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The Columbine School Massacre's bizarre end

Harris and Klebold on security camera in the cafeteria

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warning: extremely graphic

The bodies of the two in the library
Jefferson police photo
, officers name on file

As if the murder spree that stunned the nation could have any more strange twists to it - but it might. What I do remember was all the typical BS being reported and how yet again I thought to myself "How bad does something have to be before the media doesn't make crap up to make it worse"? This is one of the stories that make those who think this is "cool" or all Pretend change their minds quickly on.

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold (17 & 18) came to Columbine High School (Colorado) on April 20, 1999 armed to the teeth and carrying through on a plan they'd had for a long time. They were going to kill themselves and take "hundreds" with them, even seeking out specific kids to kill, usually at point blank range. Frantic cell phone calls were made to 911. Dispatchers were still talking to students 20 minutes later when cops and SWAT people finally went into the school and started a methodical search of each classroom - frisking each student, searching closets, and then telling the kids to run for their lives, hands on heads to show those outside they weren't armed, all live on TV. Meanwhile students, trapped and barricaded on the far side of the building were still on cell phones, telling the dispatchers exactly where the two gunmen were, confirming it was only the two. They begged for help as Klebold and Harris stood trying to shoot the lock odf the classroom door to get to them. The shooting was being heard by those on the phone. Many police officers had advanced to the cafeteria, a hallway down far from the room where these kids were under assault, but they did nothing. We all asked - Why the hell aren't they going in? Why don't they storm the place? A cop friend of mine told me it was preoceedure at the time. And because of this, proceedure got changed. Many thought the police had just plain screwed up.

Bored, the two eventually gave up on trying to get into the locked room and went to the library where they killed themselves. The police, meanwhile, continued “containing the perimeter” one classroom at a time, working from the wrong end of the building. When it was all over, 12 students had been killed and 23 wounded. A wounded science teacher, Dave Sanders, bled to death, laying on the floor of a room for three hours while proceedure was followed and no help came.

Then it seems the Jefferson County police lied about things, even allowing an innocent cop to stand accused of accidentally shooting a student - a matter that was cleared up quickly, a year later, once the 9-11 records were checked and it was found the cop hadn't even been there at that time. Some answers still haven't been "got". The media went off on a circus jag, touting the two as misunderstood, picked on outcasts, driven to revenge. It was quite the opposite. These two had a history of threatening violence, people, bullying, terrorising, being in trouble with police. Assholes, if you will. They had been threatening to kill student Brooks Brown and his family for years, and complaints by Brooks went ignored by police. They constantly targeted people they didn't like and even specifically sought out Rachel Scott to kill, a deeply religious girl who they made fun of constantly (one story said that Harris put a gun to her head and asked if she "believed in your God now?". When she said yes, he pulled the trigger). Talking Know It Alls said see? This is what you get when you're cruel. Talk shows discussed how the Picked On Weirdos can be driven off the edge. Teens were told see? You snotty punks? This is what happens for you cruel remarks to the outcasts. Finally the media shut the hell up and students were heard about what Assholes these two had been. Copycat incidences were reported, one harrassed kid in Germany killing 16 classmates.

The NRA and gun control advocates got into the act, making this fit their cause, saying this as not any kind of reason to enact more gun laws or make guns illegal (and this is where I say to those people who have the power to influence things - THEN ENFORCE THE DAMN LAWS WE HAVE). Mark Manes illegally sold Klebold a TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun at a gun show and that should have been the end of it. There was no reason for chest pounding and debate. The NRA and whoever else is in favor of responsible gun ownership ought to be all over these Manes, but they never are. Manes should have been strung up by his balls. Robyn Anderson, an honor student, went with Klebold and Harris to another gun show and bought guns for them so their names wouldn't be connected to them. They bought a double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun, a pump-action 12 gauge shotgun, a 9mm carbine, 250 9mm rounds, 15 12 gauge slugs, 40 shotgun shells, 2 switchblade knives, and 4 10-round clips for the carbine. Harris wrote in his ongoing, extensive diary: "We...have...GUNS! We fucking got 'em you sons of bitches! HAHA neener!" I bet Anderson isn't in jail.

Parents were flabbergasted, They wanted metal detectors at school doors. People wanted to know how the parents of these two had no idea what had been planned, didn't know what was written in diaries, didn't read what was posted on their son's personal web sites, didn't know bombs were being made in their very garages, didn't see their sons were sick? Harris had been in court-ordered anger management classes and bragged that he knew how to bullshit and lie his way out of anything. These weren't some dorky, geeky, picked on, shunned rejects. These were violent little assholes with severe mental and emotional problems, a fact the police ignored and their parents ignored. Apathy is a terrific enabler.

Which brings us to now. The new thought is that Harris and Klebold didn't kill themselves in the school library. Some think Harris shot Klebold in the head, then himself. The reasoning behind that is Klebold had a bullet wound in his left temple while the guns all lay on the floor to his right. The cops explained that he shot himself through the roof of his mouth and the bullet existed the top of his head so this is why there's a wound on his left temple. This doesn't ring true because while his body is on his back, the blood clearly flowed at some point forward; horizontally over his face, nose and chin. Some say this indicates he was shot while looking down, then fell to the ground and Harris rolled him over to see if he was dead before shooting himself. Harris's brains are splattered all over the books on the library shelf as he lies on the floor, consistant with the idea that he shot himself as he laid there. Klebold's autopsy was never made available due to family wishes, so whining is going on that the report on the ballistics of the bullet in Klebold can't be seen and this "murder" question be answered.

I wonder what the hell difference it makes. Bon Voyage. The important thing here is that people screwed up and some families of murdered students still can't get answers. And a lot of Someones had years of chances to stop these two. As horrible as this was, it wasn't made into a campaign to promote mental health help for teens, to educate parents on what to look for, to start finding some laws to prosecute parents who don't do anything because it's easier.

But then, that would mean taking the violent rantings and behavior of "just kids, just bullies" seriously.

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