Michael
Date Posted : August 5th, 2002 (9:47 PM)
Location : Netherlands
Favorite pig-out food : Italian
Anything anomalous.. : No, just curious
Occupation and/or fav.... : In between jobs...
Comments : Although i'm fascinated by all you present on these pages, i can't stop think of this: "Why on earth do 'they' try and stop other people from coming out and tell tale. But not you with this site? Or send any gov.official to close you down... I reckon you must be 'a potential threat for disclosure of statefiles'... If of course any is true. The story on Denver Airport does frighten me a bit,... but I don't know how to take it... seriously?... Is there any true evidence that this is going on, or 'just' second hand stories.

It's more 'could be true, could be fake' level...

The spraying (chemtrailstory) reminds me of a bookstory I read over ten years ago... The political superpowers had an agreement with eachother to spray chemicals on subjects off the other one's states... The purpose behind it was the overcrowding of the planet earth. Some bloodtypes were being triggered by the chemicals. People with a certain bloodtype were being massacred with eachothers (political powers) conscent. Don't know the book anymore and the writer, but the story is in my head... As most stories...

But it all looks nice... coming back again... grtz..
(thanks Mike! Ive had some interesting threats in my short stint here as Troublemaker and even had entire rolls of chemtrail film disappear from places I took it to, to be developed, or told they 'all' didn't turn out at all...roll ruined, so sorry. Must be your camera. I've put some info up on the site 3 times now that disappeared in a matter of hours (trying for #4 this week...). Thing is it's illegal to just shut down people's site "they" don't like and Im very small potatoes. I'm a nobody out here in cyberland. There are thousands of chem-sites on the web and some people who even make a living off it all - some who are even so full of lies and disinformation and sensationalist BS that I think that is what "they " do about it..put out quacks and liars so it ALL looks like lies and nuttiness. I'm just the kind of smart ass that sees this all as a double-dare; I ignore it :) Lots of people's personal chemtrail sites out there are incredible and there are entire chemtrail website "watch" groups - some even for entire cities - who are very vocal and militant about what's going on. They are just regular people and have no agenda to make $$ of it all.. so please look around and keep an open mind. Three years ago I thought the Chemtrail "issue" was total bullshit; then something happened to me personally that made me a 1000% believer. I just don't whine about it on the site. I present it all here because I believe, for fact, something is going on, and I want people to at least think it all over. As far as Denver Airport...geez. That mural is enough on it's own to be creepy as hell, isn't it? Thanks for your thoughts.. :) ~ R, webmistress)