18 April 28 - June 30, 2003

226. Posted by : Jim
Date Posted : June 20, 2003 09:30:42 AM
Location : Washington, DC USA
Favorite pig-out food : Rare steak and boilermakers (a boilermaker is a double shot of whisky mixed into a mug of beer)
Anything anomalous... : Yeah...
...ever happen to you? : http://www.oboylephoto.com/ruins
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Abandoned ruins
Comments : This site rules and so do you, Rahni. :) Keep it up!

227. Posted by : George
Date Posted : June 20, 2003 07:46:00 AM
Location : Siberia
Comments : Damn, it's cold here. Just like home. Great site.

228. Posted by : Jet
Date Posted : June 20, 2003 05:01:55 AM
Location : Manila
Favorite pig-out food : chinese
Anything anomalous... : guys?
...ever happen to you? : always
Occupation/fav. hobby? : shopping
Comments : love it all!

229. Posted by : Ellie
Date Posted : June 20, 2003 02:18:00 AM
Location : Cambridge
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese
Anything anomalous... : My hovercraft is full of eels
...ever happen to you? : I was beheaded in a fatal accident when I was six, but don't worry, I got better.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student
Comments : I love your site, I stumbled on it quite by accident but I think it's great! Keep up the good work so I can keep coming back!

230. Posted by : Preesi
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 06:53:38 PM
Location : Philly
Favorite pig-out food : Sushi
Anything anomalous... : I have an Alien Implant on my thigh
...ever happen to you? : I dont know
Comments : I want MORE links!

(People in hell want ice water, babe ~R~ :)

231. Posted by : ellie
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 12:55:25 PM
Location : cornwall the land of poo
Favorite pig-out food : cheese toasties
Anything anomalous... : my cat gives me presents of dead things?
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : i like to do nothing
Comments : i am a mute

232. Posted by : mike j.
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 12:09:45 PM
Location : scranton,pa
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : yes
...ever happen to you? : yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : theology student
Comments : cool site

233. Posted by : Michelle
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 10:56:53 AM
Location : Salt Lake City Utah
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Everything in Salt Lake City
...ever happen to you? : Every day, just not this good. :)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Ebay Sales
Comments : Great site! Love that there are people out there that wonder and explore the odd like me!

Good luck!

234. Posted by : Leslie
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 09:02:14 AM
Location : Saint Louis, Missouri
Favorite pig-out food : chinese
Anything anomalous... : Have taken "ghosty blob"
...ever happen to you? : photos.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Stay-at-home-mom, smartass
Comments : Found your site through looking up chemtrails. Have to say I enjoyed everything, favorites being Odd Pics and Disney. Really makes you wonder...thanks for a great site!

235. Posted by : Johnno
Date Posted : June 19, 2003 02:39:40 AM
Location : Newcastle
Favorite pig-out food : KFC
...ever happen to you? : Lots
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Chasing girls (LOL)
Comments : Keep up the good work Rahni.

236. Posted by : Marco
Date Posted : June 18, 2003 09:29:34 PM
Location : Grand Cayman BWI
Comments : Great work! Thanks for the smile!

237. Posted by : Samantha
Date Posted : June 18, 2003 04:23:37 PM
Location : South Florida
Favorite pig-out food : umm...Chinese(no fish)
Anything anomalous... : I had an out of body experience induced by gettin my
...ever happen to you? : blood drawn and passing out
Occupation/fav. hobby? : artwork
Comments : Luv ur site! wish there were more of these instead of all the crappy porn that fills the internet

238. Posted by : Ron
Date Posted : June 18, 2003 11:11:22 AM
Location : Atlanta
Favorite pig-out food : Ice Cream
Comments : Great Site! It makes you think!

239. Posted by : thesixthland
Date Posted : June 18, 2003 09:39:32 AM
Location : London
Anything anomalous... : I see red people
Comments : Hello

240. Posted by : Armen
Date Posted : June 17, 2003 06:10:32 PM
Location : Oakland, CA
Favorite pig-out food : natural peanut butter and carob chips together
Anything anomalous... : still waiting
Occupation/fav. hobby? : database programming, metaphysics
Comments : Awesome site; thanks for taking the time to put it together. I'm very impressed. It makes for hours of entertainment.

241. Posted by : Michele
Date Posted : June 17, 2003 01:05:16 PM
Location : Burb of Detroit
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate anything
Occupation/fav. hobby? : mom/mom
Comments : I love your sarcasm! It makes my day when you tell off an idiot!

242. Posted by : Toby
Date Posted : June 17, 2003 10:41:15 AM
Location : Epsom
Favorite pig-out food : Curry
Comments : A truly marvelous site. Good show.

243. Posted by : cg
Date Posted : June 17, 2003 03:35:01 AM
Location : 29d lat. 32d lon.
Anything anomalous... : me
Comments : great site keep it up...i was glued to my obsolete pc for hours...

244. Posted by : Heather
Date Posted : June 16, 2003 01:09:56 PM
Location : Atlanta, Ga
Favorite pig-out food : Cheetos (the poofy kind)
Comments : Brilliant .. absolutely utterly in your face and I don't give a damn. Thanks for making the day go by faster.

245. Posted by : Jimi
Date Posted : June 16, 2003 03:49:07 AM
Location : Christchurch New Zealand
Favorite pig-out food : KFC
Anything anomalous... : what is the meaning of life? what is the meaning of 'meaning'?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : rugby
Comments : like the site - good to see you giving people heaps and having a little ufn

246. Posted by : Doug
Date Posted : June 16, 2003 03:18:23 AM
Location : Madison, WI
...ever happen to you? : Once yanked a nose hair that was 3/4" long (damn thing tickled)
Comments : They're watching you!

247. Posted by : adam
Date Posted : June 15, 2003 06:31:07 PM
Location : Birmingham
Favorite pig-out food : Baked Beans
Anything anomalous... : I've been obducted by aliens
...ever happen to you? : But they said i was too short
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Drinking
Comments : I'm mad and this is great for mad people

248. Posted by : walt
Date Posted : June 14, 2003 12:05:51 PM
Favorite pig-out food : removed
Anything anomalous... : removed
Occupation/fav. hobby? : removed
Comments : Walt? I know at your age, words like "sperm"and "butt" are really a laff riot to see in print, but if I see them again out of you, you won't make your 16th birthday. Stop being a doodyhead. Kisses, Rahni

249. Posted by : Mike Holt
Date Posted : June 14, 2003 08:50:44 AM
Location : Manchester, ME
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Ice storm of '98
Occupation/fav. hobby? : computers
Comments : Great site!

250. Posted by : Jesika
Date Posted : June 14, 2003 02:46:25 AM
Location : N. Iowa, NE Kansas now...
Favorite pig-out food : Chicken In A Biskit and Cheese Wiz
Anything anomalous... : No...
...ever happen to you? : ...because I'm in the midwest !
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Tech Support
Comments : This site is fun. You have a lot of great facts and information. Way to go, and keep those pictures coming

251. Posted by : Matt
Date Posted : June 13, 2003 06:29:49 AM
Location : Sacramento
Comments : Best site I've been to in a VERY long time! Read for 3 hours continuously and haven't even scratched the surface!

252. Posted by : Daniela Handler
Date Posted : June 13, 2003 06:11:14 AM
Location : Elmhurst, Il
Favorite pig-out food : frozen beritos
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reseptionist
Comments : i loved you're micheal jackson page. You think like me. Don't listen to what other people say and just keep writting what your writting

253. Posted by : Tom
Date Posted : June 13, 2003 01:57:45 AM
Comments : Cool Site

254. Posted by : Bill Furlong
Date Posted : June 13, 2003 12:50:25 AM
Location : Albany, NY
Favorite pig-out food : gyros
Anything anomalous... : not yet unfortunately
...ever happen to you? : wish it would.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : bassplaying, oil painting
Comments : I sent you email. you know i love this site. and i'll say it again. I LOVE YOUR SITE! I also figures there are way to many people in the U.S., let alone too many people in NY already, so I picked the next best place :)

(Why thanks, Bill. What you doing Friday night? :) ~R~)

255. Posted by : Mylar
Date Posted : June 12, 2003 01:57:29 PM
Location : Daytona Beach
Favorite pig-out food : lobster
Anything anomalous... : my life
...ever happen to you? : when I was born
Occupation/fav. hobby? : fishing
Comments : Cool Site

256. Posted by : green martian c
Date Posted : June 11, 2003 08:29:10 PM
Location : california
Favorite pig-out food : junk food period ;)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : drawing
Comments : this is a cool site, i added it to my favorites, my hubs told me about this place, and i really liked it so ill come here and check it out once in awhile, cool site, i like the trivia, interesting!

257. Posted by : Melissa
Date Posted : June 11, 2003 12:08:59 PM
Location : Kuwait
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Michel Jackson
...ever happen to you? : I put my ciggrets on the coffee table, when I cam back in to the living room, the pack and lighter where gone. After tearing up my living room in frustration I yelled give me back my freakin smokes. I
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Child Devolpment
Comments : I really enjoy you're website, the best thing for me was the great come backs on peoples inane comments about Michel Jackson. I mean come one people the guy is a freak! Seriously

258. Posted by : stacey kramer
Date Posted : June 11, 2003 11:56:53 AM
Location : washington, dc
Favorite pig-out food : cadbury creme eggs
Anything anomalous... : saw ufo in laurel md!!!
...ever happen to you? : near power lines- big as a football field
Occupation/fav. hobby? : adventurer/hairstylist
Comments : your a cool ass chick and this sight is the best! keep up with the freaky pics!

259. Posted by : Alex
Date Posted : June 11, 2003 06:12:17 AM
Location : Bristol
Favorite pig-out food : Curry!
...ever happen to you? : I have seen many ghosts, even once woke up next to a dead body! I'd like to be a medium one day...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I work in administration. I enjoy anything arty and love music.
Comments : I've really enjoyed looking round this site, it's brilliant. I found it by accident, but I plan to keep coming back. It's got me through the boredom at work. Good job!

260. Posted by : Jacques
Date Posted : June 10, 2003 02:41:54 AM
Location : Bartlesville
Comments : Interesting site...

261. Posted by : Shed
Date Posted : June 10, 2003 02:39:21 AM
Location : The Borders
Favorite pig-out food : Big HOT Chilli!
Anything anomalous... : Not yet but we live in hope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Me and My Six String
Comments : GREAT SITE, love the various bits, 'specially Denver Airport, SPOOKY! You've got great wit Rahni, keep it up. !-)

262. Posted by : Will
Date Posted : June 10, 2003 02:05:18 AM
Location : Oakland
Favorite pig-out food : Meat
Anything anomalous... : Had my right hand "gloved" in freak accident.
...ever happen to you? : Went overboard in the Bering Sea while fishing and (duh) lived to tell about it.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : "Simulation Games" i.e., RPGs like D&D (loved it as a kid, made winter in AK alot more bearable).
Comments : Grandpa lived off the fat of his peasants. Other Grandpa lived off of whale fat. Both of them liked to hunt. :)

263. Posted by : Carol
Date Posted : June 09, 2003 04:58:24 PM
Location : Cleveland,Tn.
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate
Anything anomalous... : no not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Teacher
Comments : I think your site is very funny. It amazes me all the people that down you for your site and then they call you all the names they call you. I haven't found anything i don't like about your site.

264. Posted by : Davynia
Date Posted : June 07, 2003 06:24:24 AM
Location : Malta
Comments : Oh yeah, and maybe you could cover the Jimi Hendrix murder/accidental death... (when they opened up his trachea after he choked on his own vomit, they found his lungs bursting with red wine... Might be somebody trivked him into thinking he was having a much weaker dosage of LSD, and when he was stoned, held him down and poured the alcohol down his throat to choke him... just maybe.

Sorry to bother you again :P

265. Posted by : Davynia
Date Posted : June 07, 2003 06:14:23 AM
Location : Malta, Europe
Favorite pig-out food : hmmm... pizza or french fries
Anything anomalous... : well.... One time I woke up in the middle of the night to find my rocking chair moving... all doors and windows were closed so it was definitely no draught... spooky
...ever happen to you? : Oh yeah, and I also dreamt that a ceramic vase would break a day before it actually did
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music, Student
Comments : I loved this site! I spent 5 hours looking at it just fascinated at all the things I was learning.
I forwarded lots of people to your site too... but unfortunately I'm just 16 and I'm stone broke, so I couldn't donate... Oh well... still though... keep it up. I especially liked the Wacko Jacko and Spear Britney stories. I found them very amusing.

Oh, and I love Nirvana too. And Courtney did it.

266. Posted by : jen
Date Posted : June 07, 2003 02:50:46 AM
Location : nola
Comments : love your site

267. Posted by : Jeremiah
Date Posted : June 06, 2003 01:25:47 PM
Location : Kansas
Favorite pig-out food : STEAK
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Aircraff worker
Comments : What a great site with a lot of information. Love the site keep up the great work.

268. Posted by : Parrot Jim
Date Posted : June 06, 2003 10:44:46 AM
Location : Westminster, Colorado
Favorite pig-out food : BBQ'd Turkey Legs
Anything anomalous... : Ghosts, doh. Check out www.ghostly-encounters.com, I've got a story in that book. 8^)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Software Engineer/Golf!
Comments : Love the site and the creative writing, well done!

269. Posted by : Aaron
Date Posted : June 06, 2003 07:33:47 AM
Location : Tioga County Pennsylvania
Favorite pig-out food : pizza or chili
Anything anomalous... : I had a crazy roommate who saw weird things at night
...ever happen to you? : one time I heard an unexplainable sound
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Dungeons and Dragons
Comments : I really enjoyed this website. True or not it sure gave me a thrill! I especially enjoyed the Denver Airport stuff. Though I read the full Alex Christopher interview and at the end they completely discredited themselves. Great site though!! Thanks!

270. Posted by : Serra
Date Posted : June 06, 2003 02:38:37 AM
Location : Belgium
Favorite pig-out food : belgian fries(we're friecountry not France!)
Anything anomalous... : completely into Psychedelic
...ever happen to you? : future visionary dream
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music music music
Comments : i wrote the story bout the visonairy dream, in mail, added some expl, but seems your mail's down, mail me at serra604@yahoo.com when its up again, i'll send you my story then

271. Posted by : Serra
Date Posted : June 05, 2003 11:31:26 AM
Location : Belgium
Favorite pig-out food : belgian fries(we're friecountry not France!)
Anything anomalous... : completely into Psychedelic
...ever happen to you? : future visionary dream
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music music music
Comments : Hey there, love your site, had lots of laughs, and been stunnished some times, nice work!
especialy the hatemail-respondsection knocked me of my chair, guess for you people's ignorance indeed is bliss, love to see you fight it with humor:)

272. Posted by : Pedro Martins
Date Posted : June 05, 2003 09:06:57 AM
Location : Porto - Portugal
Comments : É excelente. Parabéns!!!
It's great. Congratulations!!!

273. Posted by : Chuck
Date Posted : June 05, 2003 01:59:16 AM
Location : Wagner SD
Favorite pig-out food : Steak
Anything anomalous... : Things of a spiritual nature have appearded to me and friends before. Also I learned of an old Native American Prophecy, that very much resembled a weird trip I had once, a very close resemblance.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Card Dealer, Musician, Inventor
Comments : This site is AWESOME! My first bookmark!

274. Posted by : Kathryn
Date Posted : June 04, 2003 10:18:31 PM
Location : Tupelo
Favorite pig-out food : PIZZA!!!
Anything anomalous... : No, but there WAS something in Greenville MS...
...ever happen to you? : To my dad
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Hobby: Music, and Internet
Comments : Love your site, R!

275. Posted by : Chad Bowlyow
Date Posted : June 04, 2003 09:43:48 PM
Location : Tampa
Favorite pig-out food : Chips & Salsa
Anything anomalous... : Yes lots....
...ever happen to you? : ....and lots.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : artist/poet
Comments : Lazy moments sway the minds,
of complicated men you'll find.
When these minds are slightly swayed,
you will see the mess they made.

276. Posted by : Rhiannon
Date Posted : June 04, 2003 01:59:43 PM
Location : Glendale, AZ, USA
Favorite pig-out food : Taquitos
...ever happen to you? : Sure...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : HS Student; Music
Comments : Man, this site rocks! I love the page about Michael Jackson's face. XD Great fun. Kudos.

277. Posted by : Mimi
Date Posted : June 04, 2003 01:28:51 PM
Location : San Diego
Favorite pig-out food : Cheese
Comments : Addictive site. Will I ever run out of reasons to goof off at work?

278. Posted by : arn
Date Posted : June 04, 2003 04:34:19 AM
Location : Belgium
Favorite pig-out food : euhmmm, french fries
Anything anomalous... : Not really
...ever happen to you? : dito
Occupation/fav. hobby? : graphic designer
Comments : I read the hate mail. It's hilarious. Carry on the good work. regards.

279. Posted by : MARIE
Date Posted : June 02, 2003 05:51:34 AM

280. Posted by : Shayla Flamedancer
Date Posted : June 01, 2003 10:38:30 PM
Location : Breezy Point, Minnesota
Favorite pig-out food : anything microwavable
Anything anomalous... : not that I can think of right now
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Anime, Beatles, watching M*A*S*H and sleeping
Comments : Wonderful website!! I thought I was the only one who disliked Disney and their blatant plagerism!

281. Posted by : joey
Date Posted : June 01, 2003 11:57:46 AM
Location : Seattle
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Weird friends
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Walking
Comments : Fun website.

282. Posted by : Kayfer
Date Posted : May 31, 2003 07:01:19 PM
Location : Originally Philippines
Favorite pig-out food : snickers bars
Occupation/fav. hobby? : tokin
Comments : killer site. i'm glad i came up on it. great pics too!

283. Posted by : miki
Date Posted : May 31, 2003 05:16:59 PM
Comments : I like the way you talk.

284. Posted by : Largo
Date Posted : May 31, 2003 03:56:38 PM
Location : Netherlands
Comments : Interesting and funny, great site!

285. Posted by : Dale
Date Posted : May 31, 2003 09:21:40 AM
Location : N Wales
Favorite pig-out food : pasta
Anything anomalous... : A light bulb
...ever happen to you? : I think I saw a ufo
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Guitar and art
Comments : Cool site, I enjoyed the Kurt thing and the shadow men pictures.

286. Posted by : okinawan
Date Posted : May 31, 2003 01:23:31 AM
Comments : gets„ª„ª„ªi߁Í߁j„ª„ª„ª!!!!!

287. Posted by : Dan
Date Posted : May 30, 2003 05:39:53 PM
Location : St-Gabriel PQ Canada
Favorite pig-out food : You dun wanna know
Anything anomalous... : You dun wanna see
Occupation/fav. hobby? : MX - snowboard - kickboxing
Comments : Keep on the good work

288. Posted by : Jamie B
Date Posted : May 30, 2003 01:59:00 PM
Location : Billings Mt,
Favorite pig-out food : BACON
Anything anomalous... : There are shadow people at the Yellowstone river
...ever happen to you? : Oh yes saw them at Mystic Park. Billings Mt.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Cosmotoligist/Artist
Comments : Nice sight ya got here!!!

289. Posted by : Gurdain
Date Posted : May 30, 2003 08:33:43 AM
Location : Essex UK
Favorite pig-out food : doritos
Anything anomalous... : blah
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : playing tabla (indian drums)
Comments : i only look for michaels face, although im a devoted fan of his, i like to keep up with his image, some images r reely out of place tho

290. Posted by : helen
Date Posted : May 30, 2003 02:21:48 AM
Location : wairoa
Favorite pig-out food : chips
Occupation/fav. hobby? : football
Comments : just to say hi , it`s great

291. Posted by : CHRIS LORKOVIC'S GURL
Date Posted : May 29, 2003 10:47:38 PM
Favorite pig-out food : CHRIS
Anything anomalous... : huh
...ever happen to you? : MAYBE
Occupation/fav. hobby? : LOVING CHRIS

292. Posted by : Leandria
Date Posted : May 29, 2003 01:55:59 AM
Location : Duh look at the map :p Near Indianapolis IN
Favorite pig-out food : cheese
Anything anomalous... : nah my life is booring
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Furcadia! www.furcadia.com
Comments : Love your site. my and my other half just spent half the night laughing our asses off and enjoying it.! I'm glad one of my friends gave me the url!

293. Posted by : Kristina
Date Posted : May 28, 2003 02:52:37 PM
Location : St. Cloud, FL
Favorite pig-out food : Cookies
Anything anomalous... : Well my breasts are anomalous, but let's not go into that.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Retail Supervisor, love to play games on the net.
Comments : Great site! I recommend it to everyone and really enjoy coming back to see the new things you've dug up. Thanks for the entertainment.

294. Posted by : Katherine
Date Posted : May 27, 2003 09:02:41 PM
Location : Alexander City, Alabama
Favorite pig-out food : pizza and tacos
Anything anomalous... : um...
...ever happen to you? : yep
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Senior in high school/taking pics
Comments : I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your site. I love the Odd Pics section, and Ilove reading your hate mail.

295. Posted by : Kris
Date Posted : May 27, 2003 12:28:01 PM
Location : Montpelier, Vt
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Ghosts, Demons, you name it
...ever happen to you? : you name it
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Automation Assistant, PLaying Games
Comments : I LOVE YOUR SITE, your cool, i love the way you slam the idiots who dislike you. you sound cool!

296. Posted by : Kevin
Date Posted : May 27, 2003 11:49:17 AM
Location : Tonawanda, NY
Comments : Great site, lots of interesting stuff

297. Posted by : Bob
Date Posted : May 27, 2003 07:16:06 AM
Location : Charleston, WV
Comments : The truth IS out there. Hell, it's right here!

298. Posted by : goldie
Date Posted : May 26, 2003 05:41:23 PM
Location : denver
Favorite pig-out food : clam dip
Comments : I swear my cat brought me a bug like the alien bug once.

299. Posted by : Myles
Date Posted : May 26, 2003 05:24:50 PM
Location : Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese Dollar Style or Panda Express
Anything anomalous... : I've never seen an alien.
...ever happen to you? : Rear ended 4 times in Los Angeles. Never sued.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Cello.
Comments : I love my dog and cat.

300. Posted by : Randy
Date Posted : May 26, 2003 04:25:30 PM
Location : South Florida
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Nope....My life has been mostly
...ever happen to you? : boring.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Airplanes, dammit.
Comments : Hi Rahni!!!!!
Favorite pig-out food

301. Posted by : Craig
Date Posted : May 26, 2003 11:28:32 AM
Location : Houston
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : not
...ever happen to you? : really
Comments : this site is awsome... keep it coming...I cant get enough

302. Posted by : Drew
Date Posted : May 24, 2003 07:11:11 PM
Location : Maricopa County
Favorite pig-out food : crustacean
Anything anomalous... : ghosts
...ever happen to you? : shapeshifting
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Student/Comp Games
Comments : Uber-awesome site. I could not even sleep in my room but then again, if you knew my room you would wonder how I could in the first place XD

303. Posted by : JMD
Date Posted : May 24, 2003 06:57:52 PM
Location : Beijing
Comments : Fascinating stuff

304. Posted by : Julia
Date Posted : May 23, 2003 07:23:21 PM
Location : Chicago, IL
Favorite pig-out food : pretzels
Anything anomalous... : almost
...ever happen to you? : once
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading, writing poetry
Comments : This site is so interesting! I love it.

305. Posted by : MiKeY
Date Posted : May 22, 2003 04:49:39 PM
Location : Calgary
Favorite pig-out food : Burgers
Anything anomalous... : not really.
...ever happen to you? : yes...yes it did happen. it was horrible
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Biking
Comments : Love the site. always good for a laugh or some interesting facts...now i'm scared to fly into the Denver airport...

306. Posted by : Racheal
Date Posted : May 22, 2003 12:44:10 PM
Location : Chattanooga, TN
Favorite pig-out food : cheese
Anything anomalous... : third arm - the guys seem to like it!! hehe
...ever happen to you? : pick your nose and touch your brai?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : jumping to conclusions
Comments : Hello from Chatt town!! Really, we ain't too hillbilly!! :0)~ Just last week my grandfather and dad (same person) got a divorce so now our tree does fork!

307. Posted by : Lisa
Date Posted : May 22, 2003 09:13:58 AM
Location : Fletcher, NC
Favorite pig-out food : pasta! (no mushrooms, olives, artichoke hearts, or mayo)
Anything anomalous... : high school...
...ever happen to you? : ... was real strange
Occupation/fav. hobby? : reading
Comments : Howdy!

308. Posted by : william thomas linville
Date Posted : May 21, 2003 08:50:22 PM
Location : knoxville,tennessee
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream-chocolote
Anything anomalous... : yes-long ghost story
Occupation/fav. hobby? : surfing-computer
Comments : best site ive seen in a long time!!!wish i had
$5000 to send you...keep it up

309. Posted by : Jason Dolan
Date Posted : May 21, 2003 03:07:25 PM
Location : washington
Favorite pig-out food : mmmmmm....beeeer
Anything anomalous... : I was just reading calvin and hobbes, how does calvin do some of that stuff if his tiger is STUFFED..HUH?!?!?
...ever happen to you? : no, stupid boring world
Occupation/fav. hobby? : bass geeetar
Comments : everyone should buy the family guy boxed set

310. Posted by : james
Date Posted : May 21, 2003 12:52:22 PM
Location : florida
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate
Anything anomalous... : I think aliens exist, other strange things out there too.
Comments : Very interesting and scary info, fun too!

311. Posted by : G
Date Posted : May 21, 2003 06:05:22 AM
Location : Solkan(town), Slovenia(country)
Favorite pig-out food : hmm... can´t say...
Anything anomalous... : odd feelings in particular places...
...ever happen to you? : sure, even took two "anomalous" pictures
Occupation/fav. hobby? : occupation: technician, fav.hobby: too many for one person...
Comments : Great site. I was always interested in "anomalies". ever since a funny thougt permeates my brain cells... Ancient times were simply great! One could just come to an build master and say:"hey! we need 4000 blocks of 2 ton limestone and ten 200 ton granite slabs complete with precise writings as our boss cant read well anymore. Deliver them to our site 200 km northeast, mountain on the left of the road. Oh, and if you have spare obsidian in 50 ton cubes, please deliver it as well. We´ll pay 30 % in advance. See you tomorrow!". And what did an build master say in reply? " Can and do! Double time!"

312. Posted by : Gustaf
Date Posted : May 20, 2003 03:25:32 PM
Location : Stockholm
Anything anomalous... : a better question would be....
...ever happen to you? : ...
Comments : hope you're all right

(Hey Gus! Yeah, doing ok...rough few months. You're sweet to ask...and I'm working on stuff as we speak again. I have 3 mailboxes jammed each with 1900+ emails..wanna come over and help? :) Hope you're doing ok too ~R~)

313. Posted by : John Burton
Date Posted : May 19, 2003 08:36:08 AM
Location : Montgomery, AL
Favorite pig-out food : CAJUN
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Account Executive
Comments : Love the site. I can't pay enough compliments!

314. Posted by : Kimmy
Date Posted : May 19, 2003 07:42:25 AM
Location : Cinci
Favorite pig-out food : White Castles
Anything anomalous... : Something threw coins at my feet one time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : RN
Comments : Love the DIA piece. Work for a major airline and have always wondered about that place. Great interpretation of the mural

315. Posted by : trezzy
Date Posted : May 18, 2003 11:13:48 PM
Location : calgary
Favorite pig-out food : sushi
...ever happen to you? : every day
Occupation/fav. hobby? : rock
Comments : this site rules... the prose is frickin' hilarious and the facts are great.

316. Posted by : Babew/banjo
Date Posted : May 17, 2003 11:48:35 PM
Location : Missoula Montana
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Occupation/fav. hobby? : picking on my boyfriend or banjo
Comments : Awesome site,gives me a laugh,thanks

317. Posted by : Nadine
Date Posted : May 17, 2003 02:20:26 PM
Location : Pretoria, South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Biltong
Anything anomalous... : My apartment building stands proudly on an old pre- turn of the centuary Boer settlement camp, yeah, I have ghosts
...ever happen to you? : felt them, seen them even smelled them!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Writer
Comments : What a pleasure! Thanks!

318. Posted by : Sadam
Date Posted : May 16, 2003 07:26:23 PM
Location : Under the Ground in my Palace
Favorite pig-out food : Big Macs
Anything anomalous... : How come I so stupid to think Americans can't beat my ass? I could have been big buddy of George Sr. and Jr, hunt terrorists, gas Iranians and lived good and well for many years.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Ex Dictator / Finding deep holes in ground
Comments : Ha Ha, Really never did make weapons of mass destruction. Saved the money, put it in the bank and withdrew it just before war. Now can't get it 'cause Marines find it. I split it with you? Be good guys. It was all Information Minister fault. That guy really stupid. He told me we winning war when my ass got hit by cruise missile and guys start yelling at me in English, "hey you, was yo name, man?" You Sadam?" Hell, no, I say, my name Joe, simple carpet maker. No problem to you, GI"

319. Posted by : David Owens
Date Posted : May 16, 2003 05:06:24 AM
Location : Johannesburg, South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Anything Vegetarian with Chilli
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Musician/Web designer
Comments : Thanks for all your time and effort going into this web site... endless entertainment... will spread the word...

320. Posted by : Some Call me Bran
Date Posted : May 15, 2003 06:48:48 AM
Location : Russia!!
Favorite pig-out food : Pizaa with extra cheese
Comments : Hi Rahn!!!!

I just love your website, it'sooo cool... I can't wait until you update!! yes, I'm bored as usual. Welp, My time is limited, so I'm gonna go read some hate mail.Luv ya lotz :) *****

321. Posted by : J-F
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 10:03:16 PM
Location : Dakar, Senegal
Favorite pig-out food : Shawarma
Anything anomalous... : not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : tattoos/body art
Comments : Luv ur site, awesome odd pics!

322. Posted by : Nyambi
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 01:34:26 PM
Favorite pig-out food : Potato Chips
Comments : Fabulous site. very funny!

323. Posted by : Nickie
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 08:30:37 AM
Location : Illinois
Favorite pig-out food : Mexican or Taco Bell
Anything anomalous... : Taco Bell is not Mexican Food!!!
...ever happen to you? : I'm boring as is my life.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Military, Female Sergeant
Comments : I really love your site. The only thing that confuses me is the hate mail about Micheal Jackson. HE"S STILL ALIVE??!!!!! Just kidding:)

(Salute, Nickie! Oh, I suspect Jackson IS dead and his body's been taken over by pod-like Aliens. I mean, it's not a very good disguise. His career is dead, that's for sure! Ha ha! What I find so great about it all is till I put that Jackson page up (which started out as 3 small pics and 2 lines of text) I didn't give a rat's ass about the guy, but due to the many lovely and warm letters from his fans crying like little girls about it, I've read and researched and dug in places I shouldn't have been in and Woah Baby what an MJ expert I've become! It's only the fear of lawsuits that keep me from putting up the Good Stuff. (Disney's still mad about my Evil Mickey Background for that section...so now I'll have to put up how they ripped "Lion King" off and never paid the guy).

And no, Taco Bell is a travesty upon the Mexican Heritage. I went to a local one, asking if I could take photos of each of their items for "Research for School" and the manager became suspicious and defensive, and told me to leave. Now what does that say?
Thanks for your service! ~R)

324. Posted by : Nishazoid
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 07:38:17 AM
Location : Toronto
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza & bacon
Anything anomalous... : No
...ever happen to you? : Not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Surfing the net
Comments : Where are the pic of the mural in the Denver airport?

325. Posted by : Brian
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 04:55:09 AM
Location : New Jersey
Favorite pig-out food : KFC
Anything anomalous... : Saw a ghost in my parents house.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Bird watching on NJ's highways.
Comments : Love the site. Tons of great stuff. Keep it coming!!!!

326. Posted by : Niven
Date Posted : May 14, 2003 01:17:45 AM
Location : Durban
Favorite pig-out food : (chicks)
...ever happen to you? : all the time....
Occupation/fav. hobby? : chillin'.....
Comments : very cool site....1st that i've seen of its kind!
V. original !!!! Wish i thought of it and collected royalties or sumthin'

(Me, too, babe. I think my donations have topped a whooping $600 after Amazon reems me for their share. I still haven't been offered a talk show, radio show, movie..(I'm thinking either Kate Blanchette or Bridget Fonda can play me..I kind of look like them...) and I haven't had the section of street I live on renamed in my behalf (I'm thinking "Quit driving down my street to turn around and get back to the main street, you morons Street")
One of life's anomalies, I figure. I know people busting their asses on huge web sites for nothing and yet sluts who beg for $ to pay their credit card bills off get $14,000 in 2 months. I wonder if I can get sued for "slut"? Guess we'll find out : ) ~ R )

327. Posted by : Jaina
Date Posted : May 13, 2003 01:40:00 PM
Location : Traverse City
Favorite pig-out food : Reese's cups
Comments : Heya, just wanted to say that I Luv your site, the Britney and Michael J pages especially :)

328. Posted by : Donald
Date Posted : May 13, 2003 03:08:37 AM
Location : Pretoria
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : collecting coca cola goodies
Comments : What a site....spent 2 days going through everything

329. Posted by : Brent
Date Posted : May 12, 2003 07:33:21 PM
Location : US
Favorite pig-out food : something good....
Anything anomalous... : you bet
...ever happen to you? : like, when I had a a dream where I died, and came back to life as my anthro persona?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : wasting time
Comments : This is a great site. Keep up the great work *gives a cookie*

Oh, and I post in france cuz the US is FILLED. France is good, yay to the parisians

330. Posted by : Marie
Date Posted : May 12, 2003 08:14:08 AM
Location : mtl,canada
Favorite pig-out food : hot tamales candy
Anything anomalous... : does animalistic count? nudges bf
...ever happen to you? : oh, ya...all the time..errr...
Comments : This is the most fascinating site I've ever stumbled across! You had me laughing my ass off at some parts, and squinting and sticking out my tongue in disgust at others! I love your sense of humor, and it's evident you are one clever person!

(Thanks sweety! Call my mom and tell her all this? She still insists I'm a Potty Mouthed punk and No ONe Thinks YOu're Funny You Know, Missy. I'm just disgusted with Morons; I really like people a lot all in all. Send some details on that BF of yours..he got a brother? :D ~R)

331. Posted by : Bran
Date Posted : May 12, 2003 06:34:02 AM
Location : Wherever
Favorite pig-out food : Rahni's kool-aid
Anything anomalous... : i talked on the phone
...ever happen to you? : for along time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : time stopping
Comments : {{{{{{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}}} REN!!!!

Man, you were awesome the other night, I bragged to my friends, and they are all jealous. CAll me later tonight, if you get this. btw, I am bored :) wish you were here!!!!! (to stare at my ass)

(Brandon dear; Just because you're in detention in school till 2017 and bored doesn't mean you get to post every day, trying to convince your Little Friends you and I are on intimate terms. Don't they have cow tipping in Tulsa or something to keep you occupied? You wanna talk on the phone that's $4.99 a minute, sweets. And yes it was nice talking to you, too. Now shut the hell up and read some Algebra or Science and see if you can graduate before you're 19, huh? Kisses and all, Ren )

332. Posted by : Evan
Date Posted : May 12, 2003 04:05:30 AM
Location : Hendersonville
Favorite pig-out food : Mexican
Anything anomalous... : no
...ever happen to you? : pe
Occupation/fav. hobby? : PO-lice occifer
Comments : Great site. Love it

333. Posted by : Katie Lynette
Date Posted : May 11, 2003 08:34:46 PM
Location : Tuscaloosa, Al.
Favorite pig-out food : Cheese-Its (yummy)
Anything anomalous... : My Family
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Reading weird books
Comments : I am in love with your site! You are a Genius. Although I got seriously paranoid for a long time afterwards. All those cem-trails and all that.Anway keep up the good work. Toodles

334. Posted by : Sarah
Date Posted : May 10, 2003 05:49:01 PM
Location : Melbourne
Favorite pig-out food : sushi
Occupation/fav. hobby? : horse riding
Comments : Really awesome sight! Very funny, takes ages to read, I haven't read it all yet!!

335. Posted by : Sender
Date Posted : May 10, 2003 01:35:25 PM
Location : Germany
Favorite pig-out food : Fish
Comments : Your Side Is Great !!! ;-)
I Love U....and the rest of the world

(Thanks, toots :) ~R~)

336. Posted by : Bob
Date Posted : May 10, 2003 12:47:18 AM
Location : North Bay, Ontario, CANADA
Comments : Fantastic site - laughed a lot

337. Posted by : naanou
Date Posted : May 09, 2003 07:44:25 AM
Location : paris
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Occupation/fav. hobby? : music........... TECHNO
Comments : good site/ ciao

338. Posted by : rpb9
Date Posted : May 08, 2003 01:26:13 PM
Location : Birmingham
Favorite pig-out food : Ben & Jerry's
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Computers/hockey
Comments : What's up everybody?

339. Posted by : Sarah Bevan
Date Posted : May 08, 2003 11:05:49 AM
Location : Cardiff, Wales
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : not yet.........
...ever happen to you? : still waiting............
Occupation/fav. hobby? : charity worker
Comments : wonderful site for putting off revision!

340. Posted by : Brandon
Date Posted : May 07, 2003 11:36:28 PM
Location : greenland
Favorite pig-out food : doritos
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : baseball
Comments : Were did my Russian post go? I might come see you in the summer, if you still arent pissed at me. talk to ya lata


341. Posted by : Ivy
Date Posted : May 07, 2003 05:25:47 PM
Location : Natchez, MS
Favorite pig-out food : just one?
Anything anomalous... : cant think of anything
Occupation/fav. hobby? : cashier/websurfin
Comments : Like your site! Thanks!

342. Posted by : Steven
Date Posted : May 07, 2003 04:10:27 AM
Location : Aboard the Orion
Favorite pig-out food : Cheetos
Comments : This site is cool!

343. Posted by : Floyd
Date Posted : May 06, 2003 04:31:18 PM
Location : Terrell
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Education
Comments : Keep up the great work, Rahne.

344. Posted by : Raymond
Date Posted : May 06, 2003 06:50:10 AM
Location : Monterey Bay
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : nope
...ever happen to you? : nope
Occupation/fav. hobby? : construction/Neo-Geo MVS
Comments : Great site , makes you think alot and sometimes it can make the hair on the back of your neck stand up ! Good stuff !

345. Posted by : tom
Date Posted : May 06, 2003 06:25:49 AM
Location : yantai
Favorite pig-out food : chicken feet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : strange crap
Comments : great site

346. Posted by : Mike
Date Posted : May 05, 2003 03:26:26 PM
Location : Colorado
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Sightings
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Pilot
Comments : Great mixture of wit and intellect! I'll be back often!

347. Posted by : Moose
Date Posted : May 04, 2003 07:40:35 PM
Location : East Texas
Comments : Great site!

348. Posted by : steve
Date Posted : May 04, 2003 12:24:06 AM
Location : KY
Favorite pig-out food : M&M's
Anything anomalous... : i get a bit of the sixth sense once or twice a week. nothing i forsee is ever worth it, tho. kind of a bummer. why can't i see the winning powerball number instead
...ever happen to you? : hmmm....that whole preconception thing....
Occupation/fav. hobby? : playing hockey even tho i suck at it
Comments : your site is the greatest i've come across in all my late-night
web browsing. i would have to say that the best part of
the whole thing is your hate mail page. i was laughing so hard
that i woke up the entire house. michael jackson is a weirdo,
no matter what his 2342 literate fans might say!!!

keep up the awesome work

349. Posted by : gamp
Date Posted : May 03, 2003 06:23:27 AM
Location : nottingham
Favorite pig-out food : jam tarts
Anything anomalous... : a mysterious bitemark appeared in my trousers
...ever happen to you? : i don't have a dog or moths or even rats. and it wasn't from a seam...goddammit, spooky huh?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : training myself to perform new anomalous body movements, e.g raising one eyebrow, curling my tongue twice on itself
Comments : a choice of marker colour? man, you thought of everything? but what if i choose the wrong one....
nice site.

350. Posted by : girl
Date Posted : May 02, 2003 05:43:13 PM
Location : here
Comments : I LUV your site!!! Soo wicked, kepp it up! *muah*

351. Posted by : Kenneth
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 09:07:49 PM
Location : Richardson, TX
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : blue flashes in the night; drifting white discs high in the sky
...ever happen to you? : that's about it
Occupation/fav. hobby? : history, forteana
Comments : Excellent site -- wish I'd thought of it first! Best article is the "Cave Creature" That's really creepy!!

352. Posted by : Heather
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 06:43:04 PM
Location : St. Francois Co Missouri
Favorite pig-out food : Cheme Cheese stuffed Poppers
Anything anomalous... : Life
...ever happen to you? : GALL STONES at age 20????
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Homemaker; wife and mother of 2 years old son
Comments : This is a great site. I shared so many links from it with so many people who have returned to this site many times and love it.

353. Posted by : Shane
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 03:51:53 PM
Location : Pretoria South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Spare-Ribs
Anything anomalous... : Yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Occupation: Air Force
Comments : Well Done! You have an excellent site that kept me busy for hours. Will come back again and tell my buddies to chech your site out.

354. Posted by : Christi
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 03:32:33 PM
Location : Vancouver
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate Chips + Grapes (together)
Anything anomalous... : My friend and I once had a screaming contest over who could drink more paint during school....
...ever happen to you? : No we weren't drunk, just hyper.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : School/ skiing
Comments : Love the site! It intestested me for a good half hour, thanks!

355. Posted by : Caroline
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 09:15:52 AM
Location : Surrey, England
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Occupation/fav. hobby? : ghosthunting
Comments : Fab site, spent way too long in here

356. Posted by : Mynd
Date Posted : May 01, 2003 05:47:48 AM
Location : Lexington, Kentucky
Favorite pig-out food : junk
Anything anomalous... : ???
...ever happen to you? : not really
Occupation/fav. hobby? : ufology
Comments : the site could be better, you need to get rid of the JS, and resize it for 800x600(imho), and maybe add some more content. i like the diffrent approace youve taken with it though. very nice

(Hiya Mynd! The neat thing about having your own site is you get to do what you want :D Of course the site can be better, however it's a hobby and not something I'm making a living off of. I started it for Yucks and something to do when I got too sick to work like regular people. I don't know much about web design, so I play around and have fun sharing stuff I find. According to the Stats, 86% of the world (including me)uses 1024 x 768 resolution and all but 4% are on MSIE. Java scipt is an easy way to do things and I see most sites using it, and most of the site was made last year before I got an HTML program and got a better hang of things. Even if I wanted to, I don't have enough hours in the day to go back and remake the whole site in HTML only. SO, yer stuck :). Also as far as updating, I haven't had a comp for 2 1/2 months since mine finally died (my poor 300 MHZ, 2 GIG piece of crap) but I just got one, so I'm hoping to add things soon. Again, it's a hobby and I mostly did/do graphics and write a lot, so all this is new and fun to me. I don't have too many good hours in the week to work so I do what I can when I can. This in itself is past a full time "job" (I get about 1500 emails a week and 3 lawsuits). I had to move the site twice in the last 2 months because I'm using about 45 GIG of transfer a week and I don't have $100+ a month for my own server. It's just little ol' me doing all this, so unless I get some minions or HTML Elves you;re stuck with me :D So that's the report from A-U central. If you have a spare $1000 send it along. Hope tp update as soon as I get this comp set up tho I have added a few things..I just fergit to update the date on the front. :D ~R)

357. Posted by : Laura
Date Posted : April 30, 2003 04:22:40 PM
Location : Powell River, BC
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese Food
Occupation/fav. hobby? : SCA
Comments : Very interesting site! Good mix of well-thought-out material, and just random nutty madness. Just like life! Terrifyingly addictive.

358. Posted by : Annie
Date Posted : April 30, 2003 01:53:57 PM
Location : California
Favorite pig-out food : Flipz
Anything anomalous... : noooo not really
...ever happen to you? : synchronicity, if that's anomalous, I suppose
Occupation/fav. hobby? : surfing the net for anomalies
Comments : You are AWESOME! and so funny! thanks for the site!!

359. Posted by : Kelvin Holmes
Date Posted : April 29, 2003 09:51:09 PM
Location : Qatar
Favorite pig-out food : Vindaloo
Anything anomalous... : Nothing
...ever happen to you? : Quiet Life
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Safety Advisor/Reading, Fishing
Comments : Great sight, so many interesting and thought provoking items. I read some of the hate mail as well, glad you treat it with the comtempt it deserves.

360. Posted by : jejej
Date Posted : April 29, 2003 11:34:24 AM
Location : calgary
Favorite pig-out food : varies
Anything anomalous... : sometimes
...ever happen to you? : yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : art
Comments : I starting reading the hate mail.......Didn't make it too far, how do you have the patience to respond to all that? Glad to find a picture of you anyhow...
Lovely site, I enjoy reading you're collection of informantion, most fascinating...

361. Posted by : Heather
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 07:30:54 PM
Location : Pittsburgh
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
Anything anomalous... : no comment
...ever happen to you? : NOYB
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Mom/watching tv while netsurfing
Comments : Verrrry Interesting

362. Posted by : KENNY
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 06:16:43 PM
Location : FLORIDA
Favorite pig-out food : CRAp
Anything anomalous... : CraAP
...ever happen to you? : SDL11
Occupation/fav. hobby? : as`a
Comments : hehehehehehe

363. Posted by : sam finklestien
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 06:07:06 PM
Location : Bahrain
Favorite pig-out food : cheese
Anything anomalous... : Nope!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sailing and sex
Comments : Dear Ms
A real cool site, love the hate mail (?)

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