From the "It Sucks To Be You' files...

I wonder if the other deer laughed their asses off and pointed as these two staggered around like this?

These two deer were found in California by Wilson Suggit. They had starved to death. It's not completely uncommon to find deer who have locked antlers head-on in a fight and then end up pretty much S.O.L., but Wilson said he'd never seen two side by side before and wondered how they managed this.

Kind of reminds me of one of my Pet Peeves - couples in restaurants who have to sit on the same side of the booth together. I can't image being so hell bent on the Pookie Schmoopie Lovey Dovey crap that you can't even eat a meal with out making sure the other person is right on top of you. It's a bizarre ritual I've never been able to ask about in detail.

I don't know if there is a deer equivalent to the Restaurant Booth but if this is what these two deer were doing, then it serves them right.

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