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Sex in the Dust

Well..it's "iffy". Maybe, maybe not. If enough people saw it that it became a known anomaly, and when you tell people about it and they look and can see it, maybe, then surely someone at Disney caught this a few times before it was put in the film? Official answer: "Nah".

About halfway through "The Lion King', Simba, Pumbaa, and Timon are lying on their backs, looking up at the stars. Simba goes over to the edge of the cliff and flops back down. Some dust goes flying into the air (I'm assuming Simba is the lion; I'd rather drink bleach than watch a recent Disney animated film). The dust mingles around in the air, swirling in a puff, just a lazy pattern. A pattern? Hey, does that spell SEX?

Nah. Disney says Why Of Course Not We Wouldn't Do That. It's just the "power of suggestion", even though the first hundred thousand who saw it the first time they saw the movie, I don't think, were psychically communicating. Well, sure, once someone told you to look for it in those frames and you do...well then...I'm just sayin'. The Officially spewed explanation is that the letters were slipped in by a special effects group to form the abbreviation "S-F-X" - for "Special Effects". You see. Like you hadn't noticed you had been watching an animated movie and those 4 frames would make you go WOW! This is ANIMATED?! What great effects! And and "E" can sure look like an "F" if you tell people, by the power of suggestion that it is in fact an "F" and not an "E", the difference being one line at the bottom. In fact, if it was an "F", you think those madcap Special Effects guys would make damn sure nothing, oh nothing, got around that F to make it look like an "E", because then it would look like it said SEX! And who'd want that? This is Disney! And that would ruin the whole pat on the back to the SFX gang and start some rumor about animators at Disney having senses of humor and all that.

By the way, the story for "The Lion King" was shamelessly ripped off almost by rote from a brilliant Japanese animator, but Disney was kind enough to wait until the man died to plagiarize him, so he wasn't around to do much about it.