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Harvey Glatman's Hobby

Harvey Glatman had a sick but common hobby among serial killers - taking trophies of his victims. After getting out of prison for robbery, he'd put ads in the local Los Angeles papers, posing as a glamor photographer and asking for models. He'd tie them up, photograph them, rape them, photograph them, ad nauseum. When he'd get bored, he'd finally kill them. That's 19 year old Judy Dull on the left and 24 year old Shirley Bridgeford on the right. Both died shortly after these were taken, as was one more woman. The fourth potential victim managed to get his gun away from him and hold him for police.

Glatman was executed in the San Quentin gas chamber in 1959, less than a year after he was sentenced in spite of the suggestion that he had "severe mental problems" (ya think?). And good riddance. Ah, for the days when the judicial system actually worked...

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from Shots in the Dark: True Crime Pictures by Gail Buckland