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Going Down With The Ship

©Tony O'Rahilly
Tony O'Rahilly took this photo of a burning building named Wem Hall in Shropshire, England on November 19, 1995. Of course, no one saw the little girl in the dress in the doorway or there would have been a massive effort to save her - she only showed up on one photo of the developed film, and a lot of photos had been taken.

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena and also Dr. Vernon Harrison, former president of the Royal Photographic Society, analyzed the print and negative. Both parties were convinced it wasn't a fake, a film glitch and was in no way altered or tampered with - it was genuine. Dr. Harrison wasn't convinced it was a genuine ghost photo, however, and said he thought it was an illusion caused by some of the smoke, shadows, flames and angles. That's one hell of a random arrangement of smoke and shadows, eh?

Who could it be - was there someone who had a history with the building? A fire was started in Wem Hall by little Jane Churm in 1677. It was said she haunted the building although there's no explanation as to why she would. I couldn't find information if she had died in the fire she set long ago. Had the flames sent her to the door only to have the spectral chains prevent her from leaving the place she haunted?

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