March 28 - April 28, 2003

101. Posted by : MindDash
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 12:57:55 PM
Location : Communist HQ
Favorite pig-out food : meep moop pie
...ever happen to you? : CIA kidnapped me & gave me LSD, and I turned into GOD
Occupation/fav. hobby? : psychedelic dr00gz
Comments : awesome site, esp illusions page- WATCH OUT FOR CIA, FBI, NSA, AND US SECRET SERVICE!!! They 1 2 kidnap you! :P

(Don't forget to mention the White vans all over that are UN .. and how they falsely reported a white van being used in the E. Coast sniper shootings so people would get "immune" to seeing them all over, since it wasn't true at all that a white van was being used. And those aliens snatching people out of beds at 3 am! And yet no one has a video or recording of it! Hey, you know who killed Marc Bolan? ~R~ :) )

102. Posted by : Jeff
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 12:17:18 PM
Location : Grants Pass OR
Favorite pig-out food : Ribs (Memphis)
Anything anomalous... : Yeah, life
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Artist
Comments : Lotsa interesting stuff. Love the Britney sereis. Goes to show most of the public has the attention span of a gerbil.

103. Posted by : Joy
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 08:00:12 AM
Location : Puna
Favorite pig-out food : Vegi please
Anything anomalous... : everything mostly
Occupation/fav. hobby? : working for peace
Comments :

104. Posted by : Acidophilus Rex
Date Posted : April 28, 2003 12:12:54 AM
Location : Grand Junction, CO
Favorite pig-out food : Buffalo Wings
Anything anomalous... : My birth...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Devouring the livers and hearts of my enemies
Comments : I've wasted almost a full day here. Thanks!

105. Posted by : Toujours Lynn
Date Posted : April 27, 2003 11:56:46 PM
Location : El Segundo, CA
Favorite pig-out food : Haagen-Das Dulce de Leche
Anything anomalous... : Nah...
...ever happen to you? : I wish!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Techno, industrial, darkwave music - dancing to same.
Comments : Cool site. Like the smartass remarks. Awesome map. You work cheap? How cheap? ;) Continue your fine endeavors (like, keep up the good work, Dude...)

106. Posted by : Tom
Date Posted : April 27, 2003 10:55:32 PM
Location : El Paso, Tx
Favorite pig-out food : Tofu
Anything anomalous... : I believe in the shadow people
...ever happen to you? : Not yet, not yet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Music Music Music
Comments : I love the site. I'm anxiously awaiting disturbing new photos/stories. Keep up the excellent work and subliminally encourage all your friends and loved ones to visit www.mp3.com/somarock

107. Posted by : Kyle G Sessions
Date Posted : April 27, 2003 05:53:09 PM
Location : Utah State University
Favorite pig-out food : chicken curry...mmm
Anything anomalous... : saw a ufo once
...ever happen to you? : maybe twice
Occupation/fav. hobby? : uh...whatever
Comments : awesome sight! kicks some serious ass! i enjoyed laughing at all the hatemail from MJ fans... p.s. interesting that the only two from utah are kyles.

108. Posted by : christy
Date Posted : April 27, 2003 02:29:46 PM
Location : usa!!!!
Favorite pig-out food : everything
Comments : luv the gore in the site....keep it coming!!!

109. Posted by : Parker
Date Posted : April 26, 2003 04:33:44 PM
Location : Pacifica
Favorite pig-out food : any italian food
Anything anomalous... : uh don think so
...ever happen to you? : i once shot milk out my nose
Occupation/fav. hobby? : drag racing/any automotive
Comments : your sites so cool i read your hatemails and those people are rediculous i like your site alot

10. Posted by : Dan
Date Posted : April 25, 2003 11:42:07 AM
Location : maine
Favorite pig-out food : beer
Anything anomalous... : I got a tax refund this year!
...ever happen to you? : and I didn't cheat!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : computer programmer/disc golf
Comments : You rock like a hampster!

111. Posted by : Kiwi Goggie
Date Posted : April 25, 2003 05:34:46 AM
Location : Auckland
Favorite pig-out food : Wendys ;-)
Anything anomalous... : sis & i saw ghost head when kids
Occupation/fav. hobby? : electronics, dowloading
Comments : How's it! Found site by mistake, now can't stop surfing through it. Keep up the good work! ;-)

112. Posted by : Brieanne
Date Posted : April 24, 2003 09:36:25 PM
Location : Chico
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese Food
...ever happen to you? : I wish
Occupation/fav. hobby? : movies
Comments : I love this site! It's awesome. Your sarcastic comments are great!

113. Posted by : Tara M. Adams
Date Posted : April 24, 2003 04:51:38 PM
Comments : HIStory of Michael Jackson makes me PiSs my PaNtS!!

114. Posted by : John
Date Posted : April 24, 2003 04:41:04 PM
Comments : Cool site...

115. Posted by : Rosso
Date Posted : April 24, 2003 02:42:04 PM
Comments : Great fun!

116. Posted by : M1 Garand
Date Posted : April 23, 2003 08:19:24 PM
Location : Germany / Wiesbaden City
Favorite pig-out food : ???
Anything anomalous... : Wissen ist Macht
...ever happen to you? : Das Leben ist Hart
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sex mit meiner Freundin ;-)
Comments : This Site is absolutly Great!!! It seems that it is the best side i seen before ;-)

117. Posted by : Charlie
Date Posted : April 23, 2003 06:43:17 PM
Location : East Texas
Favorite pig-out food : tex-mex
Anything anomalous... : few shadows
...ever happen to you? : you know someone is there watching
Occupation/fav. hobby? : fishin
Comments : I love you site. I always find it interesting. I always re-read your hate mail when I need a chuckle. You are a very humorous person. keep up the good work.

118. Posted by : Eámonn
Date Posted : April 23, 2003 04:52:55 PM
Location : Derbyshire
Favorite pig-out food : Mcdonalds!
Anything anomalous... : Had to use a dictionary
...ever happen to you? : to look up anomalous!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Builder/Looking at your web site!
Comments : Can we have a bigger map of the UK? I’ve had to put my pin in the North Sea! Great site, spent far to long here. One for the “Favorites” I think

(Hiya E! The map thing isn't mine, I get it thru Bravenet.com. It is a shitty map, but unless I put up one of just the UK, I'm stuck with what they give people. You can use the "zoom" thingie on the map to make it larger to see where you're at better..but YOU know a lot of people here in the US think the US is the only continent on Earth :D ~R~)

119. Posted by : steffy
Date Posted : April 23, 2003 05:22:10 AM
Location : roswell new mexico
Comments : great site

120. Posted by : Rachel
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 11:45:34 PM
Location : North Carolina, USA
Favorite pig-out food : Anything chocolate
Anything anomalous... : sure
...ever happen to you? : not really since it's all in my head. i get these thoughts that i know are completely irrational, and sit there thinking they don't make sense but i get really paranoid over them anyway. "i won't be
Occupation/fav. hobby? : sketching stuff..pencil
Comments : you site has entertained me for hours. honestly, it's my favorite website to go to, i keep coming back again and again, recommending it to friends, geez, who knows how bored i'd be without the whole deal on the Disney conspiracies? very. and that's bad. thanks for being such an interesting person and loving the rest of us enough to entertain us so much with such interesting material!

21. Posted by : Donna
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 07:27:16 PM
Location : Victoria, BC Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Chips and chocolate
Comments : I absolutely love your site! Keep up the great work, you rock!!

122. Posted by : Michael
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 04:41:59 PM
Location : Oceanside California
Favorite pig-out food : Tiramisu
Anything anomalous... : Well there were the stairs in ahotel that I followed my wife through one night that weren't there the next day, and the white room with the tiles. i did receive a symbol at the end of a bizarre medita
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Art Director
Comments : Love the site, well organised relevant and fresh information. You make me laugh and you make me wonder, you also remind me of things that i had swept aside as disconnected experiences.

123. Posted by : Colin
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 04:14:11 PM
Location : Cheshire, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : You
...ever happen to you? : strange
Occupation/fav. hobby? : woman
Comments : excellent site I have spent 3 bloody hours on it instead of doing work.

124. Posted by : Jack
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 03:30:49 PM
Location : Albuquerque New Mexico
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Comments : Fun site, keep up the good work!

125. Posted by : Omicron Delta Pineapple
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 01:56:16 PM
Location : Possum Snout, GA
Favorite pig-out food : chopped beef barbecue
Anything anomalous... : yup. heard ghost children run up the stair in an English manor house
Occupation/fav. hobby? : horses....anything with horses
Comments : Very interesting site, wonderful way to use up dead time at work. But you need more new stuff!

126. Posted by : Kim
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 01:21:41 PM
Location : Kansas
Comments : Great site. Love all the wierd stuff you have on it.

127. Posted by : Jacob
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 11:28:21 AM
Location : ON, Canada
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Cook
Comments : Very good site !

128. Posted by : Anne
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 11:02:30 AM
Location : Orlando
Favorite pig-out food : ice cream
Anything anomalous... : all the time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : tats piercings..ect
Comments : I just love coming to this site to see the wierd and unusual stuff!! Not to mention, I love the comments you make..a true smart @$$ after my own heart!! Keep up the good work!!

129. Posted by : Steel Monkey
Date Posted : April 22, 2003 09:56:13 AM
Location : Roswell,NM
Favorite pig-out food : Beer, Cigs & Dominoes Pzza, mmm...
Anything anomalous... : The usual around here
...ever happen to you? : a LOT of UFOs? Saw a whole bunch of religious figures the one time i took LSD
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Entomology(job)/Cryptozoology(hobby)
Comments : Quite an interesting site, I particularly like the strange insect pics. The "Alien Bug" as you put it looks like an assasin bug to me.

130. Posted by : queer
Date Posted : April 21, 2003 05:00:17 PM
Location : sav ga
Comments : very distracting

131. Posted by : Lady Saria
Date Posted : April 21, 2003 02:38:14 PM
Location : Lafayette
Favorite pig-out food : chinese food
Anything anomalous... : i've seen ufos here
...ever happen to you? : i'm probably on an FBI list somewhere
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing!
Comments : Your site absolutely rocks. Keep up the great work.

132. Posted by : frank
Date Posted : April 21, 2003 04:33:40 AM
Location : seville, spain
Favorite pig-out food : my wife's albondigas-meatballs
Occupation/fav. hobby? : teach english
Comments : cool and well investigated

133. Posted by : The RV Pluteus
Date Posted : April 20, 2003 04:46:57 PM
Location : OIMB, Charleston, OR, USA
Favorite pig-out food : Diesel
Anything anomalous... : I collect jellies and plankton all day
Comments : Being a boat is a hard life, but you site makes it better for a while. Thanks!

134. Posted by : Meg
Date Posted : April 20, 2003 02:39:46 PM
Location : Ohio, USA...actually
Favorite pig-out food : pocky
Anything anomalous... : oh yes
...ever happen to you? : like the time we found out George Lucas was an evil robot bent on mass reeducation?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing
Comments : 0_o DooD!
man, just when you think there's nothing good on the web, this site comes along amd makes me paranoid again. keep it up in the spirit of Art Bell's past Coast-to-Coast late-night talk show.
~ ^_^

135. Posted by : Minako Ano
Date Posted : April 20, 2003 02:30:49 PM
Location : Tokyo, Japan
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate
Anything anomalous... : yes
...ever happen to you? : many various and disturbing things
Occupation/fav. hobby? : writing/drawing
Comments : kickass site, very funny and much good information. i like especially the hate mail, it is very funny to see idiots humiliated.

136. Posted by : Mikel Hall
Date Posted : April 20, 2003 12:25:34 AM
Location : Wynne, Arkansas
Favorite pig-out food : BBQ
Anything anomalous... : UFO, Ghost, the usual
...ever happen to you? : yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Cop, computer games
Comments : Great job....keep up the good work

137. Posted by : Andi
Date Posted : April 19, 2003 09:30:17 PM
Location : Wichita, KS
Favorite pig-out food : mmm....pizza
Anything anomalous... : several actually...i live for anomalities....is that even a word?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : art, drama, history, parapsychology...etc. etc. ooh ooh...do lotr and star wars count? how bout anne rice?
Comments : EXCELLENT site. one of the best i've seen since freaky links....

138. Posted by : BigDaddyBJ
Date Posted : April 19, 2003 06:25:19 PM
Location : Manhattan, Kansas
Favorite pig-out food : Bar-B-Que Anything
Anything anomalous... : Witnessed Engulfing Dark
...ever happen to you? : During Normal Outing
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Commercial Sales Manager
Comments : "It aint no sin to take off yer skin,and dance all around in your bones."

139. Posted by : Sarah Richie
Date Posted : April 19, 2003 06:51:28 AM
Location : Lake Jackson, Texas
Comments : Nice site, I will be back for more.

140. Posted by : Maggi
Date Posted : April 19, 2003 02:39:21 AM
Location : Mich
Favorite pig-out food : cashews
Comments : hey your site is hilarious!! I agree with the whole Britney deal too; in fact i wrote a 8 page paper on how she and christina aguilera are bad role models...your replies to hate mail are witty and entertaining.

141. Posted by : angie
Date Posted : April 17, 2003 10:53:33 PM
Comments : yo...your site design and layout is cool...keep it up....btw, read through your hate mail, lol...got a great laugh out of it=)

142. Posted by : Joseph H Long
Date Posted : April 17, 2003 04:58:12 PM
Location : Cullowhee, North Carolina, USA
Favorite pig-out food : Peanut M&M's
Anything anomalous... : Not
...ever happen to you? : Yet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Software Developer
Comments : This is a great distraction from the World Politics of today, I still have to keep up with the new.
But this is a neat site (makes you feel like a "Global Community", doesn't it?

(Why thanks, Joe...I try. And yep it sure does..I am still floored at the mail I get from all over the world and and all the different, amazing people I hear from. The nice people keep me company and the doodyheads entertain me..can't ask for better distraction! :D ~R~)

143. Posted by : Simon
Date Posted : April 17, 2003 10:37:23 AM
Location : Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Occupation/fav. hobby? : IT Technician hobby:playing guitar
Comments : Great site. Lots of fun. Keep up the good work.

144. Posted by : mike
Date Posted : April 16, 2003 02:02:10 PM
Location : catania
Favorite pig-out food : salami
Anything anomalous... : you mean other than living half way up the side of Europe's biggest active volcano?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : biologist - biology
Comments : great site

145. Posted by : goohglhag-boorf
Date Posted : April 16, 2003 10:05:18 AM
Location : earth
Favorite pig-out food : shhsffd-ios
Anything anomalous... : i crashed neer roswell
Occupation/fav. hobby? : flying
Comments : good site

146. Posted by : Herne
Date Posted : April 16, 2003 01:59:17 AM
Location : Bairnsdale, VIC
Favorite pig-out food : Hot Dogs!!!
Anything anomalous... : Have seen strange lights in the
...ever happen to you? : sky!!
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Manager / Photography
Comments : Kewl stuff. Keep it coming!!!

147. Posted by : Bob Peluso
Date Posted : April 15, 2003 12:51:40 PM
Location : Central, NJ
Favorite pig-out food : Mexican
Anything anomalous... : Grew up in funeral home
...ever happen to you? : and once heard unearthly noise there
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Guitarist
Comments : Fun site

48. Posted by : NJ Carter
Date Posted : April 14, 2003 12:44:58 PM
Location : Sacramento
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : Michale Jackson's face!
...ever happen to you? : I once saw an unusual object in the sky. Maybe one day, I'll write it up and send it to you.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Reading crazy stuff like you have on your website.
Comments : Kickass site. Keep up the good work!

149. Posted by : RR
Date Posted : April 14, 2003 09:04:21 AM
Location : Texas
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Intelligence Analyst
Comments : Nice work. a daily read.

150. Posted by : Barb
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 09:32:55 PM
Location : Windsor, ON, Canada
Favorite pig-out food : Kettle popcorn ^_^
Anything anomalous... : No comment. (For now)
Comments : What a fantastic site! Loved the hate mail! Lots of food for my brain. Good layout and graphics too. I'll come back and visit soon.

151. Posted by : Lisa
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 06:22:43 PM
Location : Toronto
Favorite pig-out food : Sweet and Salty together
Comments : Great site. This is really cool too!

152. Posted by : Brian Roig
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 12:33:04 PM
Location : Central Jersey
Favorite pig-out food : I don't have just ONE favorite
Anything anomalous... : Well at 9am I once heard a scream that combined the vocals of a human female, animal and a machine. Does that count?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I play the drums. I'm trying make a band work other that I go to shows and hang out at the mall. Boring life isn't it?
Comments : I really love this site. I have a wild fasination with the paranormal and anything mysterious/covered up/or um...did I say paranormal already?. My friend sent me a link to this site and at first it was the pictures page. I thought that WAS the site, until I stumbled upon the main page. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most was the Disney part of the site. Those evil bastards. After a discussion with my friend he said their motto for life threatening situations was something along the lines of "Hose em' down and keep em' coming". Well webmistress, I wish you more anomalous days to come.

[ B r i a n ]

153. Posted by : Bronwyn Tait
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 04:18:38 AM
Location : Uitenhage - South Africa
Favorite pig-out food : Chinese
Occupation/fav. hobby? : dancing, drinking and socialising
Comments : This site is absolutely awesome! It is intreging and kept me busy for hours the first time. I enjoyed it even the horrific things to the the weirdo's.

154. Posted by : Ben
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 04:04:36 AM
Location : Toronto, Ontario
Favorite pig-out food : peanut m&m's
Anything anomalous... : things in my room disappear or move locations
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Security guard/computers
Comments : Loved the site, lots of cool things...kept me going through a 12 hour night shift!

155. Posted by : Missy
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 01:05:27 AM
Location : Rossville, GA
Favorite pig-out food : hmmm..pizza
Anything anomalous... : don't even get me started..lol
Comments : i personally think your website is great!..even the michael jackson page!! lol ..i have spent half the night here and reading..learned some interesting stuff ..i definitely will think twice bout goin back to disneyworld! lol j/k ..keep up the good work!

156. Posted by : Drace
Date Posted : April 13, 2003 12:37:41 AM
Location : MO
Favorite pig-out food : Chips
...ever happen to you? : nah...not yet
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Chatting
Comments : Cool site....Would say more but "profanitys" (Like I have any agenst this site) aren't aloud...so bye and all that stuff

157. Posted by : mana
Date Posted : April 12, 2003 10:06:49 PM
Location : yulee, Florida
Favorite pig-out food : cheetoes. >.>
Anything anomalous... : Every damn day
...ever happen to you? : I have this wonderful thing that seems to make ghosts follow me like crazy...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I'm a civil war living historian (reenactor)
Comments : Great site ^_^ I sent ya' an e-mail becuase im a stupid bip that could not find the guiest book....also i had to pin in a location about 100 miles west of my home town becuase of other ppl pinned in my city LOL

(Hiya Sweets ! My comp finally died on my about 2 months ago and my nice brother bought me a new one for my Bday if DELL WILL EVER FRICKING SHIP THE DAMN THING.....(whew! I feel better now!) so I'll get to the mail one of these days. Last I peeked I have over 2000 sitting there, unread. I've been using my neighbor's comp to check regular mail and not able to do a thing :( I'll answer ya asap :) ~R~)

158. Posted by : Terri
Date Posted : April 12, 2003 06:10:48 PM
Location : Lakeville MN
Favorite pig-out food : Thai
Comments : Love the sight. Very interesting.

159. Posted by : LANDRO23
Date Posted : April 12, 2003 05:43:08 PM

160. Posted by : Mattias
Date Posted : April 12, 2003 08:18:38 AM
Location : Nässjö, Sweden
Favorite pig-out food : Tacos
Anything anomalous... : Ghosts, weird animals
...ever happen to you? : Yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Searching for truth...
Comments : Great site, keep up the good work.
Such a big collection of stuff I've wondered about...
You've helped me in my quest to find strange and odd things all over the world...

161. Posted by : Chris
Date Posted : April 12, 2003 06:05:05 AM
Location : AZ
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Weed
Comments : This is the most interesting site I've seen in a while.

162. Posted by : Joanne
Date Posted : April 11, 2003 04:43:26 PM
Location : Lethbridge Alberta
Favorite pig-out food : Corn pops
Anything anomalous... : My house is haunted
...ever happen to you? : I hear things all the time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : I like to party nothing beats canadian beer
Comments : this site is the shizznit I probably spent in a course of 2 days 8 hours on here, sad as it sounds it ended up being in the wee hours of the morning because I couldnt sleep, its not like I dont have a real life outside of the internet junkie realm

163. Posted by : Sabrina
Date Posted : April 11, 2003 02:51:35 PM
Location : deutschland
Favorite pig-out food : wienerschnitzel
Anything anomalous... : ich bin nicht ein americanerin aber ich liebe englisch
...ever happen to you? : nein
Comments : ich bin ein deutscherin aber ich liebe Amerika!

(Vielen Dank! Ich werde balder so Halt durch hinzufügen. Sagen Sie hallo zu Mainz für mich ~R~)

164. Posted by : Rob K
Date Posted : April 11, 2003 12:19:36 AM
Location : Calgary AB
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Nothing much really, i dont pay enough attention.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Anything sports related, hockey mainly...Art...photography/filming
Comments : Great Page, keep up the good work

165. Posted by : fuldog
Date Posted : April 10, 2003 06:01:14 PM
Location : Mexico City, Mexico
Favorite pig-out food : Coffee & donuts. Mmhh...
Comments : Interesting stuff all around. May the lawyers leave you alone.

166. Posted by : Patty
Date Posted : April 09, 2003 06:43:04 PM
Location : north syracuse
Favorite pig-out food : crackers :D
...ever happen to you? : my dad's seen cow ghosts
Occupation/fav. hobby? : comics
Comments : i luff this site...

167. Posted by : David Jones
Date Posted : April 09, 2003 02:02:33 AM
Comments : chaceing that cave creature..

168. Posted by : Kevin
Date Posted : April 08, 2003 08:47:49 PM
Location : Mission, Texas
Comments : Hmm...

169. Posted by : Clare Dansby
Date Posted : April 08, 2003 07:29:40 PM
Location : Sugar Land, Texas
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza
Anything anomalous... : Nothin'
...ever happen to you? : Nothin'
Occupation/fav. hobby? : TV watchin' and video games
Comments : You have a weird and super weird site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

170. Posted by : Cody
Date Posted : April 08, 2003 05:07:10 PM
Location : Memphis, tn
Favorite pig-out food : Hot Wings
Anything anomalous... : shadow people
...ever happen to you? : seen them twice
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Oracle DBA, musician, artist, DJ
Comments : Don't mind the haters, their arguments don't hold water

171. Posted by : SammyGee
Date Posted : April 08, 2003 08:37:04 AM
Location : Hertfordshire, UK
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Sci Fi Books
Comments : Fantastic site - full of interesting bits and pieces! Love the hate mail pages - very funny replies!!!

172. Posted by : Sarah
Date Posted : April 08, 2003 03:42:02 AM
Location : Wellington
Favorite pig-out food : Sushi
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Anime!
Comments : Wicked site.. I could spend hours here reading everything.. And all that Disney stuff.. creeeeeepy!!! I used to collect it but now I'm not so sure...

173. Posted by : Brad
Date Posted : April 07, 2003 12:34:03 PM
Location : Ohio
Favorite pig-out food : Cookies
Anything anomalous... : no
...ever happen to you? : no
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Suent
Comments : This is a badass web site, i like it alot.

174. Posted by : Dave
Date Posted : April 07, 2003 12:31:01 AM
Location : Ontario
Favorite pig-out food : lasagne
Occupation/fav. hobby? : rock n roll
Comments : nice site.

(Hi Dave! We don't talk about out dicks here, please. My mom reads these and I don't want her seeing such stuff as I'm sure the only reason I came to be is that dad rolled around a lot in his sleep. I get talked to enough for saying "shit" once in awhile, let alone need a phone call asking why I let men talk about their Pee Pees on my site. I'm sure you understand. If not I can give her your # and you can talk to her about. :D ~R~)

175. Posted by : brian demeree
Date Posted : April 06, 2003 03:02:31 PM
Location : little falls
Favorite pig-out food : subshop
Anything anomalous... : 44
...ever happen to you? : all the time
Occupation/fav. hobby? : college/nys thruway
Comments : great site, got my noodle going more than kraft

176. Posted by : Craig
Date Posted : April 05, 2003 03:38:50 AM
Location : Deadmonton
Favorite pig-out food : Rice
Anything anomalous... : Me?...
...ever happen to you? : those shadow people. hmmm
Occupation/fav. hobby? : student
Comments : Good Site. Followed it from a BB about denver airport. Thats sounds like... a really... anyways lots of good coverage and photos, keep them coming. Poor Michael. Poor you for all the hate mail. Good Job ^_^!

177. Posted by : Miss Darvas
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 08:17:02 PM
Location : Manchester
Favorite pig-out food : pickled onions on brown bread
Occupation/fav. hobby? : taxidermist
Comments : Thanks for the Kurt Cobain murder theory page. Great site!!!!

178. Posted by : susan barton
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 05:49:55 PM
Location : Houston, Texas
Comments : Great site R! Very entertaining and a good read...

179. Posted by : Shannon
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 01:02:15 PM
Location : Austria
Favorite pig-out food : Coke and Popcorn
Comments : Everytime I come here, I get so hooked and end up spending hours. Bravo on your research. I can't wait for more. - An American student in Austria.

180. Posted by : HMS Essex
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 10:05:51 AM
Location : small rowboat PACIFIC OCEAN
Favorite pig-out food : Nathaniel was good
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Fmr Whaler
Comments : Help! *glub* Big Whale *blub* Stove to starboard *glubb* *blurbell* *gag*

181. Posted by : Nannook
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 09:58:22 AM
Location : Frozenass NWT
Favorite pig-out food : what's a pig?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : hunter/gatherer
Comments : I hate crowds!

182. Posted by : Mike
Date Posted : April 04, 2003 09:54:52 AM
Location : Edina MN
Favorite pig-out food : squirrill brain (well not ANYMORE!)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Techie/ drinking to forget I'm a techie
Comments : Michael Jackson scares me! Did he sign some sort of pact with Satan?

183. Posted by : jessica
Date Posted : April 03, 2003 06:25:19 PM
Location : vancouver island
Favorite pig-out food : strawberries
Occupation/fav. hobby? : drawing
Comments : I thought this sight was awsome. It had everything i am interested in.

184. Posted by : penski
Date Posted : April 03, 2003 03:55:41 PM
Location : berwick
Favorite pig-out food : pizza
Anything anomalous... : this odd rash... :p
Occupation/fav. hobby? : mooozak
Comments : ver' cool. we need updates, yo :)

185. Posted by : adele
Date Posted : April 03, 2003 12:48:00 PM
Location : earth
Favorite pig-out food : chocs
Comments : keep up the good work. kick all the michael jackson freaks asses
be back soon ;)

186. Posted by : Amba
Date Posted : April 03, 2003 09:04:46 AM
Location : Colorado
...ever happen to you? : Yes.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : SCUBA diving, reading
Comments : Love the site- the insulting e-mails are hilarious. Do these people have lives?

187. Posted by : ColdDeadEmptiness
Date Posted : April 03, 2003 12:07:20 AM
Location : Fort Wayne, Indiana
Favorite pig-out food : Milk Chocolate M&Ms
Comments : Excellent site you have here. I've spent many hours perusing it.

188. Posted by : Heidi
Date Posted : April 02, 2003 04:31:00 PM
Location : Memphis TN
Favorite pig-out food : what isn't my favorite?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : auditor
Comments : Gotta love those liberal auditors - actually, you should be worried. Very, very worried.

190. Posted by : Bambi
Date Posted : April 01, 2003 09:11:48 PM
Location : Salida Colorado
Anything anomalous... : Once I found a headless Barbie doll in the irrigation ditch. Does that count?
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Form 1065
Comments : Sorry about the flag, I just wondered what Tuvalu was. I'm an accountant and I'm way too busy with 1040s to spend so much time on your website! Love the MJ thing. Keep up the good work, I'll pass the address on to all my freaky accountant friends...

191. Posted by : Sidhedevil
Date Posted : April 01, 2003 03:34:29 PM
Location : Boston
Favorite pig-out food : Chocolate
Anything anomalous... : Once I was thinking about the Rolling Stones,
...ever happen to you? : and I turned on the radio and the Beatles were on! In other words, no.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Complaining.
Comments : Love the site. I sent you a tiny contribution. Keep up the good work.

192. Posted by : John
Date Posted : April 01, 2003 03:09:10 PM
Location : ManchVegas, NH
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza Rolls
Anything anomalous... : Yes
Occupation/fav. hobby? : 3D designer/Tattooing
Comments : Great site, got paid 75.00 just to search the site. Don't tell my boss.

193. Posted by : Linnea
Date Posted : March 31, 2003 10:56:53 PM
Location : Vancouver, BC
Favorite pig-out food : Sushi
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Information hound
Comments : Very entertaining and informative site. I have always loved good mysteries and you hit on plenty of them. It strikes me that you actually like the process as much as the outcome, and for someone like me, who likes to make up her own mind, it's refreshing.

194. Posted by : kiedas26
Date Posted : March 29, 2003 11:16:52 PM
Location : Cheyenne, WY
Favorite pig-out food : Peanut Butter Chocolate icecream
Anything anomalous... : Shadow people visited crazy thing when I was a kid.
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Work, play, and perty much live on computers.
Comments : Fantastic site, LMAO to the point of tears on the alien bug email string!!!! Keep it up, got my support!!!

195. Posted by : dd the great
Date Posted : March 29, 2003 09:31:43 PM
Location : metter, ga
Favorite pig-out food : chips, mmmm
Comments : cool site... kind of afraid to read too much.. ignorance being bliss and such ;)

196. Posted by : bert g
Date Posted : March 29, 2003 05:44:03 PM
Location : millers creek , nc
Favorite pig-out food : reese's peanut butter cups
Anything anomalous... : heard the footsteps and smelled the pipe smoke of a Theater Professor who had committed suicide a few months earlier when we were closing up the stage after refocusing stage lights for college product
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Speech Therapist/ Comic Books and Ray Harryhausen Films
Comments : Yes,it's me Rahni. Finally pinned myself.. oh wait I may go blind... .Hugs and Kisses... oh wait too pookie... Bile and Flem for ya!

197. Posted by : Ed
Date Posted : March 29, 2003 08:41:39 AM
Location : Dorset
Favorite pig-out food : chinese
Anything anomalous... : Theres a whole lot of chemtrails around the farnboroug area, which incedently is home to a very large DERA (defence evaluation rese sitearch agency)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : playing bass
Comments : Rockin site, though dont know how i came across it keep up the fine work

198. Posted by : Sven v H
Date Posted : March 29, 2003 12:36:11 AM
Location : Antwerp, Belgium
Favorite pig-out food : Pizza, ice cream and honey nuts :-)
Anything anomalous... : I've got a lot of experiences I can't explain...
...ever happen to you? : Clearvoiance, ghost been waken in my bedroom for two years everynight by I don't know what ...
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Product manager / gardening and animals
Comments : Very great website, I've bookmarked you and send your URL to all the people I know whom are interested in this kind of things and people should be nicer to you. Although Michael Jackson is a great entertainer, you must be blind not to see the changes that are NOT possible without plastic surgery, exept the whitening maybe. Keep on going girl !!!

199. Posted by : Heather
Date Posted : March 28, 2003 07:42:15 PM
Location : Southern Oregon
Favorite pig-out food : chocolate and soda
Anything anomalous... : not yet, but I'll let ya know
...ever happen to you? : ;)
Occupation/fav. hobby? : No, my occupation is not my favorite hobby. I love to write though.
Comments : I love your website. It is so f*cking hilarious. I printed out the MJ's face part, so I could show my friend, who is a huge MJ fan. She was pretty pissed off, but in the end she just started laughing. It was cool.

200. Posted by : Keet
Date Posted : March 28, 2003 07:34:55 PM
Location : Anchorage, AK
Anything anomalous... : I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant
Occupation/fav. hobby? : Telecommunications/Singing
Comments : Love the site...especially the MJ hate mail. Amazing how his own special blend of crazy has leeched out of the cd's to his fans. Dig all the wierd/strange/humorous/odd things you've amassed. I'd send money, but I have a daughter...last I checked she has it all.

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