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This is part of the aftermath of the world's worst air show disaster, which happened August 7, 2002 in Lviv, Ukraine. A Russian-made Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet was performing a maneuver at low altitude when it nicked the ground, sliced into a plane on the tarmac and became a somersaulting fireball that plowed into spectators. Eighty five people were killed and hundreds injured. The pilots, who ejected to safety, were ruled at fault for the crash.

Authorities said the two pilots had ignored the precise program given to them for the show and performed a series of unauthorized stunts which they hadn't become expert at executing. Defenders said the pilots hadn't been given enough air time to practice for the show, that the flight zone was too small and organizers of the show violated safety rules by allowing spectators to stand too close to the flying area. Although I don't imagine there's a "far enough away" zone from a rolling jet fueled razor blade.
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