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"Travelers are in for a uniquely Colorado experience when they pass through Denver International Airport. The works of art that grace the airport create a journey through our state's history and diversity. Like all successful public art, the program at DIA exemplifies an expression of ourselves and provides an opportunity to educate others" - Mayor Wellington B. Webb

"What in God's name is that all about? Man, that's sick! - Doug McGivens of Glen Burnie, MD. while looking at the mural

"Ah, terrific...I don't need this right now. What a horrible thing to have up for people to have to look at!" - Karen D. from Broomfield, CO after her 8-year old daughter got upset at seeing the mural

"The damn sneaks" - Me, when I saw they painted over and changed some of the murals

An African woman in colorful native garb; a Native American woman who's heritage the airport's art supposedly celebrates; a blonde girl with cupid bow lips, a Star of David on her chest and a bible in her hands. Each lay dead in open coffins for your viewing pleasure. A burning city, children sleeping on piles of bricks, a line of mourning women in rags with dead babies, limp in their arms. A huge, looming military figure in a gas mask brandishes a sword and machine gun. Part of an actual note written by a child interred in a Nazi death camp. Strange words embedded in the floor with no explanation about what they mean. Welcome to Denver Internatinal Airport!

That's just the part you see up close, though. What you don't see are 8 sub-basements, low- and high- frequency sounds that make people sick, air vents jutting out of the surrounding barren acres of fenced lots that have barbed wire along their tops - pointing in. Whole buildings that were constructed below ground level and then buried as is, the excuse being they were "built wrong". An entire runway constructed, then buried under a layer of dirt and "forgotten". The layers of workers and companies who were fired so no one would have a Big Picture. And workers even reported seeing Aliens working there. Are you rolling your eyes and going, "Oh sure..Nazis? Aliens, too huh? CRIPES". Well, I have to admit when I got to that part I did, too. But there's a lot of credible stories about a lot of documented things, so we can start there. With the dead babies and buried buildings. As far as Reptilian NWO and Nazis...I'll mention it...ok? As far as the place being something Not Right Under There, I'm convinced. Except you'll have to take my word for some of it because when I re-researched things to update this section..well! It seems they painted over two of the four walls that make up this sick mural and altered part of one that's still there. But of course, I have pics, and so do a lot of others.

Part One: The Airport

The airport was built in 1995 on 34,000 acres (53 square miles; 137.593 Sq.km) in spite of the fact that Denver already had what everyone said was a perfectly fine airport - Stapleton - which was ordered closed when DIA was built so there "wouldn't be any competition". In fact the new airport has less gates and less runways than Stapleton did (I hope you're saying, "That makes no sense"...). All it does have is a lot more acreage. More acreage than an airport that size could possibly need. Most which sits unused. They say it's in case they need to do any future expansion. DIA is the 7th busiest airport in the US according to a 2002 Crain's Chicago Business report.

The initial cost of this New Beast was to be 1.7 billion dollars (with a "B") but by the time they were done playing games, having problems, getting bailed out and got extra government money (and money from private corporations on top of that), it cost about $4.8 billion - obscenely over budget. I have yet to meet a local who wanted the thing built, or didn't have a frothing, rabid story about the whole mess. Words used to describe the DIA were "buried in technical problems", "poor project management", "overwhelming complexity" and "America's most inconvenient airport". It was built in a high wind area (Stapleton hadn't been) that causes it to be shut down or flights delayed often. The extensive automated baggage system so was messed up, such a circus of errors that it was worse than unusable - it was an industry joke. But it had to be built, and built there. Some say the reason that this was built and there was no stopping it, no cost spared to do so and why it was so SO overbudget and took so many years is because it's really an underground military base and a civilian detainment camp.

Some interesting facts:

  • Even though the area is basically flat (with a stunning view of mountains all around, since it's in a valley), the expense and time was taken to extensively lower some areas and raise others. They moved 110 million cubic yards of earth around. This is about 1/3rd of the amount of earth they moved when they dug out the Panama Canal.
  • The airport has a fiber optic communications core made of 5,300 miles of cable. That's longer than the Nile River. That's from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The airport also has 11,365 miles of copper cable communications network.
  • The fueling system can pump 1,000 gallons of jet fuel per minute through a 28-mile network of pipes. There are six fuel hold tanks that each hold 2.73 million gallons of jet fuel. This is somewhere in the "no one will ever ever need this much" range.
  • Granite was imported from all over the world - Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America - and used in making the main terminal floor. This is a ridiculous expense, especially when you're already over budget. They say, "The floor pattern echoes the roof design and subtly reinforces passenger flows". Ah...subliminal messages to move your ass. It might look pretty but would any of us know Chilean granite from Chinese granite? Or care? You can dye rock if it's colors you're after. Cheaper rocks. (I wonder what the "stones have power" people say about this...)
  • The huge, main terminal is Jeppesen Terminal, named after Elfrey Jeppesen, who was the first person to create maps specifically for aviation (the company is still in business today). This area is known as the "Great Hall"; it's said this is what the Masons name their meeting place.
    It is 900 feet by 210 feet big. This is over 1.5 million square feet of space. All told, there is over 6 million square feet of public space at DIA. The airport brags that they have room to build another terminal and two more concourses and could serve 100 million passengers a year. The airport flew 36 million in 2001.
  • The only way to get to the other two concourses/terminals from the Great Hall, or vice versa, is via the airport's train system.
  • There are more than 19 miles (30 km) of conveyor belt track, luggage transport cars and road in their own underground tunnels that move baggage and goods. They're so huge you can drive trucks through them, and some remain unused.
  • The entire roof of DIA is made of 15 acres of Teflon-coated, woven fiber glass. The same material is on the inside as a layer, also. The place looks like a bizarre (but kind of cool) scene out of "Dune", comprised of huge, spiked tent-like structures. The material reflects 90% of the sunlight and doesn't conduct heat. So you can't see into the place with radar or see heat signatures. I added helpfully.

And as I poked around I found some lovely, light reading entitled:
"Technology for the United States Navy and Marine Corps, 2000-2035
Becoming a 21st-Century Force"
Volume 9: Modeling and Simulation
3 Potential Failures and Disasters for DOD's M&S
Broad Observations: Intellectual and Technological Infrastructure
Complex Systems and the Need for Humility"

(Hey, I like reading this stuff..don't make faces. DOD stands for Department of Defense, of course. And what do I see but:)

..."The study's terms of reference (Appendix A) asked for an identification of "present and emerging technologies that relate to the full breadth of Navy and Marine Corps mission capabilities," with specific attention to "(1) information warfare, electronic warfare, and the use of surveillance assets;.........The study should review the overall architecture of models and simulation in the DoD (DoN, JCS, and OSD), the ability of the models to represent real world situations, and their merits as tools upon which to make technical and force composition decisions....This increased complexity means that it will be harder to design systems and to predict their behavior. Some might argue that in the engineering domain, modern design tools should overcome these difficulties. While there certainly have been impressive advances (e.g., in computer-aided design), there is a feeling with at least some members of the engineering community interviewed in the course of the study that they have nearly reached the limits of complexity that can be addressed with current tools and methods. Challenging examples that could lie beyond current approaches include future generation networks and very large scale integrated circuits. Indications of the difficulty of building complex engineering systems are given by some of the well-known "disasters"-explosion of the Ariane missile, inability to build a next-generation air-traffic control system, outages in telephone and power systems, and even the problems with the baggage handling system at the Denver airport."

Perhaps the DIA does push the "limit of complexity" but that's only because the politicians and government designed it to be such a complex monster. It's not as if some engineering problem was posed and met like the Chunnel, the Petrova Towers in Malaysia, the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai or a hydroelectric dam. Why would the military give a hoot about the baggage problems the airport had? If you believe what you are told in the papers, most of the problem was because the people who built the system weren't the ones that were awarded the contract to run the thing. Hardly any "engineering" snafu. Or did their billion dollar underground base not work out as good as they had hoped?

This interview below is kind of old; it's with a man named Alex Christopher (AC) and was done by Leading Edge International Research Journal #92, 4/26/96 - I edited it a bit for Blithering and chopped it up for better flow with the pages. It's got interesting information. This interview can be found in it's entirety is all over the web. I am going to jump around a lot here, taking parts of this interview and interjecting my stuff, but I know you can keep up. Here, have some coffee (_)3. My comments are in maroon

DA: Do you know of John Coleman?
AC: The Committee of 300?
DA: Yes. What's your take on that?
AC: I think his information is fantastic. If he had had the information that I put in Pandora's Box when I put that together, it would have have blown his mind. But, as far as I know from my standpoint, both sets of material go hand in hand, right down the line.

AC: You bet. All of them are doing the bidding, and it goes back to their secret societies and the establishment of the New World Order, which all leads back to the house of Windsor. There has been in this country for a long time a grooming process whereby people carry on the bidding of the Crown of England*. That is one of the things the system involving the Rhodes Scholars was set up to achieve. Cecil Rhodes set it up to groom people for this task, to carry the United States into the New World Order. It appears, from what I have been able to find out, that the Crown of England has had this very skillfully planned for hundreds of years, and it could be possible that they have been privy to information that not many of us have been for a long long time about the chaos involving Earth changes that is coming. It is my understanding that England is not going to make it through the changes, so they set up a whole new Empire over here. That goes back to some of the things we discussed before, about lands being bought up in Colorado.

(In fact it's said the Queen is buying up an incredible amount of land here, and America has been bankrupted in a plot (this article is endless, if you want to read it. You probably don't) by the British Crown. Which is why in the last few years, rich, influential American citizens have been Knighted; Ex-President George Bush, General Colin Powell, General Norman Schwarzkopf, ex-President Ronald Reagan, James Wolfensohn (President of the World Bank) and Alan Greenspan in September, 2002 (Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve Board). Some think they were knighted for being good little soldiers with their services to the British Crown and the agendas for a One World Government by the elite. But I digress...)

DA: We talked about the Denver airport last night and what is really going on down there. The area is of a pretty high altitude, where it will be safe. (Denver is known as the Mile High City and is strategically protected by the Rocky Mountains/Continental Divide. The view there is breathtaking.)
AC: Yes. Plus, all the symbolism that is apparent in the layout of the new Denver airport says that it is a control center for world control. There is a lot of "secret society" symbology at the airport. We started researching all of this to find out what it all means. It's all very scary. A gentleman by the name of Al Bielek, who has been involved in some very unusual government projects in the past, told me that the Denver area is where the establishment of the Western sector of the New World Order will be in the United States. Little bits and pieces keep coming to me, confirming things I have not had confirmed before.
DA: About some of these things on the airport in Denver. Would you mind discussing some of those things again?
AC: Well, the first thing that got my attention at the airport was the capstone that I saw in a photograph, that had a Masonic symbol on it.
DA: The capstone?

AC: The capstone, or the dedication stone for the Denver airport has a Masonic symbol on it. A whole group of us went out to the airport to see some friends off and see this capstone which also has a time capsule imbedded inside it. It sits at the south eastern side of the terminal which, by the way, is called The Great Hall, which is what Masons refer to as their meeting hall. And on this thing it mentions the New World Airport Commission. I have never heard of that, have you?
DA: Never.
AC: It has a Masonic symbol on it, and it also has very unusual geometric designs. An arm rises up out of it that curves at a 45 degree angle. It also has a thing that looks like a keypad on it. This capstone structure is made of carved granite and stainless steel, and it is very fancy.This little keypad area at the end of the arm has an out-of-place unfinished wooden block sitting on it. The gentleman that was with me on the first trip out to the airport has since died. They say he committed suicide, but everything else tells me that this is not possible. No one can double-tie a catheter behind his own neck and strangle himself. His name was Phil Schneider, and he started blowing the whistle on all this stuff going on in the underground bases that he had helped build for years and years. He worked on the underground bases at Area 51 and Dulce, New Mexico, as well as several other places. Schneider told me that this keypad-looking area looked like a form of techno-geometry that is alien-oriented, and that it had something to do with a "directional system", whatever that meant, that functioned as a homing beacon to bring ships right into the Great Hall. In the same general area on this capstone, there are some most unusual designs on the floor that are all Masonic in nature, which lead right back to the Black Sun" *.

(I wrote to the DIA people and asked what was in the time capsule. They replied,
"The time capsule contains, among other things:
Photos of Coors Field and an autographed opening-day game ball
Indian prayer baskets representing Native American culture and indigenous peoples
Black Hawk casino tokens
A piece of the DIA roof
A Stapleton International Airport history book
Newspaper articles about DIA's opening day
Coins from the Denver Mint
Jeppesen flight charts
Mayor Wellington Webb's sneakers
Photos of Mayor Webb and the Pope during World Youth Day in Denver"

Important shit, not, 100 years from now. "Among other things". :)

click pic for bigger image

click for bigger pic
stone over time capsule

click for bigger pic
Keypad that does
who knows what

Wilhelm Landig was an Austrian SS veteran and postwar Nazi activist who coined the idea of the “Black Sun,” a mystical energy source that would be capable of regenerating the Aryan race. Supposedly, in 1945 some Nazi pilots painted the black sun symbol on their aircraft. It is now a symbol of a belief in Nazi Polar UFO bases, secret organized world Aryan cults and Nazis who have been living and organizing all these decades and who will spring ready to take the world back from the existing inferior Judeo-Christian masters and ...you get the idea. There's a book on it listed at the bottom of this page; the topic bores me to death so I didn't go into it here. Interestingly, the runways of Denver International are laid out in the shape of a Swastika. Most aeronautical documents I was able to read said that parallel runways are the most efficient and busy airports like Hartsfield and O'Hare use this design).

click for bigger pic

"DA: Now, you mentioned that underneath this airport it goes down many levels. Does the fact that all these underground levels are there have something to do with why it took so long for this airport to open?
AC: Well, the gentleman that I was dealing with, Phil Schneider, said that during the last year of construction they were connecting the underground airport system to the deep underground base. He told me that there was at least an eight- level deep underground base there, and that there was a 4.5 square mile underground city and an 88.5 square-mile base underneath the airport. It is very unusual that they would allot a 50 square-mile area on the surface at which to locate an airport in the middle of nowhere unless they really planned to use it for something very unusual later. There is a 10-mile, 4-line highway out to this airport, and there is nothing out there in between the airport and Denver. Not even a service station, at least in September 1995. The people in Denver are really upset with the fact that this airport went in the way it did. There was this fellow who wrote a book in which he made the statement that they had a copy of an audio tape on which a Denver city official was talking with people from the CIA, and that he was paid 1.5 million dollars to allow the "airport" to be built, no matter what it took. It appears that there was a lot more interest in getting the airport built from just officials in the Denver area. They plan on using this facility for something else other than just landing planes.
DA: So, this guy got you down there to take a look at the underground?
AC: Well, he was invited to go along on the trip. I had a friend that actually got us down into the active area in the underground. It's very interesting down there. The baggage equipment area is very unusual. All the old luggage equipment that wouldn't work right doesn't look much different than the stuff that is working today."

(There was a big controversy when the airport was built about this. The story was that a lot of the budget over runs and mistakes were caused by the policy that Affirmative Action minority owned companies had to be hired to do the work. Sometimes these couldn't be found or did "inferior" work and had no idea what they were doing and so it had to be redone. And redone. The Baggage area was the worst of it all as the contract for running the thing wasn't awarded to the people who designed and built the baggage system. It was so bad it became an industry joke.)

"DA: You were telling me that there are huge concrete corridors with sprinklers all along the ceiling. What are these sprinkler heads doing in a concrete bunker, pray tell?

AC: Well, this is the same question we asked. These shafts are huge and run along adjacent to the tramline on both sides. So, there are two of these huge shafts large enough to fit a two-lane highway in there. There are every few openings into and out of the tram shaft, but at the end of them, going out into this 50 square miles of acreage is a huge steel door that would facilitate the entrance of a great big truck. It could be used for almost anything, but what is so unusual about it is that about every five or six feet on the ceiling, across almost the full width of the area, there is a pipe with three or four sprinkler heads. This goes on for the full length of the thing, which must be close to a mile. There are two of these shafts, and I got picture in the mail the other day which was very unusual that was taken by someone on board the tram in the shaft. The picture appeared to actually show ghost-like figures on it. It was a mother and a baby wrapped in a blanket. When you are down in that concrete shaft, both times I got nauseated. There are some very unusual vibrations down there. Now, the tunnel shaft that the tram comes in on could connect up with an underground tunnel coming in from five buildings that were built and buried. There was already a 40 foot diameter tunnel there when construction started. Those five buildings were built 3 1/2 years ago (early on in the airport construction), and suddenly they said ,"oops, these are in the wrong place" and buried them, along with a very high-tech runway that is buried under about four inches of dirt. It seems insane that they would build a very technical building complex with interlocking tunnels and a tunnel going back to the tram tunnel at the concourse, and then state that they built it in the "wrong place" and cover it up with dirt. I don't believe that people are that stupid.
DA: No. Projects like that are strategically planned, and they just don't go and do that.
AC: Some of these five buildings are 150 feet tall. There is one 78 feet tall, and one that is 126 feet tall. They are all in that range. From this complex there is a shaft that runs to concourse "C". When they started this project, as I said, there was also a huge 40 foot diameter shaft brought in there from somewhere that was off-limits to the work crews. It was there when the project was started. And, everybody that worked on these projects....there were five different contractors, and the people on each contracted crew did not interact with the other ones. When the project was done, everyone was fired and sent away.

DA: You would think that during this massive construction they would not be able to keep this stuff secret.
AC: I think a lot of the people saw things that disturbed them so much that they would not talk about it. I know several people who worked on the project that managed to find their way down into the depths, probably close to the deep underground base, and saw things that scared them so badly they won't talk about it. I interviewed a few of the former employees on these construction crews that worked out there on these buildings that ended up buried, and they are afraid to talk. They say that everybody is real nervous about it, and they decided to tell some of the secrets that they knew, but they don't want anybody to know who they are. So, I can tell you that it is a very unusual and spooky type of place, and if you are a sensitive person you get nauseated as soon as you enter the perimeter of the airport. Especially when you go down underground. You become very nauseated a nervous. There is also so much electromagnetic flux in the area that if you get out on the open ground around the airport, you will "buzz".
DA: Where is this flux field coming from? What do you think the purpose of this is?
AC: I think that its coming from some kind of underground electrical system, because where we were there were no power lines, and the whole place was just buzzing with this free energy floating around. Very unusual. In addition, there are areas in the underground that have chain-link fences with the barbed wire tops pointed inward, like they were there to keep people in, not keep people out. All these areas are there, acres of it, and none of it is in active use. There are many terraced areas that go down. One area in particular is forbidden to go into unless you are wearing a biological protective suit. They say there is some kind of "unidentified biological fungus" in that area that attacks people's lungs.
DA: Hmmm. Some kind of way to hide something that is in this area?
AC: Well, we think that area is one that leads to deeper levels underground at the airport. But, it is surrounded by a chain-link fence and you can't get in there. We think this is the area that one of the electricians kind of stumbled into that went
down about six levels below the fourth level, and ran into some really weird stuff. He won't talk about any of it now.
DA: Real weird stuff.
AC: Also, at the airport there are what look like miniature nuclear reactor cooling towers, and I don't understand why they are there. When people asked, the reply is that they are part of the ventilation and exhaust system. Ventilation and exhaust from where?
DA: What do you think its for?
AC: I think it is all hooked up to the deep underground.
DA: They say that this place looks like some underground "holding area"...somewhat like a cattle lot....a place that could hold thousands of people. The gates, fences....
AC: The luggage transport vehicles move on a full-sized double-lane highway, and along this highway are chain-linked areas that could be used for holding areas. I don't understand why they built this the way they did, unless they planned to use it for something like that in the future.
AC: Things are escalating at an incredible rate. I think a lot of these movies in the media are trying to get us softened up for what they plan to unleash on us.
C: So, in just a matter of years, they plan to bring it out and bring people to that airport?
AC: You know, Reagan said more than once that the only thing that would bring people together would be some kind of "outside force".
DA: Exactly, I remember that. He said that several times.

AC: Yes, the Iron Mountain report. The guy that claims to be the author of it now claims that it was nothing more than a joke, but for a joke, it seems to be following the time line to the hilt, so I think it was something that made its way out and they are trying to cover that up. Everything that was in that report is happening in great detail right now. It is interesting that high officials in the Clinton administration, like Cisneros, were deeply involved with the construction of this airport. Also, there is a fellow by the name of Rodney Stitch*, who writes about the total corruption in the Denver area. He is the one that wrote the book Defrauding America*. He said that they had a tape of a CIA agent paying off the mayor of Denver to get the airport built. There is just so much corruption. They are selling the good American people out. We have some of our own people selling the rest of population out for a few pieces of gold.
Then, we have this system of murals at the airport that are the most grotesque things you've ever seen.

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*Books/ further reading::
Secrets of the Tomb by Alexandra Robbins (Skull and Bones Club)
The US is Still a Britsh Colony - free online book, civil liberties union
Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism and the Politics of Identity by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke.
The Committee of 300 by John Coleman
Defrauding America - Encyclopedia of Secret Operations by the Cia, Dea, and Other Covert Agencies - Rodney Stitch
Defrauding America by Rodney Stitch
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