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The Cocklawburn Phantoms
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Woman with dog

Cocklawburn Beach sits on the border between England and Scotland at a place called Berwick-upon-Tweed. The photographer says that day there was no one on the beach except for him and a woman in a pink jacket who was walking her dog. She can be seen midway between center and the left edge.

When the picture was developed a row of 5 phantoms showed up on the left. It seems to be 3 adults and two children dressed in long dark coats. They stand in a row looking towards the photographer, just ahead of where the woman walking the dog is heading. Two of the adults hold their arms stiffly in back of them. The other does this with it's/his left arm but looks as if they are holding one of the children's hands - except if that is the child's hand, the arm is coming at a strange angle from not-quite-it's shoulder, unless it's the opposite arm crossed over their chest. Which is, still, a strange position. The other child is off to the side and turned sideways to the group. They appear to be holding something in their arms that partially blocks their face - a baby? A doll? But that's the creepiest part - they don't have faces - no shadows or features can be seen. The beach has no trees, fences or poles that all his could be mistaken for - the "Normal" beach where the phantoms are is as bare and straight as the rest of it. In other photos of the beach taken by this photographer, these figures aren't there.

The only ghostly history the beach seems to have is that a boy was killed in 1995 when a tunnel he was digging collapsed on him. In 1999, human remains of a man, which were estimated to be about 100 years old, were discovered in this same area of the beach. Really not enough to cause this kind of "haunting". Maybe they were just visitors from Elsewhere.

This pic gives me the creeps.

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