22 Nov 10, 2003 - Nov 18, 2003

126. Posted by : Dianna
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 06:21:03 PM
Location : Kent
Comments : LOVE the Gross stuff!

127. Posted by : Lynn
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 05:48:29 PM
Location : Kenosha, WI
Favorite pig-out food : pie
Anything anomalous... : see ghosts
...ever happen to you? : several times
Occupation/fav. hobby? : verbal torture
Comments : wonderful site!

128. Posted by : morgan
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 02:58:00 PM
Location : modesto
Favorite pig-out food : sunflower seeds
Anything anomalous... : i remember being born. ah, the birth canal.
...ever happen to you? : but seriously, i do predict things. and every time i play ouija board, it spells "mister", which is my cats name. i guess that "animal-ous", not anomalous!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : i enjoy a good book and anything alcoholic
Comments : what can i say? i love this website like a fat kid loves cake!

129. Posted by : Foffy
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 01:21:00 PM
Location : Next to Joanna
Favorite pig-out food : crisps *watches as americans get confussled over an English word*
Anything anomalous... : meow
...ever happen to you? : meow
Occupation/fav. hobby? : spoker
Comments : meow

130. Posted by : Richard
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 01:11:04 PM
Location : Texas
Comments : Great site---you two should be comdy writers---LMAO on ur commentary!

(Zack the cat and I thank you :) ~R~)

131. Posted by : julie
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 01:03:44 PM
Location : roselle/chicago area
Favorite pig-out food : cheese balls? anything?
Comments : ur site is funny. ur smart and creative and ur a ***** to those who deserve it. rock on for kicking ass

132. Posted by : Steve
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 12:31:20 PM
Location : Northridge
Favorite pig-out food : Anything will do
Anything anomalous... : not
...ever happen to you? : yet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student of the Arts
Comments : Love the site, when i first came to this site i literally spent a few hours looking around at almost anything. i especially enjoyed the chemtrails and the denver airport thing.

133. Posted by : Jon
Date Posted : November 18, 2003 09:30:17 AM
Location : Ft Hood
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Had a siren go off in a restricted area of Ft Hood. About 5 minutes later, either an f15 or 16 came flying by just above tree level, towards the sire, followed by a slew of firetrucks, ambulances, MP
Comments : Love what I've been able to see of your site so far.

134. Posted by : big_leeman
Date Posted : November 17, 2003 09:55:38 PM
Location : Hutchinson, KS
Favorite pig-out food : pb & j
Anything anomalous... : sometimes...I see spupid people
...ever happen to you? : One time at band camp...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : asking strangers for money
Comments : Rahni is my hero! Forrest stumbled across a new favorite chocolate in his box! Thats all I have to say about that.

135. Posted by : Prao
Date Posted : November 17, 2003 09:36:50 PM
Location : San Francisco
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
...ever happen to you? : Once heard a creepy laugh in a deserted area...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Reading
Comments : Wonderful website! Very interesting topics, pics, and unbiased commentary. Keep up the terrific work!

136. Posted by : John
Date Posted : November 16, 2003 11:24:02 AM
Location : Corbin KY
Favorite pig-out food : KFC original recipe
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Radio
Comments : This is cool

137. Posted by : Erik McInnes
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 11:51:45 PM
Location : Newmarket ON
Comments : You certainly present some .. interesting ideas here.

138. Posted by : anthony g
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 08:45:21 PM
Location : new york
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : waking up from sleep in a
...ever happen to you? : paralized state.with visitors.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : football,movies,this site
Comments : great read. to bad most folks have no idea what is really happening to this world.

139. Posted by : BUDDAMAN
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 08:11:52 PM

140. Posted by : Mango
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 07:15:35 PM
Location : TX
Favorite pig-out food : SUGAR
Anything anomalous... : The stains in my brothers room...
...ever happen to you? : Realized your brother smeared crap on your walls?!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student/SUGAR and Makin and ass of myself
Comments : I LOVE this site! I LOVE it I LOVE it I LOVE it! Keep up the good work...I NEED MORE! *Crazed look* This site is a DRUG!

141. Posted by : Jharell
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 07:09:47 PM
Location : San Diego, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Cheetos!
Anything anomalous... : Common order?
...ever happen to you? : Lots of stuff!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Hiking, fishing, cooking, baking, reading, writing poetry.
Comments : I would just like to say that your site is absolutly fantastic! It's one of the most interesting sites I've ever been to. You are fantastic and your 'Hate Mail' is hilarious! Keep up the good work!! (^^;v)

142. Posted by : Sussi
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 01:19:56 PM
Location : South of Sweden
Comments : Brilliant website! I'll be returning, because there's a thrill being scared :)

143. Posted by : Linda
Date Posted : November 15, 2003 07:57:54 AM
Location : Long Island
Comments : My shadow friend says hi!

144. Posted by : YellowRose
Date Posted : November 14, 2003 10:59:49 PM
Location : Texas
Favorite pig-out food : CHOCOLATE of course!!!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Domestic Goddess
Comments : I LOVE your site...found it today and can't stop reading. I read your from Chicago...I grew up on the Southside and transplanted to Texas..sure do miss the food of Chicago! Keep up the great job from one Chicago native to another.

145. Posted by : Adriana
Date Posted : November 14, 2003 10:09:47 PM
Location : Dallas, TX
Favorite pig-out food : Burgers
Anything anomalous... : My mom saw my dead grandma's shadow lean over my crib and tuck me in when I was a newborn.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Collecting eggs, reading...
Comments : I LOVE your site! I just spent the last hour here at work reading your hate mail. My co-workers keep asking me if I'm ok because I keep laughing and choking on my water. Keep up the good work - your site is GREAT!!!a

146. Posted by : Amelia
Date Posted : November 14, 2003 08:38:58 PM
Location : FL
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : nada
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Concert Photography
Comments : This site frightens me, literally.

147. Posted by : terri howe
Date Posted : November 14, 2003 01:09:36 PM
Location : cabot arkansas
Favorite pig-out food : italian
Anything anomalous... : not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : HR/ homemaker
Comments : like your site....keeps the mind working

148. Posted by : Amy B
Date Posted : November 14, 2003 12:22:57 PM
Location : Mass
Comments : Great site...keeps me busy at work, lol.
Keep it up.

149. Posted by : Jade
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 06:42:09 PM
Location : Minnesota
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate chip cookies
Anything anomalous... : Nothing major
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writer
Comments : I love your site. I stayed up way too late one night looking at everything. Please update, I keep checking back for more.

150. Posted by : Noddy
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 12:50:00 PM
Location : Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Favorite pig-out food : pringles chips
Anything anomalous... : saw chemtrails
...ever happen to you? : come from the bathroom
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Draftsman
Comments : Great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Date and time this entry was posted.

151. Posted by : Amber
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 11:52:20 AM
Location : Tampa FL
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : I saw some chemtrails while on
...ever happen to you? : a smoke break at work
Occupation/fav. hobby? : checking out strange stuff online
Comments : Great sute you've got goin here. I love it!!

152. Posted by : Daria
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 08:00:31 AM
Location : Moscow
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : That smell in my brother's room...
...ever happen to you? : Sure.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Writing and drawing, aren't I original?
Comments : This is a great website, keep it up!

153. Posted by : Odalys
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 07:50:09 AM
Location : Heidelberg, Germany
Favorite pig-out food : brownies!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : being stupid
Comments : Hey, i read your stuff on religion...that smack is freaky! I'm an atheist so it was definitely interesting..

154. Posted by : Anne
Date Posted : November 13, 2003 06:11:24 AM
Location : Cherry Point MCAS
Favorite pig-out food : Sushi
Anything anomalous... : A few things
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Many
Comments : You have an excellent site! I visit it often!

155. Posted by : Megu
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 11:36:25 PM
Location : Shinjuku
Favorite pig-out food : Martinis and Edamame~!
Anything anomalous... : Finding True love/Soulmate (nothing is more mysterious or immortal}
...ever happen to you? : Fell in Love with someone in Love with me. Eternity has never seemed so sweet.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Model, Foreign Languages Student, Jimmy's Bunny.
Comments : LOVE THIS SITE!! I'm Sending to EVERYONE.

156. Posted by : Micheal Hernandez
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 06:21:51 PM
Location : Denver, Colorado
Favorite pig-out food : Potato Chip...Yeah!
Anything anomalous... : WFT?
...ever happen to you? : Nope...Hope it doesn't...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Watching Movies
Comments : This website is so cool! I love it! It doesn't matter what people say about it, i like it. Your not afraid to expose the real truth. I'm very interested in this kind of stuff and I'm going to visit your site more often in the future.

157. Posted by : mike
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 04:04:11 PM
Location : tempe
Anything anomalous... : that question is just asking for it
Occupation/fav. hobby? : UPS driver
Comments : Great site. One of my favorites

158. Posted by : Manuel F.
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 03:22:36 PM
Location : Cancún, Q. Roo
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken
Anything anomalous... : Not yet
...ever happen to you? : ones i feel paralised in my bed
Occupation/fav. hobby? : play D&d, read, see movies
Comments : Cool Site.i want to see more

159. Posted by : arin
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 02:45:17 PM
Location : rogue valley oregon
Comments : bitchin' site!

160. Posted by : Jamie
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 02:15:35 PM
Location : Chicago
Favorite pig-out food : Popcorn
Anything anomalous... : eh...perhaps
Comments : I visit your site religiously! It would be cool to see haunted places around Chicago!

161. Posted by : Tamara
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 01:34:14 PM
Location : Ottawa
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : Had a dream that my grandpa was gonn have a heart attack near a coble stone house, come to visit him 1 week later and he had a heart attack and died during his 50th wedding anniversary infront of a cu
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Guitarist
Comments : your site is krazy... to kinda expand on my screwed up post your website has lead me to research some kool things... koolest stuff is the disney crap... you gotta find more stuff on that

162. Posted by : Joanna
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 01:33:54 PM
Location : Derbyshire, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : Astral projection
...ever happen to you? : I brought back a shadow from the astral plain!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student/listening to music (such as NIRVANA)
Comments : This is a great site and you have some good facts on Kurt's death. I've allways believed Courtney had something to do with it. He definately didn't commit suicide.

163. Posted by : Tamara Tamel
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 01:28:16 PM
Location : Ottawa
Favorite pig-out food : Beaver tails
Anything anomalous... : twinkies are racist
Occupation/fav. hobby? : playing guitar
Comments : Verk kool site, the article about Da Vinci
last supper painting lead me to the book the da Vinci code, go get it everyone NOW its the most amazing book in the world

164. Posted by : Jeremy
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 01:09:04 PM
Location : Chicago, IL
Favorite pig-out food : Cheese
Anything anomalous... : always...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sarcasm
Comments : Great site! Keep up the good work.

165. Posted by : Karl
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 12:44:52 PM
Location : Shiprock
Anything anomalous... : double jointed elbows
Comments : Great site, love the Jacko-hatemail. Keep up the good work. I totally dig your site.

166. Posted by : Lisa
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 12:38:57 PM
Location : Glendale, AZ
Favorite pig-out food : potato chips w/onion dip
Anything anomalous... : Yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : make web pages
Comments : I just happened upon this site and I've been on for several hours, now. I love your personality and enjoyed your email responses. You have a new fan!

167. Posted by : Jodi
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 11:05:56 AM
Location : Vermont
Favorite pig-out food : French Fries
Comments : I really enjoyed your site. Thanks.

168. Posted by : elaine bratton
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 10:36:44 AM
Location : knoxville, tn
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : shadow people
...ever happen to you? : I see them all the time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : genealogy
Comments : I love your site! Keep up the great work!

169. Posted by : Rich
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 10:12:11 AM
Location : Glasgow
Comments : Hi, like your site, keep it up.

170. Posted by : hitman
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 07:59:33 AM
Location : Adelaide, South Australia
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza and Beer
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Mountainbiking
Comments : This is a great site. I just love it when people pour crap on stupid celebs like Britney Spears. Keep it up.

171. Posted by : Ruth
Date Posted : November 12, 2003 04:02:34 AM
Location : Anderson, IN
Favorite pig-out food : Mac & cheese with hamburger
Anything anomalous... : I live with a caveman
...ever happen to you? : I met him on the internet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : crocheting, surfing the internet
Comments : what a great site! it's weird. i LIKE that!

172. Posted by : Nick
Date Posted : November 11, 2003 10:48:32 PM
Location : Tokyo
Favorite pig-out food : Chips
Anything anomalous... : Nothing
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student
Comments : Blah Blah

173. Posted by : Synergy
Date Posted : November 11, 2003 04:16:55 PM
Location : Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Favorite pig-out food : Don't Know My Self
Anything anomalous... : Unknown
...ever happen to you? : _Blank_
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Play Games...Student
Comments : Nice Site, Nice Pics, Nice Info, But A Little More Could Be Done On The Lay Out, Maybe A Backround Music Too...O.O But Over All This Is A Amazing Site...Good Luck And Keep Up The Good Work

(Hiya S...oh no no no no no, background music. I hate sites that subject you to that tinny, stpid crap. The reason the lay out is like it is, is because I also hate sites that make you sit thru 9 minutes of Flash downloading that you're stuck with or "stuff" that pops up one at a time. I used to do the site on a 300 Mhz 2 gig 64 ram comp until last June...so I figure if it worked for me, it'd work for anyone. Not everyone has Cable or the newest screamer, and I'm not at all good with the web stuff...I just like the content and like to keep it simple. The point is to read, learn and laugh, not be dazzled by Stuff and Bells and Whistles. It's all nice to look at but I do this for "fun". I have enough of a time getting a page to upload without trying to keep up with the WebMaster Toy Of The Week :) I'll leave that to the people who are a lot more patient than I am :D !R!)

174. Posted by : BleuSoul
Date Posted : November 11, 2003 02:22:07 AM
Location : Tucson, AZ
Favorite pig-out food : Icecream
...ever happen to you? : Yes, too much to list....
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Spending time with my 2yr old son
Comments : Great site, I have enjoyed my time here a great deal. Thank you, and keep it up....

175. Posted by : moonkitten
Date Posted : November 10, 2003 06:44:18 PM
Location : Paducah KY
Favorite pig-out food : Lucky Charms
Anything anomalous... : several things have happened to me, but they usually happen to other people when i'm around
...ever happen to you? : Hate mail from rabid Michael Jackson Fans came to my house and bit my legs.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Multimedia Specialist/Weirdo
Comments : I put my pin way out there, i can't stand crowds. I spent the better part of 3 days checking your site out. LOVE it.

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