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The Graves of the Russian Mafia

Yekaterinburg is the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin and the center of Russia's precious stones and metal industries.

It's also the site of some of the worst gang wars in the nation as two gangs battle for control of those industries, worth billions of U.S. Dollars. As a typical statistic, there were 1,145 Mafia related murders in one 10-month period. Most of the men killed are under the age of 35. It's OK though - when you die you can still be tough, cool and suave.

The cemeteries in which the gangs bury their fallen comrades are home to life-size, black marble monoliths for grave markers. The deceased is rendered in perfect photographic detail and can be featured in a variety of casual attire modeled after American "heros" such as Al Capone, Marlon Brando and James Dean. Leather jackets, Hawaiian shirts, Docker pants and Adidas sportswear, the standard garb of the Russian Mafia, are beautifully added if so desired. While the average Russian wage is about $150 a month, these markers cost a minimum of $8,000 - some can cost as much as $250,000. Since Mafia members often accumulate personal fortunes or their cohorts dutifully honor their fallen, these grand monuments are pretty much expected.

Not the type to be caught dead without a Chick Magnet, the guy on the left even holds the keys to his Mercedes in his hand. No word on what the speed limit is on The Other Side.

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