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Lizzie at the time
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Dad again (graphic)

"Lizzie Borden took an axe and gave her mother 40 wacks
When she saw what she had done she gave her father 41"

Most all kids learn this little ditty in school. The Borden's were a very well-to-do family and long story short, in 1893 Lizzie was brought to trial for the axe murder of her Step Mom and Dad. It was a huge scandal of a trial, much like the OJ one was in today's time. She was acquitted even though she had admitted to burning the dress she was seen wearing the day...claiming she "got paint on it". She inherited a tidy sum from their deaths and lived the rest of her life quietly, and spent later years with a female companion but never got rid of her detractors and taunters. The murder was never solved, and other suspects ran from her sister to the maid to an unknown intruder (which is who Lizzie blamed it on).

Mrs. Borden was killed upstairs in a bedroom and was there a few hours before Mr. Borden was killed. He had been taking a nap. When Lizzie was in court and they inserted the axe blade (which was found in the barn) into the hole in Mr. Borden's head, showing a perfect fit, Lizzie fainted. Or "swooned", as it were. Opinions are still out as to if she did it or not.

OK..I thought of a joke: Famous Last Words: "Get off your fat ass, Elizabeth and fetch me some firewood!"

Sorry ... I just crack myself up sometimes...

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