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The Girl Who Wasn't There

Christine writes, "This picture was taken at a nature trail in Kansas. My family and I were walking through the trail and I was taking pictures. We came to this waterfall and I though it was pretty so I took the picture. We were all standing on a wooden plank bridge and no one else was there. After looking at the picture I noticed something on top of the rocks to the right of the picture. I don't know if I am seeing things or not but it looks to me and my family like a little girl in a blue and white dress just sitting on the edge of the rocks with one leg hanging over. Do you think we have something here?"

Well, if I really shift the eyeballs around I can make it all become shadow and rock, and parts and stuff, but then I see a face and why do I think "stuffed animal" in there, too? I really have to rearrange this room so my back isn't at the door...

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