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Once a year, Disney is host to what has come to be called "Gay Day". Tens of thousands of Gay and Lesbians visit the park for a day of fun. This has drawn incredible protests and complaints from the straight "usual" visitors who are there with family and have no warning that the park would be hosting Gay Day. And don't appreciate it one bit. Oh, no no no.

Some of the protest is that Disney knows that this Event is scheduled and, like any of it's Special Park Days, has the responsibility to announce it so people who might choose to not go to the park that day, may do so. It's no different than if there was some special "Prom Night" and people might not want to deal with an army of possibly drunk, but nevertheless thousands and thousands of 18 year olds running around. Some people and families don't want to deal with a park full of gay and lesbians. Disney claims it's not an official "Day", they have no clue when it will be and don't in any way sanction or specially support "gay day", so have no way to "warn" people who might have spent thousands of dollars on a family dream vacation to go there and might be offended. They pretend they almost dislike the whole gay "idea" and distance themselves from it. Why, how did these people get in our park? Woah! However, this is just Disney being hypocritical - they have one of the best insurance programs and packages for same sex partners of it's gay employees in the nation and it's huge number of gay employees are not a secret. Disney just tries to play both sides, not wanting to offend the $$ of either lifestyle. Complaints also run rampant that on these events, behavior and acts go on in full view of the public eye the public eye that would have the Family Values Disney Security Cops frothing like pit bulls under regular circumstances. Not only is a blind eye turned to it all, but as one mother described it, "The whole park went up for grabs and turned into Sodom and Gomorra. No one cared, no one did a thing. In spite of spending thousands of dollars on our vacation there, we left in a hurry, shocked"

Well, Disney tends to take the liberty of bullshitting about their involvement in all this. One year, promotional fliers were distributed right at the park gates by the organizers of the event that Disney claims it neither sanctions nor promotes. The flier had a graphic rendering of Mickey and Donald Duck holding hands and gazing at each other with that special twinkle (you know, I always suspected those two...). Disney didn't say one word, threaten any legal action or scream about their precious icons being used in this manner but will go after day care centers who paint a character on it's walls. There were also special Gay Day tickets printed, calling it that, which got people into the park. Even though Disney claims not to have anything official to do with it.

Every year, stories are rampant of flamboyant gay men harassing straight men, the usual exuberant flamers camping it up and harassing people in general, Mom and Dad complaining about gay couples in various physical embrace and very sexual situations right in front of the Kiddies, on the benches, in the bathrooms, on the lawns. Complaints make the papers and flood Disney's offices. It causes friction for both sides of the issue. Those whose personal morals or religions don't agree with homosexuality lamblast Disney for not listed Gay Day on it's schedule; those who would prefer to enjoy the day without the added fanfare and guaranteed Capacity Crowd park would like to be warned so they can make the choice. Disney pretends it hasn't a clue what goes on in it's park that day. They don't pretend they don't want the money it generates, though. And if the "family values" crowd get insulted, a sincere "we're sorry!" usually shuts them up because as expected, they still come back and spend their money, any way.