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The Real Tinkerbell
Margaret Kerry - still a babe

There's a widely believed myth (along with that damn lemming story - don't get me started again...) that the model used for the figure of Tinkerbell in "Peter Pan" was the actress Marilyn Monroe. You'll even see it quoted as fact in some sources, just like that damn lemming story (don't get me started again...) but it t'ain't true. Tinkerbell was a lady named Margaret Kerry.

In the book, Tinker Bell was by trade a tinker who didn't talk, but made the sound of bells - hence the name. Tinker, bell ..get it? Cute, huh? She was just a temperamental, Drama Queen of a pixie light darting around. It was anyone's guess what a Real Tinkerbell would behave or look like. When Kerry won the audition, she spent 6 months wearing a bathing suit and creating a Real Tinkerbell with her facial expressions, body language and that killer figure. She would pose with props and became a living, walking Rolodex of poses, expressions, feelings and graceful motion. Animators would then sketch her, turning her Real Life Talents and beauty into the Living Celluloid Tinkerbell.

Said Kerry, "The director would say, "OK, now act jealous" or "You're angry at Peter," and I would make exaggerated body motions and facial expressions. They called me Two-Take Tink because I would get it right the first time. We did a second take just for protection. Sometimes we'd use giant props, like 15-foot scissors or large keyholes for me to look through. But most of the time it was just me pretending to be looking up from under the mattress or in a drawer."

Not bad work if you can get it.