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Disneyland - a pervert's Disneyland
  • Jack Enter, a former Atlanta detective, has studied the Peeping Tom Phenomenon at Disney. He's been called as a witness to trials involving Magic Kingdom Peepers involving restrooms, changing rooms and dressing rooms. In one reported incident, Disney merely taped over the holes with duct tape. "It was amazing," said Enter. "So many guys had been standing on the ceiling pipe looking into the room that the insulation was worn off the top of the pipe". It would stand to reason though, that if someone is a pervert, pedophile, peeping Tom or Just One Of Those Types, like any "criminal" they gravitate and seek out the environment that allows them to pursue their habits. To these people Disneyland is well....just like a Disneyland.
  • When asked about this, Security Officer Hertog said, "Boys will be boys. This has been going on at Disney for 20 years. A large workforce will attract oddballs". However it's gotten worse - an investigations manager could recall only one case older than 15 years.
  • Rich Jeeley confessed in a Disney Security Statement that he regularly flashed guests at the park for over a year. Disney knew he had an "extensive"' criminal sex crimes record but did nothing until he was caught peeing through guest hotel bedroom windows at night. They fired him but never notified the police.
  • Maintenance worker Vince Amato was caught peeping on guests trying on clothes in the fitting room of the Disney Village Market "Captain's Tower". He was reported three times. Disney's answer was to transfer him to another job.
  • When Disney learned one of their wardrobe assistants was spying on female performers at Cinderella's Castle, masturbating and videotaping them as they changed costumes, Disney decided to ....call the police and have the man arrested? Wrong. They decided to conduct their own surveillance even though they had more than enough information to have the guy locked up. For three entire months they deliberately didn't tell the women performers that this was going on, while photographing the guy. He was later arrested because a Sheriff's Deputy overheard employees discussing the video tapes in the coffee room. Six dancers sued Disney for $37.5 million after finding out not only were the dressing rooms full of peepholes which Disney knew about, but that on the day of the arrest, Disney security guards had stood and watched this guy for over an hour while they continued to tape him, until the performers finished dressing and left the dressing room for their show. Disney admitted to not telling them but said they didn't have the right to sue as they had a "diminished expectation of privacy in their particular job and knowingly assumed the risks". A judge refused to dismiss the case calling Disney's attitude "outrageous". They settled for an undisclosed amount.
  • Employees caught exposing themselves to park guests or peeping on "guests" in changing rooms in stores, even if they are children, have in the past been fired but not turned over to authorities.
  • Most law enforcement people and psychiatrists will tell you that pedophiles will usually put themselves in positions to expand their opportunities. One would think to get a job at a place like Disney you'd be put through some pretty heavy background checks, right? Last word was they don't do ANY. Disney says it'd be too prohibitive, cost-wise. As if Disney doesn't make enough money? A criminal background check, not even counting a mass discount that Disney could probably get, being the Great American Institution it is and all that, runs about $15. Hell, you or I could run one on anyone using Internet services if you want to pay the fee; surely Disney can be bothered.
  • A transportation supervisor who worked at Disney was arrested after contacting a 13 year old boy on AOL's "Orlando" chat room using his Disney connections and promises of Disney stuff as a reward. When arrested by police they said he had so much Disney merchandise at his home it 'looked like a shrine'. (And since this chat room is a known hot bed for Disney Pervs to hang out in, does AOL monitor the chat in the Orlando chat room 24/7? Of course not.)
  • This same chat room was where Matt Irwin thought he hit paydirt in the form of a 13 year old girl, who turned out to be a cop. He told the 'girl' he worked for Disneyland and gave her a number to reach him at; which turned out to be his number all right - at the Animation section at Disney studios. Irwin had previously won an Emmy for his work on "Winnie the Pooh".
  • Doug Rehman has lectured at the FBI and was a senior law enforcement official with the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, which includes every government agency, local, county and state agency that deals with pedophiles. They teach proactive skills in spotting, finding, profiling and preventing crimes which victimize children. They have trained the staff at places such as Sea World, Universal Studio's Water Park. Disney has declined offers to train their staff.
  • In Feb. 1996 a 7-year old girl reported that she saw a man with his zipper down, touching himself at Disney's Blizzard Beach Water Park. When it was reported by a second girl on a second morning, Disney confronted an employee matching the description. He admitted to doing this and was fired. Disney waited 7 hours to report this incident to the local authorities, just long enough for the girl who witnessed him masturbating, and her mother, to check out of Disney's hotel and go back home. No arrest was made, because strangely enough, Disney "lost" the little girl's contact information.
  • Sgt. Mark Thompson of the Oscala, Florida County Sheriff Dept. said: "We had a guy who traveled the Disney hotels and go to the pool areas. He was taking close-up photos of kids climbing in and out of pools. Three or Four year olds and sometimes suits weren't covering backsides properly, if you know what I mean. You just knew he was going to make a move on a kid. We wanted to get him but Disney didn't want any part of it".
  • Jimmie Dennis was arrested in Nov. 1996 in Orlando for "committing lewd acts upon a child". While awaiting trial he applied for a job at Disney in the entertainment division, and got hired as a costumed character. His job was to roam the park, hugging kids and sitting them on his lap. He kept the job until August 21, 1997 when he was convicted of his previous crime. The attorney who prosecuted said this was a great example of why Disney needed to do background checks on people. As mentioned earlier - pedophiles look for chances to expand their opportunities.
  • David Fisher got fired from a job at the Oscelo School District in 1991 for several reports of "'excessive touching of girls". Regardless, he got a job at the Disney Fort Wilderness Campground. I'll spare you the reports and details this sick waste of life generated before he finally got nailed. Disney, however, did manage to explain that "the cost of background checks on it's employees would be prohibitive". I'll also mention that the Florida Dept. of Law offers arrest records for $15 each.