Kurt was found three days after his death. He was found in the greenhouse of his home, which was above the
garage. How did his body lay around for three days in his own home, getting missed when the live-in nany and
others were supposedly looking for him?
Kurt Cobain, the singer of the band Nirvana, killed himself by a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the head. So they said.
The moody, depressive off-again-mosly-on-again heroine addict's death came as a shock to most, but not a surprize.
After all, he'd overdosed before, a supposed suicide attempt, right? So why would anyone think this wasn't a suicide?
The evidence, which was ignored by the police. The pieces that didn't fit. And the fact that his widow, the Heroin Skank
Groupie Slut Courtney Love, apparently wanted him dead. She HAD offered someone $50,000 to kill Kurt not too long
Why would she bother? Because Kurt wanted to Quit The Biz and retire out of public eye. Kurt also wanted a divorce,
and her often publicly abused Meal Ticket was about to cash it in. Her prenup would leave her with not too much, as
opposed to his death leaving her millions. People compared her to Yoko Ono, even starting fight within Kurt's band
members when she found out they all got the same per cent of the profits. The worse she got, the worse he got into
drugs, until he decided he'd had enough, went to rehab and was hell bent on getting his life together . Then came the
'suicide". Strangely this happened right before the release of her first CD, which sold briskly because of the whole
sordid tale. Many reliable folks think she had him killed. Here's the pieces that didn't fit and and no one tried too hard
to explain..after all, just another suicide, right?

No fingerprints were found on the gun - there were 4 "latent' prints, too faint and smudged to be
of any use. Cops said this seemed to look as if someone wiped off the prints that had been there.
No fingerprints at all were found on the pen he supposedly used to write his 'suicide note"
Someone was using Kurt's credit card. Courtney called a private investigator, Tom Grant, and asked if he could
find the person using it. When he showed up she said she lied and she really wanted to find where Kurt was,
saying there had been no contact since he left the Rehab facility. In spite of this, she cancelled the card which
made it near impossible to trace.
Courtney asked her lawyer, Rosemary Carroll, to find her the 'meanest, most vicious divorce lawyer' she could, to
get a divorce. She had signed prenuptual agreement and wanted someone who might be able to get her out of it.
Otherwise all she'd get was 'some' money (instead of millions) if Kurt divorced her.
Rosemary Carroll, Courtney's lawyer, was instrumental in starting an investigation into Kurt's possible murder.
After his death she became suspicious and thought she might have the motive. She called Tom Grant and said
she had information she wanted to share and had come to believe Courtney was behind Kurt's death.

Days before his death, Kurt had been in a rehab facility in Los Angeles, and had gone AWOL before the
treatment period ended. A friend visiting Kurt in the facility said he looked the best he'd ever seen him look and he
was happy and upbeat. Kurt booked a flight home to Seattle, making no attempt to hide the fact or stay out of sight.
Fans recognized him at the airport and he signed autographs.

Courtney asked Tom Grant to watch a woman's house that she suspected was Kurt's girlfriend "in case he'd show
up there" even though she knew Kurt was hanging out at home. 'She seemed more worried about watching the
woman, than Kurt', said Tom.
Eldon Hoke, a porno-rock-redneck scumbag 'artiste' who went by the stage name of El Duce, said Courtney
offered him $50,000 to kill Kurt, saying he'd been "getting to be a real asshole". Eldon turned her down. Becasue
of his nefarious past, a lie detector test was given to him by one of the nation's best polygraphers. He passed.
Kurt OD'd in Rome in 1994. All reports, which were known mostly from Courtney, said that it had
been accidental - they hadn't seen each other for a while and, altho he had been taking prescription
Xanax, they had some champagne. Courtney said it was "Not a suicide attempt and continued to
tell this same story until after his death. After he died, Courtney told the press this had actually
been a suicide attempt. This PR move backfired when friends and family blasted her asking if this
was true why hadn't she mentioned it before - so they could have protected and watched him, gotten
him help?
Kurt's friend Peter Cleary said that Kurt was never suicidal. "Nothing was ever said about that until
AFTER he died. Then all of a sudden all you heard was that he was, and had been, kind of setting up
this whole scene. and it all came from Courtney. He never was, never. Ever".
When asked by Tom Grant why he hadn't seached the greenhouse, Dylan Carlson, a friend of Courtney's
who had been alerted Kurt was missing from rehab said it was "just a dirty little room - I think they kept
wood in there", Later he told the press he hadn't looked because didn't know the greenhouse existed
Kurt's body was found laying on his back, with the shotgun on his chest, pointed to his head. His left hand was
holding the barrel. n the floor was his wallet. Later reports would say that he had carefully taken out his driver's
license and laid it out so identification could be made. This is untrue. In fact little damage was done to Kurt's
face and it was easily seen who he was.
Also next to the body was a cigar box which contained a burnt spoon, a syringe, and other heroin
paraphernalia, all carefull put away.
Canadian Chemist Roger Lewis read the autopsy report and smelled a rat knowing that drug
related 'suicides' are often a staged coverup for a murder.
According to "Heroin Addiciton: Theory, Research and Treatment" (1986) a lethal dose for a 150 pound
male is about 70-80 mg of heroin (heroin immediately turns into morphine in the blood). Kurt weighed
115 pounds and had 75 times this lethal amount.
After the dust settled, Courtney awarded Cali's father a very lucrative contract to remodel her WA home.
When Kurt was supposedly at home in WA in suicide mode, Courtney was arrested due to a 911
phone call reporting an overdose in her hotel room. After paramedics arrived and took her to the
hospital, she was released 2 hours later into police custody and charged with possession of a syringe,
and drug paraphrenalia. Tom Grant says this was Courtney's alibi for the whole mess. The 911 call, it
was found, which got Courtney out of the loop at the right time, was placed from her LA hotel room.
Courtney conveniently produced for the police a never-before-seen-or-mentioned suicide note Kurt supposedly
wrote at the time of this Rome "attempt". This note was not brought up at the time of the Rome OD. A police
officer said it was no such thing; it was a rambling and unflattering diatribe against her. He said there were some
veiled references you'd really have to look hard at to see as "suicidal" and it'd only seem so in hindsight.
Because of his investigations, Tom Grant came to believe that Kurt was murdered, and that Courtney
was directly involved with it.
No fingerprints at all were found on the box of shells for the gun, which were next to the body. Three
shells were loaded from the box of 25 - why would Kurt load 3 shells if he was planning to just blow
his brains out? Doesn't one do it?
The 'suicide' note has been determined by two internationally known hand writing experts to be of
two handwritings. The 'original' letter written by Kurt had nothing in it about suicide. It was known
Kurt wanted to quit the Rock Business and he was fed up with his marriage to the abusive
Courtney. His portion of the letter reads as such; merely a reflection and thoughts about how fed
up he was and it was time to quit the whole thing.
The part added to the note are the only sections that would make this note go into "a suicide note"
mode. At the top of the note is written "Boddah" in this 2nd handwriting; at the bottom of the letter
AFTER Kurt's signature are added four lines that put the 'suicide' ring to it all.'goodbye'.
When Tom Grant went to the house to look around, there was a note to Kurt from Cali which was left in plain
view on the stairs. The note said Cali "couldn't believe" Kurt had been in the house without him knowing; but
Cali had already seen Kurt once already and after all, it was Kurt's house. Why be stunned he was there?
When Kurt got home after leaving the rehab facility, he woke up their live-in nanny Michael Dewitt, called "Cali",
and talked with him awhile. Cali had been a good friend of Courtney's even before she met Kurt.
Peter also is quoted as saying, "She would call him a dumb fuck all the time. He would just stand there
and take her abuse...He was like a baby. One day he was talking to me and another friend and I guess
she thought she was being ignored, so she satrted calling him a 'dickless jackoff" right in front of
(daughter) Francis. This is pretty much how it always went towards the end"
One of the main suspects was Cali, the nanny. When Tom Grant asked where he was, Courtney first said
he was in rehab in Georgia maybe, she thought , or no wait! He's on vacation. Green requested that she
call him and ask him to come to WA for questioning. Courtney told a friend there at the time to go call
him and tell him to come in. When Grant left, Courtney called Cali herself and said not to. He didn't, and
was never questioned.
Tom Grant decided to make this all public and went on a Nationally syndicated radio show. Courtney called
him afterwards and told him she'd "make it worth his while to drop the investigation'.
If Courtney had no idea where he was or HOW he was, how did she know his credit card was being used by
someone else?
When Kurt got home, he also tried to call Courtney at the hotel she was at but couldn't get thru. Courtney said she
had instructed the front desk to put a block on her phone and only allow calls from Kurt to come through. She
pretended to be furious at the front desk's faux pas. The hotel says this never happened.
Reports said there was a stool' wedged' under the door of the greenhouse, preventing anyone from entering. This is
total BS...there was a small foot stool sitting towards the center of the door, way too short to reach the handle.
(photos on Tom Grant's website..link at bottom)
He studied 98 similar deaths and their pathology, criminology and forensic tests. The autopsy revealed
that Kurt 's blood contained 2 to 3 times the fatal dose of heroin. It's true addicts build up a tolerance to
their drug, but Kurt's level was 75 times a lethal dose.
The New England Journal of Medicine (1973) study by J.C. Garriott "Morphine Concentrations and
Survival Periods in Acute Heroin Fatalities" said no one has ever been found with a blood level of
over .93 ml per litre. Kurt's level was 50% higher than this.
Roger Lewis concludes: "There is no way he shot himself up with triple a fatal dose of heroin, rolled down his
shirt sleeve, put his syringe and drug kit neatly away in a box, and pulled the trigger. You'd be dead before
you even got the needle out of your arm." This is backed by all the medical study - you'd be instantly dead or
instantly in a coma. Lewis' report is titled "Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers".
At the time of his death, Kurt was straightening out his life and decided he wanted to leave the Rock and Roll life
and retire. He also was going to get a divorce. It was a well known fact that it hadn't been working, and he
realized his marriage to Courtney Love was one of two things making him miserable.
At the time Kurt was in rehab, Courtney also enrolled in an out-patient rehab program "to support Kurt" and was
staying in a $500 a night suite at a L.A. Hotel with her daughter and a nanny. Her band's first CD was about to
come out and she was also there to do some PR work.
side note: it's said Kurt was behind the success of this CD, writing most of the 'catchy lyrics and
catchy hooks, really taking a mundane talent and making it a success. Some even said you can
plainly hear a lot of his guitar work on it. After all, it was his wife..why wouldn't he help out? The
fact that every CD put out by Courtney's band has sucked just reinforces this.
The period someone else was using Kurt's credit card was the 3-day period between his time of death and when the
body was discovered. The credit card was always kept in his wallet and he himself had never reported it missing
before this, suggesting he had it in his possession when he died. .
A few days after coming forward with this information, Hoke was killed by a train in a freak accident.
In spite of many reliable people and private investigations turning up much new information on this case, the Seattle
police refuse to reopen it in spite of saying publicly that they would if new information was ever discovered or presented
to them and they had 'any reason to'.
The coroner who pronounced Kurt's death a suicide and who had final say in the medical aspects of the
investigation was an old friend of Courtney's and used to party with her.
A good amount of the info on this section is from a most amazing and detailed book
Buy it at Amazon.com:
Who Killed Kurt Cobain?:The Mysterious Death of an Icon
Three days before his death, Kurt told friends he 'feared for his life".
A few weeks after Kurt's death, Courtney went on tour with her band. Guess it didn't bother her much.