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Naked Jessica Rabbit

Let me preface this by saying - whoever had the time in their day to originally spot this little Jessica beaver show and got excited about it, has problems bigger than I can fathom. I had a friend who once played "Tomb Raider" for 13 straight hours because he was told Lara becomes naked then. I'm not sure they let him out of the Sanitarium yet to find out what his exact thoughts were at the moment he realized he'd been lied to, but I'm anxious to hear them. Perhaps if he spent 13 hours with his wife, he'd see the real thing more than once every five months. But I digress.

The Naked Jessica incident happens (and you know she does this on purpose, the slut..) when Jessica is riding through Toon Town with the Actual Bob Hoskins in an animated taxi. The taxi runs into a lamp post, the two are thrown from the car, Jessica twirls around from the momentum, which just happens to make her dress rise up. Kind of like Marilyn Monroe, but SHE'S A CARTOON. In four frames of this spinning sequence her underwear disappears, and you can see what looks like her uh .... her umm...pubic area. If we can indeed say cartoon have pubic areas, per se. I guess someone at Disney thinks so. The clearer of the four frames are above.

Damn exciting, huh?