The world's first "cyber sound cemetery". very tastefully and respectfully done . We save photos of our departed..why not sound recordings? For $25 a year you can get your own web page and make your own voice diary-legacy to leave your loved ones or get the family to make a scrapbook of recordings of a departed family member to share. In this day of voice mail, video cameras and computer's surpizing how much of our last memories can be audio. Go listen to the last words of a lady whose parting goodbye was left on an answering machine.

The Darwin Awards
The stupid and clueless who have mercifully culled themselves from the gene pool and met Death in situations you'll laugh yourself sick over. Or maybe that's just me. Get the stories and nominate yearly award winners. You know that joke about a redneck's last words being, "Hey! Hold my beer a second and watch this!"
Celebrity Dead Pool - Place yer bets and get the odds on who's next! Updated info on who's sick, who's got one foot in the grave, and who's placing favorite to be next.
City Of Silence - Cemetery Culture
Cemetery symbols, burials, epitaphs, tomb rubbings, Last Words, customs and the history of why we bury our dead
International Association of Near Death Studies
Everything you wanted to know about being dead but were afraid to ask. Or maybe not.
The Stick Figure Death Theater
Dozens of short, hilarious and sick Flash-animations of well... stick figure deaths. . My fav is the guy who stabs the would-be robber in the park, then sits back down to jam to heavy metal tunes with his buddy amidst the blood and gore. Don't give me that's funny.
Go read the actual Last Will of Marilyn Monroe, Ben Franklin, and John John. Wills going all the way back to the 1700's .. it's fun to be nosy!
Steve Goldstein, a guy after my own heart, has taken photos of the famous and infamous and just plain dead that reside in L.A.'s cemeteries.
Chicago Graveyards
Chicago's cemeteries are jammed with gangsters, historical figures, Business tycoons and some very strange places like the haunted Bachelor's Grove. Graceland Cemetery's statue of Death is known for it's face which inexplicably never tarnishes, and the grave of little Inez Clarke whose granite likeness leaves her tombstone during storms.
The Los Angeles Coroner
What more can be said about the coroner to the Stars and the fact they actually sell tee shirts with the chalk outlines of a body on them? Tacky, interesting and morbid, but then you're talking LA...

The Hemlock Society
The first and only Right-to-Die Society who believe if you or a loved one are terminally ill, in intolerable pain, or have had enough suffering and waiting, you have the right to choose to end your life in a dignified, responsible manner. Lots of texts to read, instructions, opinions, counsel and advise those in that position. Your humble webmistress is a card carrying member.

. .. Exhaustive info and facts presented in a very intelligent way :

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