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Leonard's Haunted Staircase

Leonard writes:

I have had this picture for several years as you can see by the date stamp on the print. After my father passed away, we remodeled the folk's house and snapped a few pictures of the work in progress. What you can see plainly in the image is the outline and face of my father, who had passed over about 20 days before this picture was taken. There is no question it is my father, this ghost is as grumpy as he was and looks so similar.

I promised my mother, who was disturbed by this photograph for many years, that I would not share this with anyone. However, she too has recently passed on and recently, when photographing the house for sale, a similar effect was documented in photographs taken of the same area, but revealing HER spirit this time.

Here is the picture we took last week. We are getting the house ready for sale as I said, and now Mom shows up in the same staircase that Dad showed up in (SEE BELOW) when we took the remodeling pictures in 1995. She passed away three weeks ago, this picture was taken four days ago.

Also, I know the picture of my father's ghost is a little more than grumpy, he was not a nice man in real life, but you can't choose your father so I remember him as best I can in a good light. Truth be told, he was an evil man.

I forgot to mention that my sisters and I feel that the reason they show up here in the staircase is because of the fact that in the early 1960's before I and my sisters were born, my mother had a child from a previous marriage that lived with her and Dad who was killed in an accident falling down the stairs. Mom never liked to talk about it much. Dad was at the top of the stairs when he fell. Maybe Mom knew the truth all those years. He was an evil man.

By the way, I personally took both these pictures, and neither ghostly image was visible when I snapped the camera - these things only happen on the film, and they only seem to happen here at the staircase, none of the other pictures we have ever taken of the house show anything like this"

Amazing pics Len - and I'm sorry you had to live with a man like that {{cyber hugs}}.

Well, Len's story here freaked me out so badly I actually got up and turned on the light when making close ups of the photos AND I had to turn my chair sideways because my back faces the door as I sit in the dark here, with just a tiny light on the keyboard and the evil, blue glow of the monitor making shadows all over the place. I suddenly got that Oooky "watched" feeling. I'm a big damn baby about this stuff.

What's interesting about the photo on the left is that the mist also goes in front of the railings and on their sides, making it 3-D. I see a few faces but especially one that seems to be a woman with her eyebrows knitted together, looking down and sideways, her mouth in an "oh!" shape. In the first one of Len's dad, considering the angle from below, the mist goes all the way to the floor and is exactly "person" height.

Thanks, Len : ) This is truly creepy.

photos © Len

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