When Baptists Get Pissed . . .

"Recently, the Southern Baptist Convention called for a boycott on Disney products and subsidiaries. Because of Disney’s family-safe reputation, we asked David Miller, director of the American Family Association of Tarrant County, Texas, to provide Freedom Club members with a list of reasons to avoid Disney, according to national AFA research. He gave us many more than we could print here.


  • In Pocahontas, Disney censored the historical fact that the heroine in the story converted from paganism to Christianity. Instead, the film glorified pagan earth-worship.
  • Disney signed Martin Scorsese, the director of The Last Temptation of Christ, Casino, Taxi Driver and many other hard-edged films to a 4-year-contract. Daily Variety, 1/30/96
  • Disney hired Kevin Smith to produce two movies: Dogma, which attacks Christianity by asserting that Christian beliefs are little more than mythology, and Chasing Amy about a man’s pursuit of a lesbian. Daily Variety, 11/3/95


  • Disney recently bought Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion. On March 19, ABC aired a Dana Carvey Show program which featured jokes and laughter about alcohol abuse and cocaine addiction. The same show had Carvey portray George Washington using cocaine and Ben Franklin in bed with another man. The same program had a cartoon skit entitled "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" in which two Superman-style heroes are homosexual lovers and drive a super car shaped like male genitalia. Finally, a "Celebrity Bloopers" spoof featured 17 uses of the F-word (bleeped out, of course; but its intent was clear).
  • For the 1995 Christmas season, Disney dropped its 17-year-old "Glory and Pageantry of Christmas" display (one of Disney’s few concessions to the fact that Christmas is Christian) near Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and replaced it with "Tropical Santa."


  • Disney helped underwrite the 1993 Hollywood benefit for the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. The Press Enterprise, 12/28/93
  • Disney hired avowed lesbian Lauren Lloyd for the specific purpose of developing female and lesbian movies. OUT magazine, a homosexual publication, praised Disney: "Like it or not, lesbians are not yet chic entertainment attractions for a lot of America. With Lloyd and Disney on our side, though, anything is possible." OUT, 11/94
    According to monitoring by American Family Association, Disney has been one of the top sponsors of pro-homosexual TV programming.
  • In the May, 1995, issue of Buzz magazine, contributing editor Steven Gaines writes, in an article entitled "Disney Comes Out of the Closet," that Disney has the "largest lesbian and gay employees organization in the entertainment industry."
  • In June, 1996, the company hosted the 6th annual "Gay and Lesbian Day at Walt Disney World." In a cartoon Disney allowed the homosexual organizers to portray Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as homosexual lovers; and Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as lesbians.
  • Disney has extended company health benefits to live-in partners of homosexual employees (the policy does not cover unmarried heterosexual couples who live together). The Orlando Sentinel, 10/7/95; USA Today, 10/19/95; Daily Variety, 10/9/95
  • Hyperion Press, a Disney-owned subsidiary, has published "Lettin’ It All Hang Out," the autobiography of RuPaul, a well-known "drag queen" (transvestite) entertainer.
  • Hyperion Press also published "Growing Up Gay." Written by three homosexual comedians, the book is written to encourage "gay" young people.
  • According to Harper’s magazine (12/95), Hyperion is planning to publish Daniel Harris’ book about "gay culture."

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