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Part Deux
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Your such an asshole ..and a no life lesbo! Get a life and stay out of the lives of other people! Envy wont take you anywhere !
You poor girl ..scratch that ...you poor piece of shit.

Sweetie -
You have to make up your mind here. I'm either an "asshole" or a "Lesbo"...it really takes the bite out of the insult when you imply I'm both the Male/Homosexual "asshole" or the Female/gay "lesbo". Since I'm female, the more appropriate "Lesbo" would have been the way to go here.I don't know where you live...feel free to email me with your address and phone number because it'd help me figure out how to help you best...but if you want, I can have my neighbor, who is a lesbo and who's brother works for AOL's billing department (and hunh! That's where your account is!) and ALSO gay contact you with more information because I know it gets kind of complicated, all these little nuances. The last time I called him a "big asshole" he said "It is NOT! Don't you start rumors!" so I know it's just so confusing! However... It just warms my heart to see how Michael's messages of love, Light and kindness have such an impact on his fans and you took the time to barge into my life to let me know to stay out of people's lives. Thanks for writing! ~R~


shut the fuck up!!!! i relly don`t understand how you can ever sleep at night??!! All th ebad things you said about michael jackson!!!! it`S outrageous!! I became so pissed off after reading all the bullshit you wrote about michael,that i got two big,red horns growing out of my fore head!!!! why do people slaugther him for his looks?? okay,maybe he has fixed his nose a few times,but SO WHAT??? the changing of the color of he`s skin is actually a desees called "Vitiligo". About 1-2% people of the world has this illness. It makes the skin pail and white,either in spots or makes the skin all white. he has never gone to a plastic-sergent to become white. so from now on i think you should researc a little more about things that you talk about!!!! love,REALLY PISSED OFF MICHAEL JACKSON FAN FRom alversund!!! and one more thing : i have a friend,she loves michael more than anything in this world.so if she had read this,i really think that she would have sent a hit man after you.okay that was a little overdrevet ,but she would have at least tracked you down like a dog,and bit you hard in your legs!!!! but dont be afraid,i wont tell her im sorry i f you dont understand all i have wrote.im from another country.hope you survive a little critic from a michael fan

Kjær Ray of Sunshine,

If it's easier next time, I speak Norwegian so you can bitch me out and just send it, though I appreciate the time you took to type this in English - it was very thoughtful.

I'm not sure if you know this, but I live in Chicago AND a big part of my family is Sicilian, so I know from hitmen. I feel I must correct you on the threat of your Hitman Friend biting me in the leg...last I heard they don't tend to do that. I mean, maybe SOME do, I'm not implying I should tell them how to do their jobs. My main concern here is that you hang out with people who will get down on all fours and bite people's legs...but I'm not your mom and so it's none of my business. I'm sure you're a fine young lady and your parents have obviously done a wonderful job, so I don't need to worry about you hanging out with the wrong crowd when you get older. So, you can tell your friend if you want. Please just tell her to be careful because it's real easy to just lift your other foot up and break someone's jaw into 7 pieces if they're biting people's legs. But yes, I did survive your letter. In fact to show there's no hard feelings, l'll even give you my address so your friend doesn't have to track me down. What is she....13? Is she also in Norway? What ever the case, tell her to come to O'Hare Airport, and I can pick her up - I'm not too far. And can you bring me one of those nice sweaters? Size 44 European please. Tak - ~R~


hey ! you have too many fuckingpictures on your site. sometimes people just wwant to read things. and not see pictures. i dont want to look at shit all the time . and i had to go enable pop-up windows on my pop-up killer just to see the shit. and i have to change my browser prefs so i can see Java script too.

You poor thing. I'm sorry to have put you through such stress. Did it go OK? You rested and drank a lot of liquids after this happened, I hope? Aren't you glad I don't have 8,386 pop-up ads on my site on TOP of it? Don't you want to run and donate $10 to me out of gratitude? If I had $10 I know I would!

Well, ok. Point taken. I can just tell you what I put up every week and email it to you..would that be ok? This week I'm putting up a bunch of incredible chemtrail photos from a guy in California...they're amazing. And I have an Odd Pic of a really ugly cat. Um..oh! An article about the sketches underneath paintings in a London Museum. I have a pic of a guy who's just a head, too...I mean he's dead, but it's kind of gross. Uh...People sent in some Bug pictures about that Alien Bug? They're pretty cool. I have other stuff too, but I'd have to pull up the page to go look and I don't feel like it. And I was going to put up a nice photo of me in a black lace Teddy and leather hip boots but you're right...just way too many pics as it is. Well, there you go! I hope this helps to somehow correct any problems I've caused you.
Kisses and all that, Rahni

Why do you insist on bitching about people so much? I mean, It's not like Michael Jackson does it to you, so why do you do it to him? I just think that whoever this is I'm writing to (boy/girl), you should reconsider what you've been saying about people! Cos it's not like anyone else finds it funny. Just think of all those heartbroken fans out there.
And all you seem to take it as is a joke. Besides, just because these famous people don't even know who you are, it definately doesn't give you the right to laugh at them on stupid websites, and make people look at horrible pictures (especially Michael Jackson)! I don't care who you are or what you look like but can you please stop being so mean! You know my e-mail address so can you e-mail me back and I shall see what you have to say for yourself! Thank you!

Dear Twinkles
If I could MAKE people look at my site, I'd take over the world. I think I can help you with that tho --- if you don't want to look at the site and the horrible pictures, then don't look at the site and the horrible pictures. WHEW! That was exhausting! I better go lay down.
Kisses, Rahni

This is one of the most horrifying letters I've ever read

How can You write such stuff about Michael- Self called king of pop? You bad person! Michael had surgery a couple of times! Well, maybe a little bit more than a couple (maybe a big bit more, ok?). Everybody have a right to completely screw his face and have his nose fall off! Do You have a problem with that? The other people are right. You ARE jealous! He has a lot of games in his room and You don't, he lives all alone in his mad house with all those monkeys and other animals, so what if it smells a little bit? He probably has a very expensive air freshener that You can't even afford since You earn only about $15 from Your site. So what if he's molesting little boys? Everybody makes mistakes! It's not a big of a deal. He has a lot of money, so he can keep the kid silent, could You afford it? Everyone has to be with someone. What is he to do if every woman in the world thinks he's too disgusting to be with, despite of his money? What would someone else do in this situation? Well, maybe they wouldn’t have sex with a kid...hmmm? But Michael is a king of pop, he knows what he's doing! And regarding his new album, I didn't listen to it, but I'm sure is gorgeous! And hiccups?! That was really cruel! The guy has a breathing problem, but he's trying! You should appreciate it, there are not a lot of such courageous people that have balls to make a fool of them in front of the whole world! So please stop that blaming him, 'cause he is a good and very special person.


To whom it may concern
My name is Mariah and I'm from Iran.I'm 24 years old and I've been a fan of King Of Pop since I remember! I read the article about him and I would like to give you some more information about Mike and some critics about your article! Michael Is a very nice person! He's really kind and caring,very understanding and helpful! He loves the world and the people and he has done such precious and invaluable actions for the world peace,quiet and equalty! He has helped alot of african countries and so many injured people! He has helped financially to many charity organizations and all of these which are known worldwide are only because of his kind heart that is beating worriedly for you and me and the other people! Now I would like to inform you about his appearance! He has had a skin disorder since he was around 20!This problem stops the skin pigmentation from functioning and then the whole skin goes colourless gradually! He had done nothing to change his race and he is proud of being black!If you don't believe,just ask himself! Michael is a religious person and he believes in God and his Hell and Heaven!He is a very lovely and wonderful person you can't imagine! But above all that,he is a human!A real human!He has feelings and emotions!He is wise and sensible and has common sense!He has the right to live happily and to have his privacy and honor,like you and everyone! He is the King Of Pop for ever and ever and no one can even come near him!He has a very incredible reputation and he has billions of fans round the world!He's well-known not only for his beautiful songs and videos and his extraordinary dance and his genius talent,but also for all the beautiful things he's done!His fans love him deeply and endlessly and never leave him alone! Now,back to you and your magazine,you've written offensive and bad things about him.You've made fun of him and your job is to spread gossips and rumers and lies,right?Is a a press's job?To deceive people?To lie to people?To make fun of famous ones and destroy their reputation?Is it what you should do?instead of informing the true and real things?Instead of cleaning people's minds from lies and rumers? Michael deserves to be honoured and respected!Not only because he's famous and the King Of Pop,but because he's a real human!But you offend him!You make fun of him!you use bad words about him!It's not what you call it justice! Do you know anything about human rights?I do not think so!If you were him,what would you do in this case? Don't you think he can sue all the tabloid junkies? Why does he never do? Cause he ignores you !He forgives you? Aren't you really ashamed of what you do to him? You would be better write children's stories in your paper!If you know nothing ,so please don't express your selfish and jealous opinions!He is not strange,he is not a zombie,he is not freak or wierd!I think you deserve all these!I hope God will guide you into the light one day! Instead of making fun of him and depressing him with your terrible and shitty article,you can join him and his fans to make a better place.All you are doing is to open your fucky mouth and write every thing you’ve made to sell your papers and deceive people! You mahe his soft heart twisted and you make him cry! You bother him on and on!You know nothing about human rights and respect and honour!You understand nothing but money1You are real devils!Is this his reward in return of every thing he’s done for the planet and people and children? God damn you and your organization! I think your no more that animals! You just know how to eat and fuck! That’s all the talent God has given you! That’s all that hasa come to you from life! Michael’s the one who has been able to touch everyone’s heart,even your hearts! If you didn’t care about him,you wouldn’t talk about him this much and would leave him alone! That’s the way he is! He has even influenced on you and because you’re really jealous about him and all his success and honours,you can do nothing but to write your pussy articles about him! Who cares? We’re standing by his side like a very powerful army and whenever he commands, we’ll start the 3rd world war! Be careful and watch of what you’re doing! You might be in danger very soon! He is the most caring and he’s really honest,innocent and sensitive! He’s the only one who really cares,so understanding and worried about every one living on this hell planet! If you want to care about children,you’d better care about your own children and teach them how to fuck people like you! This is the most valuable thing! Next time you want to say his name and talk about him,please be kind to wash your shitty and sucky mouth for him name is really pure of dirt and he is a holy person like Jesus!

Dear Twinkles:

::::rubbing eyes:::
You write a very nice letter for not being American - you have quite a creative grasp of English...good job!
I feel I must address a few things here, if I may: Mike has done some very nice charitable things, yes indeed. I'm not very well versed in exactly what he has done, but I do find that admirable. I know he gave some boy's family $15 million, which was real nice. I am also always fascinated by these "We Are The World" type of Charity events that huge stars organize to get people like you and me to donate our money, when, if each of those filthy rich stars involved just quietly donated even 1% of one year's salary, they'd far outstrip all the money raised basically by us.
And hey! They can't buy the publicity it all generates for them being such darn Great Humans and all. But I must disagree that he cares about me personally as I just got a shut off notice for my electric bill and owe about $15,000 in medical bills for this year and I really have checked the mail and he still hasn't sent me a check. I did write to ask, too, after the last person told me how much he cares about even me, The Big Asshole here. Also - I don't have any kids, but if I did I wouldn't be 'teaching them to "fuck people like me" because that's called "incest" here. Even though I try to be pretty cool about things, I'd lock my kids in the tool shed until they were 45 if I found out they were "fucking" and were like, 14...so I have to disagree about it being a "valuable thing". I also have to correct something else you said - if all I did was "eat and fuck" I sure as hell wouldn't be doing this web site. Hell no! I think I'd be too damn happy to be bothering much! Anyway, I'm flattered you think I have such staggering impact here. I'm not a "paper" or anything like that; I'm just one person's insomniac hobby "puttering around" web site because I'm pretty much stuck inside due to my health these days. Also, I don't have an "organization"...in fact I can't even find my damn Scotch Tape and I know I had it in the living room. I'm also pretty sure I haven't made Mike cry. I saw him crying on TV awhile ago about his penis and buttocks being photographed and I KNOW I didn't do that. I would never EVER do that....EW! I've never even taken pictures of anyone's penis or buttocks that I LIKED! Honest! So, I hope this clears at least a few things up.
And also...nowhere in the Bible does it say that Jesus ever walked around grabbing his crotch while he preached, and He turned water into wine, not a black men into white women, so you take that back. ~Rahni


From MissGayPride2001
If I ever saw you on the streets I would kick your ass don't make Michael's personal life your life asshole. Leave him alone your probably like this sick fuck who got fuck up the ass so you put down people who are better then your sorry ass fucker.

Dear Miss: Was that your acceptance speech? That'd be pretty funny if it was. If you could do it in like, a Clint Eastwood voice that'd be really funny.
Kisses ~ Rahn


is that you who wrote that crap about michael jackson's face. you better watch out, i hate to see things like that about michael. he's a normal, cute guy, how can you say that about his face. he's amazing. he still looks so beautiful.

Dear Hon - When you write and threaten me, it'd be helpful for my records if you'd be more clear as to the nature of this threat. I know it takes extra time but I'm trying to update the site and be a bit more organized now that it's gotten kind of big, so I'd appreciate your help in keeping my Database of Doom more orderly here. Please, next time, pick one of the following and add it to your letter:
You Better Watch Out Because :
1} Jesus is going to get you
2} God is going to get you
(please substitute following where applicable: Allah, Odin, Goddess, Buddah, Vishnu, Tinkerbell, Golem, Manitou, Quetzacoatl, Elvis)

3} My personal Death/Hit/Mafia/Triad/Yakuza/Hezbollah/Shining Path/Mossad/Delta Force squad will be dispatched to your home forthwith
4} I'll get your site taken down, I swear it!
5} I am just so pissed off at you!
6} I will never come to your site again!
7} I will kick your ass if I see you on the street
8} I am going to have all 2,845 Michael Jackson fans write you daily until you take that page down
9} You are in so much trouble, you have no idea. I'm just sayin'.
10} No soup for you!
11} sick fuck shit piss up the ass how dare you fuck asshole you jealous fuck biatch homo lesbian fag ass shit fuck
12} I have no concept of what observational humor is and I'm frustrated, living in Mom's basement

If it's too long to type, you can just put the number in - I have a column where I can just quickly enter it next to your name and all that.
Thanks for your help! Rahni


From Kzinn
Have you ever read the BIBLE. Do you KNOW that you ARE going to HELL? I'm just wondering when is the last time you had your PERIOD? What phycologist are you seeing? How long have you been in depression? Were you born INSECURE? Have you had kids? Are you GOTHIC? Do you even go to SCHOOL, or are you to POOR for that? Have you ever considered that MICHAEL JACKSON is a GREAT man, and that his nose is NONE of your concern unless you WANT to pick it since your such a SICK PERSON. HOW would YOU feel if you were publically humilated because of some false RUMOR(s). Before I go, have you ever stuck your head up your ass and saw how CRAZY, STUBORN, THICKHEADED, BRAT, SINFUL person YOU ARE? Thanks for your time. Michael Jackson fan (just to let you know!)

and her evil twin ...


from crazy_baby12 who has a very pretty actual name (you'll see the irony...);
look u bitch all that shit u said bout mike's face is bullshit .I bet u don't know shit bout what really happened to his face. u should just mind ur own buisness and stay out of peoples lives. just b/c ur life is fucked up doesn't mean u got to do the same to his. u don't even know him and ur talking shit bout.STOP WRITING LIES U HOMO!! I THINK UR THE ONE THAT'S FUCKED UP NOT MIKE! SORRY BUT THE TRUTH HURTS U SLUT!

HI Sweety:
You know with as much as you peeps keep asking me and calling me a "homo" lately and implying I'm a slut and women of that ill repute, I'm starting to wonder if you're just trying to cleverly check to see if I am a lesbian so you can hit on me. Unless I missed a meeting and calling someone a "fag" was moved up on the Pottymouth Words To Use To Shock Adults. I'm still using "you stupid buttwipe dickwheat" so perhaps I am really far behind. Or is it references to body fluids now that get the zing? Menstrual cycles and boogers, for instance? So, like, "dickwheat" is out and, for example, "peepee number 2 face" would be more current? I'll give it a shot and and try to do a better job. I never stop getting an education here! But anyway...in answer to your question, no, I never did consider that Mike was a "great man". Not even for half a second. I consider him an "entertainer". And he has kept me entertained Lo, these many months I've had that Jackson page up.



From Bruno:

Ha! Nice one! Your're really good at manipulating!
You made up hatemail numero 21 in order to make Jackson's fans seem insane. (oh go ahead ,make a pun about that)

Get a life ,virgin girl (i meant virgin bitch)

Dear Peepee Head Dickwheat:
Yeah, darn it, you're right..I had to make up a good one because the other 23 insane blathering emails from "Jackson fans" just weren't making the point to anyone. (I see "virgin" has replaced "homo" and "lesbian" as the Big Momma of Insulting Words To Total Stangers On the Internet...I am just SO out of the loop here.. )

But to answer you; no, I didn't make it up. I am not a Maker Upper nor a liar nor a manipulator. I pretty much hate people who play games, period. I'd offer to write to the young lady who sent me that email and ask her if she'd mind contacting you to verify that she did indeed write it, but she lives in another country and I'd hate to have her possibly first contact with an American Male be you. You'll just have to take my word for it....deal? Kisses and all ~R~


you knoww michael jackson probably wouldnt say anything about you if he met you. he loves everyone. he accepts everyone for what they are and respects thyre opinions and hearts. i bet he would be loving to you and kind and nice so maybe you should too because if he met you he wouldn't say shit about you. except your probably some big fat whorebitch

Hi Babe!
Hang on a sec..gotta make a note that it's "whorebitch" this week. I have got to get one of those nice write-on/wipe off boards and put it on my wall here to help me keep track of this. These Post-It notes are starting to make the sides of my monitor look like some Alien Foliage.

Anyway...I am not a big fat whore bitch; in fact after I saw The Mike on TV...I realized I'm tall and thin, too...so if I DO meet him, maybe he'd let me try on some of his clothes. I really like the stuff he wears especially all those jackets with the buttons and ropey stuff? I even wear military jackets just as regular jackets, because I like them, so maybe he'd trade! Anyway, my point was please make a note to say "skinnyass whorebitch" next time. I'm just trying to be helpful.

I also think if I met Mike he would say a few things, even if he is a nice guy. Like everytime I see my Mom she comes up to me and starts picking through my hair .. you know how you see Mommy Monkeys doing this to their kids? And she'll go, "You hair looks dry. Are you using a conditioner? You need a good haircut and get all these ends off. Have you used Redmond's 3-Minute Miracle? With the kangaroo? That works nice". I have to kind of slap her away and Mike just seems the type that he'd want to Monkey Pick through my hair. But that might be good because his was so luxuriant and radiant, I can ask him what he uses. I don't think we have marmot pelts out here where I live but I do see a lot of Labrador dogs and that's about my color, so it might work. And I do like climbing trees like he does, so I'd look forward to that. I can take him to go shoot some pool and maybe get him another tattoo (you did hear about the Winnie the Pooh bear he's got near his genitalia? That was in those court document testimony that "liar" kid gave). We'd have a nice day and it'd be funny when he hugged me good-bye and said, "Drive carefully now, you big fat whorebitch"! Wouldn't it!

Hey you fucking BITCH
Real funny giving out my email address in your newsletter and telling everyone to write to me about me fucking up your site. I thought we settled it all and i explained it was a mistake and i was sorry. its your fucking stupid fault for being on a web host that gives out your fucking password ha ha ha. you said it was ok and then you go give out my email to all the scumbags that go to your site? ?
you would not believe the shit i got from people and like 200 virus files and i had to close the mail down and the comp got infected too. i dont think its funny and if you had help putting the site back up then so WHAT why complain and then my car gets torched? if i find out that was you
i swear to god you are going to pay. its wasnt a big deal it was a web site. and i thought we talked and everything was cool about it. you dont fuck up peoples cars for that! arent you too old to be doing that shit or is this just how you are becsue youre a BITCH? i told you id pay you back for the window i broke too but fuck you now about that. . you and that little fucker cousin of yours can ROT IN HELL

Well, hi Andi!
Actually, yes I am too old for this shit, but people who write me hate mail aren't, so it's all inflicted on me, regardless.

I thought we had it all ironed out too, so I must say I'm upset that there seems to be a problem yet. I regret any ill will between us yet and apologize for the misunderstandings that remain. That being said (please note: this was #2 of my 4-times-a-year- shot at sounding mature) I'm not sure if I can explain anything to your 17-year-old-ass, but I can try.
First off, Jesen is 6'2" so hardly "little", and you were the one fucking him, not me. (Please pause here to get the funny joke I just made). You might remember that part. I sure do because I got a lot of details about your..shall we say, "abilities" and damn! it was funny. Also, I'll admit I might have made a "mistake" and put your email address out in my newsletter. Oops! My bad. I can assure you the 80 threatening, Psycho Hose Beast emails you sent me a day with those stupid virus files on them that just get stripped off and dumped before I even see them wasn't a problem. Or oh! -- and that window thing..I almost forgot. I know you were just upset at getting dumped, and yeah, three people taking a month to fix what you trashed on my site really was kind of fun - not a problem! Really, I meant it when I said it was ok.

As far as your car, I'm sorry to hear that, but it most certainly did not have anything to do with me. Perhaps it was one of the many guys in the Chicagoland area that you stalk and make life a living hell for. (Did you hit Great Lakes Naval Air Base yet? I used to work up there and let me tell YOU..spending the day around 18-22 year old, buff guys who are polite and bored AND will get transferred out of your life in 6 months is NOT a bad way to spend time). Anyway, back to your car ... if I wasn't such an easy going, calm person I'd have been tempted to throw a few lit road flares down your sunroof one night, if say, I'd had some chick fill up an answering machine tape, hourly, with drunken rants and pottymouth words, but I most certainly did not. Not everyone realizes that your mental problems just make you do this stuff and you can't help it. Not that I'm saying that's what happened to your car! I'm just making a "for instance" metaphor.

Hey - I heard your mom sent you to live with your sister in Montana? Nice state. Be sure to check out the cow tipping contests in the summer. Those sucker can really haul ass when they get pissed off; it's kind of funny. You'd never expect it!
Thanks for writing and I'll pass along to my readers that they are evil scumbags. Jesen says 'hi" and don't forget to take your meds.
Kisses and all, Rahni


HEY asshole How dare you imply that Courtney Love is a scumbag. How dare you call her a "bitch". Who the hell are you? I bet YOURE a bitch. I met her once and she was really nice to me and gave me an autograph. Who are you to judge people? Fuck you! who are you to just throw out the opinion? do you just hate everyone or just people youre jelous of? How do you get away with this shit? whats your provlem? what entitles you to an opinion?all i can say is fuck YOU

Fuck you back, sweetums. I get away with it, because I'm cute.
I also get away with it because I think it's ridiculous that someone on the Politically Correct Front decided that you can't go through life, accumulate personal experiences, learn lessons, evaluate personal standards and values and come away with a personal opinion about things or you're "judging". Now if you're just talking out of your ass, then that's another matter (Please see your letter as a reference). We''re made to feel insecure about ourselves and what we like and feel comfortable with. My problem is, I don't. Not even a tiny teeny teensy bitty bit. It's a shame bullies make nice people feel that way, period. I not only put the stuff up about Kurt as an interesting anomaly, but I personally know (one is a close relative) two people who worked and/or personally know Ms. Love. During that whole "period" and even as we speak. Not to mention the books I read, research I did and the stuff on the site. This is why I put it up for "you to read" and just between you and me, everyone is fricking nice when you meet them in public and they're "on" for their fans and there to schmooze. You want my autograph? I'll give you my damn autograph. Here: \>a\^ni . That's really close to how my handwriting looks, too. Enjoy. Maybe you can get $3 for it on Ebay. Anyway, it's just my "judgement" that someone who lived about a mile away from them/her for about 8 years knows a bit better.

By the way...nice graphics on your email. Very strange moment for me, which I really liked, reading your letter on Care Bear stationary. Kisses and all, Rahni


WHAT THE FUCK IS YOU RPROBLEM OMFG. Ok first off that WASNT what really happened with her it was all a big misudnerstanding. When yoyh layugh at people like that it's as ngry thing to do. Did oyt uaknow that you are gay LOL i am a faget who sucks dick and eats assholes liek the ywere m and ms.

Hi Babe
How's that AOL account working out for you? But HEY! Did your doctor ever put you on Seroquel or Risperdal? You might ask him/her about it. These newer anti-psychotic meds have several advantages over the traditional medications: fewer anticholinergic side-effects, less Parkinsonism and dystonia, very low risk of tardive dyskinesia and reversal of many 'negative symptoms' of schizophrenia such as affective blunting, withdrawal, and low motivation. One of the symptoms you'll see is typing "OMG" instead of "OMFG" and a realization that Spellcheck really exists. Also, when you communicate with other people, there'd be a greater chance that they actually would know WTF you're talking about. Might want to check it out, I'm just sayin'. Nice to hear from you, etc, Rahni


I think ur page about MJ is cruel. I'm sorry if your not famous. I'm sorry if your not rich. I'm sorry if your not an idol to millions, and I'm sorry your face isn't on the front page of the thousands of newspapers. But, it's no excuse to spread hate about Michael. It's honestly a waste of your time. Why not do the world some good, like, jump off a cliff or something??

Hi babe! Actually I think I am famous - I had two bill collectors call today, and on a Sunday! I must be on a Special List or maybe they do paper-scissors-stone to see who gets to call me and get the Story To Tell at Bill Collector Central on Monday. Anyway.. I feel I must correct you in a matter you brought up. Mike's face isn't on the cover of thousands of newspapers. "A" face is, but not his. This is the point I make. Also I'd like to point out that I live in Chicago, and we don't have cliffs here. Skyscrapers, sure. But I told my mom decades ago when she asked "if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you too?" that NO! I would NOT! so I can't. Actually I told her yeah I would because if "everyone" did then I assume there'd be a decent pile of bodies below to cushion my fall, but that's the answer that got me grounded for 2 weeks, so then I started say "NO! I would NOT!" Hope that hobby you put down on my Guest Map, "Trying to be a good person" is making your world a bright and sunny place. Love and all that, ~R~)

more to come, I'm sure ...
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