Rosary's Baby

Killing our children isn't a new, rampant phenomenon; we just hear about it more because of two reasons: 1} the split second global network of the media and 2} at one time, the media didn't hammer home in great detail, ad nauseum, every speculation and piece of Shock Fodder to bolster ratings, like today.

In March of 1943, new mother Rosary Shellfo, 23, bathed her two week old baby, wrapped him in a clean blanket, put him on the kitchen cutting board and with one blow, hacked off his head. Her husband's sister said that ever since the baby was born, Rosary had a morbid, consuming belief that there was "something wrong with him". When asked, Rosary said she said she didn't know why she killed him.

from Shots in the Dark: True Crime Pictures by Gail Buckland
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