Stacy's Other Half

From Gustavo:
"I am a teacher in the Buffalo NY area. A couple of weeks ago my ex-student teacher, Stacy, showed up with this picture and its story.

About four years ago she had a bad car accident in her VW Beetle (old one). She loved that car. She fell asleep on the wheel and never knew she had the accident. She later awoke in the hospital with tubes in a bad shape. Recently the young man who bought her totaled car called her to tell her that he fixed the car and would like to show it to her. She agreed and invited him to stop at her family's home. When she saw the car in such excellent shape, she got excited and asked the young man if she could take a picture of him and the car, and he agreed.

She took the picture, but when her mother saw the developed picture, she asked her what she was doing inside her new car (parked in the garage). She asked how could she be inside the car if she was taking the picture!

I take fashion photography on the side, and she asked me for an explanation of the image. I examined the image several times with a magnifier, the negative, the other negatives in that roll, prior and later pictures for a double exposure and could not find an explanation. I took the picture to the store that develops my pictures for the technicians to examine. They cannot find any explanation, but they asked why was the pavement stained. I asked Stacy the same question and she said that the pavement is not stained. She asked me the color of the stain, and when I said that it was yellow she got scared. Then, she told me that yellow was the color of the car when she had it.

For sure it is not her reflection, because she is not holding the camera, the size of the head is too big for a reflection from faraway, and the curvature of the glass applies to the reflection of the roof, but not to the face."
Comments I've had from people I showed this to before I posted it:
... "I'm not too sure - the cheeks and smile of the "ghost" are a lot like the guy's in the driveway"
..."Why would anyone want to see the restored car you almost got killed in? Why would anyone buy a "totaled" car to restore in the first place? Or maybe I'm nitpicking..."
..."Why would a "technician" looking at the pic ask why the pavement was "stained"? It's got nothing to do with the face in the car window and it's not that unusual..could have been spray paint or any of the crap you spill on a driveway".

I'll leave it up to you :}

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