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A Saxon Warrior, his horse and dinner for all

A Saxon warrior who died around 550 AD was one of the 200+ gravesites unearthed in the middle of the US Air Force Base in Suffolk, England in 2001. He stood about 5 feet tall. Also with him and visible on his chest are traces of his wooden shield, the metal handle and his sword.

Killed and buried along with the man was his horse, done as ritual to preserve his status as an aristocrat and warrior in the afterlife.The horse stood over 5 feet high at the shoulder. His neck was bent back as were his front legs so he'd fit into the grave. A bucket that was probably full of grain was put by the horse's head to provide it with food on it's journey. The horse's skull shows a depression between the eyes where the lethal blow was delivered. Also sacrificed and buried was a sheep (visible at the horse's back), to provide food.

This style of burial is common in Scandinavia but rare in England.

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