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The Day the Music Died

In one of music's most tragic accidents, a light plane carrying three people who changed the face of Rock forever crashed in an Iowa field shortly after leaving a concert on Feb. 3, 1959. Buddy Holly had chartered the plane to take his band to their next gig in North Dakota while other artists and staff took the usual means of tour bus.

Ritchie Valens had just released"La Bamba" a month before the accident claimed his life. He was 17 years old. He is the first Latino rock 'n' roll artist to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and Jimmy Page once said, "Valens was my first guitar hero and I played that bridge to 'La Bamba' a thousand times." Led Zeppelin later ripped off Valens' song "Ooh! My Head", renaming it "Boogie With Stu" and took credit for it. They were sued and settled out of court. The Ramones did a cover of the Valens song "Come On Let's Go" and Los Lobos' note for note redo of La Bamba went to #1 on the charts. He has not, to date, been inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame.

Jiles Perry Richardson, age 28, AKA The Big Bopper had his start as a hilarious and energetic radio DJ and was famous for "Chantilly Lace" - the third most played radio song of 1958. He wasn't even supposed to be on the plane. He was sick with the flu and worn out, so he asked Buddy Holly's bassist, Waylon Jennings, if he would allow him to have his seat on the plane so he could rest and have time to see a doctor once they landed. Talk about Fate....

Buddy Holly, age 22, is considered one of the founding fathers of Rock N Roll and was Rock's first major songwriter, making a historic impact after only 18 months in the business. Here's a lesson for those who hear "no" and get discouraged; Decca Records told Holly he wasn't quite good enough when they first signed him and to go back home to Texas and practice. He did and made "That'll Be The Day'. Buddy Holly and the Crickets brought such classics as "Peggy Sue", "Rock Around the Clock" to the world.

That's his body closest to the front.

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