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Disney Busted. No pun intended

Oh, look what someone did! Poor Disney! On January 8, 1999, Disney announced a recall of the the 1977 home video The Rescuers because it contained an "objectionable background image." Aren't those Disney people amazing, being so concerned for our children's moral safety that they yank a film off the shelves after 22 years because they found something unacceptable? Themselves?

Well, well. This part of Disney even has it's own premeditated Disney conspiracy theory.

The Rescuers was Disney's most commercially successful animated feature at the time, making over $40 million at the theater. The Washington Post called it, "certainly the best Disney feature since 'Mary Poppins"'. When the video was released, people bought it by the millions.

The Points in Question (no pun intended) happen about 38 minutes into the film. Lady Bianca and Bernard (those are the mice) charter a flight on their bird friend and are flying through the city. As they pass the windows of an apartment building, a woman is standing at one of them, naked from the waist up. With quite a smile on her face. Well, sort of seen. It was pointed out that judging by the reaction of Lady Bianca and Bernard, they sure saw her. Which means a lot of people knew it was in the film, because a lot of illustrators and people handle the frames and artwork. But until Disney made the announcement that these shocking and unacceptable two-frames had been found in the movie, pretty much no one knew about it. Unless you were sitting and looking at the movie frame by frame, you wouldn't have seen it since it went by in less than half a second. There is a whole underground of people who (especially now with DVDs) go through movies one frame at a time, looking for these tidbits (remember the "Three Men and a Baby "ghost") .. but Disney? Who was worrying about a 22 year old animation? Why care? Well, all of a sudden this Peep Show was common knowledge as Disney very loudly and with great fanfare said the video was being recalled because they were an upstanding, moral company and by gum, no one was going to be showing the kiddies naked breasts for .38 seconds. The frames were put there during the original creation of the movie back in 1977 by some Smart Ass and when it was brought to their attention, they were on it like ticks on a coon dog. They were sooooooooo sorry. They also said that we could all rest assured that these two frames were most definitely not in the re-released 1992 movie, since it had been made from a different print, further raising the question: OK, then why are they bothering? Why not keep your nouths shut about it? Because they were Disney dammit and no one was going to besmirch their solid family values in their fine products. They were recalling all 3.5 million copies of every video sold. Only right! This was not acceptable! They were soooooo sorry!

Most everyone went, "huh?" and then rushed out to buy the Breast video before it got recalled. Sales boomed, inagine! Everyone looked at the Ta-Tas in the Window. The Email flew. Conspiracy theories cropped up saying Disney staged the whole thing to try to salvage their tarnished image. There was so much more filthy, questionable stuff going on in Disney's videos and with the Disney Company itself, this was a blip Laughable, even. But since this was undeniably obvious, Disney could call this up as a prime example of just how fast they would act if they did find something untoward - so see? They weren't purposely doing anything untoward because look how fast they acted when they found something untoward! And they're soooooooooo sorry!