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.3 . . Mural 2: Happy Happy Joy Joy and A Little Child Shall Lead Them

I'll save you having to go look - here's the photo showing this work (and the exact size they show, too)
that is up on the DIA site and the text:

"The Children of the World Dream of Peace"

by Leo Tanguma
“The Children of the World Dream of Peace” is a powerful mural expressing the artist’s desire to abolish violence in society. One part of the diptych exhibits the tragedy and devastation of war and its impact on humanity. The mural then moves to images of smiling children dressed in folk costumes from around the world celebrating peace prevailing over war."

Sweet, huh? I'm sure we all came away with this exact intellectual critique about what we saw, too. ::rolling eyes::
Take a look at how big this thing actually is. (The Dead Women/Burning City wall is this same size, too). The funny part is the word "diptych" is used; a diptych is a 2-part painting which opens like a hinged book. As I mentioned, there were originally four walls to this mural, so two entire walls, or half the mural, is are now gone. Yet they don't miss a beat explaining the message of these two as a joined work, even though this picture was #3 of the 4 - so the middle and end are missing. As I also mentioned, I can't think of any artist who would let or like half his work wiped out like it didn't matter and never existed.

"AC: This same mural extends over to another mural which depicts all of the children of the world taking the weapons from each country on earth and giving them to a central figure which is a German boy who has this iron fist and anvil in his hand that is totally out of proportion to the child's body, beating the swords into plowshares. I thought, well, this is very odd depicting a German child doing this. What all this symbology on the airport murals seems to convey is that not only do we have a secret society behind this, but that it is a German secret society behind this, working in the vicinity of this New World Control Center.
DA: It is interesting when you consider Operation Paperclip wherein all these Nazis were brought to the United States to be groomed, financed, and basically brought back into power.
AC: Well, I know they're here, because I have seen them along side the Americans in the more sensitive areas of the airport. But, these paintings are most disturbing and very unusual."

Not a pop-up pic, toots
I wonder why the Asian man that's directly right of hammer head is the only one facing the wrong way to the rest of the crowd. This is repeated a few times in the mural, as is the fact he has a normal sized head and a small, strangely tiny body. And why the back of the kid's jacket burnt?

Notice the military hat, gas mask and trench coat laying at the foot of the anvil appears to be a broken statue. This leads us to the first of two walls/sections of this mural that seem to have been recently painted over. The Dead Babies and There Must Have Been a Sale On Blue Paint Mural....

(also please note the dove has a girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other....this is important!)

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