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I've always got a kick how people will fall reverently silent and consider you blessed if you say you saw an angel or some "vision", but if you tell those same people you saw a ghost they'd tell you how full of it you were. Is there a difference?

I sat in the library for 9 solid hours one day (heaven!), looking at every ghost book they had; "psychic photography", famous hauntings, the haunted; the stupid-ass "ectoplasm" photos of long-ago Mediums, badly faked portraits of spirit photography, the psychology and physiology behind those who claim demonic possession, EVP, infrared ghost photos, Near Death experiences. I reread all the yellowed books of a "famous" ghost hunter and remembered even as a kid realizing what a liar he was. I smiled at the photos of cigarette smoke, water drops, exhaled breath, film glitches, light leaks, developing drips and camera straps that passed as "plasma vortexes" and "spirit globes". Stories of poltergeists that have been long debunked, yet here they all were in all the passion of their discovery. I've even see them repeated on the web as some of the cornerstones of Ghostdom. I read debunking books and then read the actual stories they debunked, then the debunking of the debunkers. By the end of the week I had exactly 10 things that I was personally convinced were something Ghostly Real. Doesn't anyone besides me look at some of this stuff and say, "bullshit"? But then I wonder that about every thing....

Maybe not. John Edwards laughs all the way to the bank doing the same parlor tricks now, "talking" to the dead, doing his vague guessing game questions and making people weep. (I know someone who used to work for him but they won't let me put the details up here ..oh my, it's juicy stuff).

But - I know better. I know there are "other things" out here - I know some people actually do see them, talk to them , photograph them. I've lived with them and have seen them all my life. Digital cameras and recorders have became infamous for picking up Things that aren't visible to the eye or ear, and with the billions of photos taken a year, things are bound to turn up. Some are doing scientific studies and documenting it all, and they're not laughing all the way to the bank; they're doing it because it's simply an Unknown There and it interests them. In the sea of Faked Crap, people who prey on other's emotions and good old Photoshop, the tiny % of Legit gets lost , as is the shame of the Anomalous World.

Hopefully I can share some of the latter here, but those debunking stories make good reading, too. You can make up your own mind or do what I've done - raise an eyebrow, go "huh?" and then sleep with the light on.

Any good ghost stuff, Emaill me. I reserve the right to say "bullshit", however :)

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