Sky Jellyfish
From the Huh? Files - The Jellyfish and the Spinning Ball

Was this the spinning ball
I saw on the other side of
building as it was
on it's way?

This has got to be one of the strangest things that's happened to me to date. Or one of 'em :)

I noticed they were spraying chemtrails outside about 2 PM. I got my digital camera and went to my front window where I got a magnificent view to take photos. The direction they were at was due East. They ran from North to the South with one from the main bunch right over my head heading west in a huge fan. Just to get the beginning tails of the loops, I went to the south side of my place and from the bedroom window, took two photos. I had put some bird seed out on the window ledge and there were some sparrows eating so I stood about 5 minutes spying on them, looking up at the sky and noticing for the 8,000th time how ugly all those wires and poles are outside my window. living. There's a rare (for here) black squirrel that hangs out in that pole and will come when I make clicky noises so I looked for him, too.

I then went back to the huge front window and when half through the room I saw a silver glint that had a bit of red on it. The first second I saw it I thought, "Wow is that low....Ah hah! One of the planesI". I got right up to the window then and saw it wasn't. I saw a round shaped 'thing' that was segmented like a soccer ball would be, turning slowly and moving very slowly in a straight line just over where the far side of the street would be, say about 50 feet away from me and about 15-20 feet higher than where I was. My thought then was that it was a bunch of kid's Mylar balloons tied together that were floating on the wind. But it wasn't. It was round, and I'd estimate about 3 feet across. There were no edges or tails or string. I stared at it real hard saying, "Balloons", but it never turned into 'balloons'. Balloons on a breeze, lazily drifting down the street. It moved ahead maybe 8 feet while I watched.

All of a sudden this thing, still catching a glint now and then, stopped dead. In the air. It went rapidly from side to side in a tight zig-zag maybe a foot or two to either side, like a dog shaking a toy in it's mouth. I thought well! That's some odd winds up there to be making it move like THAT...and then it started turning over and over and over and bucking half a turn to the left, then slow down, then zip two turns over right, then stop, then spin forward and spin violently backwards...throwing off bits of sun from time to time and a spot of red. I was totally glued to it thinking two things : "Wow that's so weird what IS that" and "That can't be the wind doing that?".....then I remembered there wasn't a wisp of breeze to be had outside - I had gone out a bit earlier to see if I could get a better photo of the Chems before I started taking the ones out my window. It was a dead still calm day. A glance at the trees in the background confirmed the weren't moving at all and neither were the various American Flags neighbors had hanging out. I had watched this thing for about 20 seconds..long enough to know it wasn't balloons - I was looking at something very strange. I took a good solid look at it and decided to run to get my binoculars which were on the table at the far end of the room. I got back to the window in maybe 6 seconds, no longer. When I got back 'it' was gone. I am on a 2nd floor and have a big view of the area. This thing had been stopped dead not too far from me at all, and now it was nowhere to be seen. I looked for 2 minutes...with and without the binoculars before I gave up. I didn't know what to make of it. I ran the 'tape' over in my head dozens of times. It felt like it had been a blip of time but I know I had watched it at least 25 seconds. I walk around shaking my head for an hour, looking out the window 40 more times. I decide to file it in my brain's "Huh!" file for now and go download the pictures of the Chemtrails I took off my digital camera.

That's when I see I got this "thing" on camera - what I thought right away was "a sky jellyfish". It WAS NOT THERE where I was taking the photos because I was standing there staring at that exact area of sky, only quickly raising the camera to take the two photos. It looks like it's over about the middle of the street. You can see the dark reflection of the gutters on the roof reflected on the window. If I assume this was there, I'd estimate it was about 4 feet long. It shows up in one photo but not in the first one I took of almost the exact same area about 5 seconds before. Then it hit me..was this the thing I saw out front? This would be "coming" to the front of the building. I saw it as it passed and was "going". I saw silver and red. Was it a machine or something alive? Was it having 'trouble" and became visible, then bucked and spun as it malfunctioned or did it just go back from where it came?

I sent this to three people before I decided to post it because I didn't want to sound like a nut. But I'm still wondering what the hell this was. I know didn't imagine the spinning 'ball' outside but I might have chalked that up to just a strange as hell sighting of 'something"... but after the photo showed this Jellyfish in the Sky and put another strange anomaly right in the area and time of the first...well, something had to be there. What?

Pixel people...have at it...I'm stumped..

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