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Looking for the Dead - Klaus Schreiber
The flesh and blood Karin
..and the image Klaus says is Karin after her death

One of the early successes in electronic spirit photography are the efforts of Klaus Schreiber. Never heard of him? Good thing I'm here then!

One day in 1982 Klaus and some friends were listening to a radio show about tape recording the voices of the dead (now known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP...a favorite thing of mine to do if you don't mind scaring the holy hell out of yourself) when Klaus said, as half a joke, maybe he could talk to his dead friend, Peter. He turned on a tape recorder, invited Peter to join them and let the tape run while no one made a noise. On playing the tape back for Laffs and Yucks after 10 minutes, a voice was heard to clearly say, "Hello, friends".

Well! You can bet Klaus lost some real friends that day! They ran out of the house, screaming and falling all over each other. Well, OK, I made that up but they did hear the voice. Schreiber set up a bunch of tape recorders in his basement and eventually, at the request of some of the spirit voices he captured, set up video cameras and TV sets. He would just video tape a section of his basement, after asking the spirits to show up if they were so inclined. He would then go through the tapes frame by frame, and if he saw something, he'd superimpose a few copies of itself to bring it into darker focus. He said he got a lot of people - even some dead relatives and famous people. Above is a photo of Klaus' dead daughter Karin and what he thinks is her spirit, captured on video.

A current method of doing this is to hook up a video camera to record the screen of a TV set which is turned to some "static", snow channel; one that doesn't have any programming on it. Record the TV as it's going, then after 10 minutes or so, go back and look at the tape frame by frame. I've seen a lot of "hits" and the strange thing is that the frame with someone in it is always clear; not some bleed of something over the snow and static.

Could it just be errant signals of some other program? What's the explanation if it's done on a TV that isn't hooked up to an antenna and is incapable of pulling in even a remote hint of programming? Some think the voices and pictures are just a type of projection by the psychic side of imagination. Some say it's just stray broadcasts (not sure how that'd explain images some say they've got from before there were TVs or entities that look "not human"), or making faces and shapes out of nothing (humans do have a tendencies to see faces in pattern - it's how our brains are wired).

Some say since people are merely electronic energy, this might be truly capturing those who have passed to another plane we can't see with our less-than-technical eyes and ears.

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