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Page 6: Extra Tidbits and that expensive floor
One of the interesting things I ran across looking at all this stuff before I updated it was that it seemed the murals, even the ones that were just painted over, had at some point been at first retouched and made more vibrant, clear and detailed. They haven't been up that long to fade or get so filthy they had to be restored. I first saw this "Updating" on The Burning City but thought maybe it was just the various resolutions and contrasts; I have a few actual hard copies of photos that were different coloring than those I found online, and online stuff is copied so many times it loses things. But I found another example in another scene of the colors being totally different and renewed so figured I probably wasn't wrong after all. It's strange that someone would put all the time, work and energy into only touching up the more disturbing images, making them clearer and bolder - then erase it all in the end.

The burning city was made clearer and more intense in color
from it's original grey, pink and yellow suggestion of city.

original . . . . ... . . .updated

Now it's totally painted over and the
rowed field is just plain green. Is this
because of the 9-11attack?

Why change the field? If they're
worrying about the image upsetting
people, the whole damn thing upsets people.

The children sleeping (or dead) on a pile of bricks was made more colorful and the child in the background made a "minority". This mural is now covered up and gone.

original . . . . . . . . . . updated
The kid with the hammer was changed, too. Barely. He was made lighter and more colorful from his drab grey. A green shirt in the background was changed to blue (you can see a sliver of green in there along the collar) The woman next to him who holds the sword and had a nice Pepsodent smile but is now solemn.

original. . . . . .. . . . updated
The floor is interesting, too. There's brass inlays of the extinct animals that have left fossils in the area (some of which were found digging up the area for the airport) and also Native American words which have spiritual references. Which is quite a rare chance for the rest of us to learn about Native American culture, wouldn't you think? Not even a plaque explaining all this symbolism can be found, so we pretty much just see strange words embedded in the floors that make us go, "Huh?" as we gingerly step over them. Isn't that what this was all for? So what's with all inside secrets?
Mt. Blanca is one of the four sacred mountains to the Navajo Nation. The name the Navajo's call by it Sisnaajini - actually it means "Dawn" or "White Shell" Mountain, the sacred mountain of the East. Tsoodzil (Mt. Taylor near Albuquerque) is the West. Dook'o'oosliid is in the San Francisco Peaks just outside Flagstaff and makes the North of the four scared pillars. Dibe Ntsaa (Hesperus Mountain) is in South west Colorado. Why they mention this twice is anyone's guess. And why they don't mention these other three that complete the story of the Four scared pillars is anyone's guess, too. The Navahos didn't really live in this area in the past but lived in the Four Corner Area until Kit Carson pretty much killed them all off by rounding them up like cattle and marching most to their deaths. (But I won't go off ranting here about today's Native American "rights" or I won't shut up for 4 hours..) The interesting thing, though, is Navajo legend explains that the people were brought to the surface of Earth to live through a series of twelve underworlds, which were grouped by fours into three layers.

Oh, make that three times. This exactly means White (Dzit) mountain (gaii) in the Navajo language. No clue what "dit" is. The only dit I know of is Morse code - dots are called 'dits'. I doubt that's got a thing to do with it. Sounded good though, huh?

The White Mountain Research Center in California is the highest research station in North America and they're planning to create an energy system that produces and runs on hydrogen. The drawings of this place are Sci-Fi in itself; they also have a radio telescope. If they manage to do this, it'll be the first massive stand-alone installation of its kind in the world. This probably hasn't got a thing to do with a thing either but it's incredibly interesting.
Cochetopa means "Pass of the Buffalo" in Ute. I'm assuming, perhaps, that Utes lived in this area and called it Cochetopa. But you knew that, right? It's a shame, since they're honoring native names for the area that "Shit Waste Of Taxpayer Money" isn't embedded in the floor, too. Perhaps in that lovely imported cocoa-red granite from Australia.
Near the top of where the time capsule arm with the keypad on it ends, you can see a face in the floor. It's of an American Indian. Why he's decapitated and on a railing is anyone's guess.

And we have this charming guy keeping watch over the baggage area.
It's a gargoyle with the beak of an eagle and a strip of something hanging out of it's mouth; perhaps a tie from one of the bags of lost luggage.

He's way up on a shelf that comes out of the wall and he's pretty big. Symbolically gargoyles can mean all kinds of things but being this big and costing a few thousand $ to make and then perched up high like this where no one really notices them I add quickly, they can be "protectors" or "guardians". The Church used to use gargoyles in a cartoon-like situations to teach the Godless Stupid Uneducated Pagans about the merits and salvation of Christianity..but hey, that's not us.

The rest of the Alex Christopher interview can be found on the web. I couldn't deal with it, myself. It talked about Reptilian Aliens and Nazis working in DIA, people seeing hibernation tubes full of them, how They and Theirs were just waiting to make us all Dinner and how the Holy Angelic Saviors would come down and save us. It was full of disinformation, things that have been proven to be hoaxes cited as Honest To God serious and books were brought up as research that were written as Sci-Fi. I don't have much patience for it. People will think about what they see, so I showed the thinkable part. You can take it from here - my purpose was to plant the seed that something's not right at DIA. There's a lot of scary-as-hell information from people who have even died for telling it; then there are those who seem to ruin what they had going because they don't know when the hell to shut up or they decide to start talking in "I'm One Of The Elite" code, hinting at all this dire, important stuff we all have to know to save our very planet and souls but only the Privileged few in the Conspiracy World can have the 'proof'. Doesn't that make them as secretive, non-informative and harmful to the Truth as the ones they claim are so Evil for hiding the Truth from us? But then, I think to much. :)
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