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Page 5 . . . It's Jesus and the Holy Thingamabob!
AC says: "There is one picture in which every plant turns out to be mind-altering or poisonous, and all the animals are Masonic symbols used in literature in every country in the world. It took a very long time to track all this stuff down and figure out what they're trying to say."

This is one of the walls that was painted over recently. It was extremely detailed and must have taken ages to create. Click for full pic.

We have a guy who looks like Jesus (I'll be damned! He did come back...), complete with glowing halo, presenting a bizarre looking plant which isn't like anything we have on Earth. How Alex Christopher came up with the conclusion that "all the plants" in this painting are mind-altering or poisonous, he doesn't explain (he doesn't explain a lot of "facts" he says took him so much time and research to find here) . The plant is glowing like a neon sign. People run to it from all sides with hysterically ecstatic expressions on their faces, almost as happy as a cola commercial on TV. The feet of some people don't touch the ground, so they float in the air; some have gone off the edge of the ground and hover in empty space. The "Earth" is divided into Above and Below and is propped up by metal poles in front, like a carpet to show a dark, evil underworld and menacing faces glaring out. In the right corner are a few white, horn shaped flowers I was too lazy to go research to find the possible type of. The background above shows dry, scorched desert with a huge fissure through it, then lush green tropics. The Quetzalcotl bird that was stuffed and in a glass case in the mural with the dead women is now alive and flies overhead.
This one is full of weird images. The more I looked the more I found. I wish I had a poster of this mural..
it's so bizarre it's incredible.
There's a strange little kid at the front just to the left of the plant at the edge of Earth. His face is an actual photo of a human kid's face - there's a few of those in here. His eyes closed and arms out straight in front of him - he's floating through the air as if in a trance or sleepwalking. He also seems to have only one leg. An Indian woman has her arm around his shoulder as if she's pulling him along. She has no lower body. There's few people in these murals with strange, out of proportion deformed bodies; usually their head and shoulders are normal sized and their waists and legs are tiny or shriveled. (The Asian man facing the wrong way in the "Kid With The Hammer mural is another one)
Speaking if The Kid With The Hammer, he shows up again, still severely polished, crisp and blond. He looks like he's wearing a uniform. If you look at the lapels closely you'll see each one has a different symbol on it though at first glance it just looks like some matching design. I thought the one on the left was a biohazard symbol but it seems to more closely match the Civil Defense's symbol for Radiation. The right one could be a Maltese Cross.
There are "eyes" hidden all over the place. There's some on the shawl of the lady in the left front....
This face is on the skirt of the
woman next to her
and some in the darkness of the upper left corner
This shadow thing with eyes and deadlock tentacles is in the fissure in the desert in the upper right ...
Under the "drape" of the ground lurks an angry black ape-like face. Does this mean that when the New World is born, the evil will remain underground? There was one more under there that didn't show up on the photo.
It's too hard to see online but this was another one of those dark Ape-monsters turning sideways (the eye on the left), whispering into the ear of a second. They're to the right of the other one.
The leopard parent has a regular, perfect cat face while the two cubs have painted on photographs of real children for faces. The one on the left looks like a clown and nothing like a leopard; the one on the right looks like a kid wearing a costume hood. Both have white bibs that follow the costume theme. Why weren't the cubs painted like regular animal cubs? Why human? There are some white streaks around their heads which you'd think are clouds, but they're jagged and straight - not cloud-like at all. One might be the side of a hill, but they're awkwardly blatant and there isn't any hill on some. Hmm.. chemtrails?
A double red face in the upper left at the top
This is a blob by the leopards. It's not part of any of them and is out of proportion to the rest of their design.
This person is dressed in the prison uniform some wore in the German concentration camps. It sticks out like a thumb among the colorful 'native' clothing of the other people. For a third time in these murals, an Asian person facing the wrong way from everyone else in the crowd facing the person in uniform..
In the upper right corner by the parched, cracked desert, we have yet another Asian person facing the wrong way from everyone else, looking to their left, facing a man in (Greek?) a vest and red hat. The colors red and orange are so overbearing and prevalent in these murals, that if I made the larger photos a negative, the colors that weren't in the red family stuck out like sore thumbs.
And so ends the tour of the murals.

However, we're not quite done ....

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