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The Ghosts of Castello de la Rotta

The Castle de la Rotta is near Turnin, Italy and has a colorful history.

For over two hundred years it was occupied by the Knights Templar. It was their home in 1312 when King Philip IV of France decided they were getting too rich and powerful, so he made it his business to try and kill them off. Many Knights were captured and tortured or burned to death as Heretics.

More than 300 bodies of plague victims were buried under the castle in 1631.

When the French invaded Turin in 1639, thousands of murdered citizens were thrown into the castle's wells. You can see this was just one fun place, eh?

The ghost of a 15 year old girl who threw herself out of the tower on the day she was to marry the castle's owner is said to haunt the place on June 15th, the day of her death. Her scream can be heard and her ghost has been seen by many. Also seen on that day is a ghostly gathering of those who were attending the wedding that was never to be.

The ghosts have been photographed and made a paranormal tourist spot by Count Olivero, who restored one wing of the castle and lives there with his family. He opens the castle to ghost hunters and media who want to try their luck at capturing a ghost. And they often do.

The photo on the far left was a spirit also seen with the naked eye walking under an overhang, going towards the chapel. Another figure (middle) was captured by a local TV station as it came out of a solid wall. It is thought to be the spirit of one of the Knights.

The best ghost of all belongs to a man everyone named Arturo. Witnesses who see this frequent visitor say he gallops through the courtyard on a skeletal ghost horse. He wears a hooded robe and a heavy cross can be seen around his neck. Kind of typical ghost-lore, you'd say? In 1980, while an area of the long-dried moat was being excavated, the skeletons of a hooded man who was buried (or dumped) with horse were found. Around the man's neck was a heavy iron cross. And it's most likely that it's his ghost on the right, which was captured on film 2 days after he was unearthed. Or you could say "disturbed".
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