Henri Lhote discovered an art gallery of odd figures in the Tassili Mts in the Sahara Desert, including a drawing of an 18 ft
man on a gorge wall, with a round oval around his head. Notice not only the 'headgear' but reinforcing bands around the
knees, elbows and waist like a modern space suit has. Also notice the large glove-like hands
Archeologists tell us that primitive man didn't have the 'imagination' to depict anything fanciful in his artwork. Cave
paintings were 'realistic', basic recordings of daily life - a rendering of an animal to the recording of a hunt.

Why then did they have the 'imagination' to draw and record beings with headgear, uniforms, large eyes, instruments and
even flying machines? How would a cave man, who walked around with skins for clothing, 'imagine' a modernc looking
space suit, helmet or instruments? Why and how would they invent beings in flying 'machines'? Why would a caveman,
who didn't even have the wheel, envision people flying like birds? It's explained away as images of their "gods".
These beings are shown in art all over the world yet all have a common, similar thread. In every culture from hardly-
people cave apes to the sophisticated Egyptians and Mayans, you find records of UFOs, alien beings, and drawings of
aircraft and instruments. You find little golden airplanes made as "trinkets' way before anyone even heard of it. You find
a "grey' alien plain as day painted into an Egyptian temple, by artists making accurate records of their time and who
were perfectly capable of painting 'people', and painting obvious separate 'gods'. Yet it's dismissed as imagination or
'representation' of an everyday occurence.

Why do we say all the "strange stuff' was some isolated, psychotic episode or a long dead artist when it was a record
and everything else in the records we find in those exact same places and on the exact same walls are taken seriously?
How can the very first 'art records' show a perfect (and crude) wildebeest, record a siccessful hunt or clearly drawn
elk...and oh, that thing in the spacesuit? Some god they made up. And we're sticking to it.

Here's a sample of drawings and records from across the world and time...you can judge for yourself.

beings in uniform with reinforcing bands at the knees,
waist and shoulders. These were drawn about 8000 B.C.
These two folks are found in Val Carmonica. There
are an estimated 20,000 drawings in this area which l
show 'beings' with 'helmets' and halos, most
wearing some type of suit. What kind of
instruments are they holding ?
Drawing of Austarlian 'gods' called by
their modern scholars "Two Creative
Beings". Are those uniforms?
page 2
This guy is known as the
"Tassili Sky God". The cave
drawing is 19 feet tall - not
something you'd take the time to do unless it was pretty
damn important. The legends of this area speak of gods who
came down from the sky in 'eggs'.