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One way to cure crime

Ah, the good ol' days. I'm going to give away here that I'm not a "Bleeding Heart Liberal". I genuinely regret that we can't take people like Jeffrey Dahmer and put a bullet in his head, right on the street, after he is dragged out of his apartment. I think finding a few heads in the fridge and torsos soaking in vats of acid is enough of a "trial" to make a decision. Or the guy who kidnaped a little girl right out of her home, raped her and buried her alive, holding her bunny toy? Screw "justice". I'm sick of criminals being made out to be the victims. And now I'm shutting up.

This segues nicely (well, pretend it does...) to this photo - taken in China, circa 1937. These are the heads of "outlaws". It was common practice to hang their heads on billboards after public execution. I bet that would be a bit of a deterrent, walking down the street and seeing this. They still don't mess around in China. I sometimes hear how China has a billion people and, like, 19 people in jail. (I love statistics). If you read about how criminals get taken care of in China and how tough their prisons are, I think you have your answer as to why. I won't get into my rant about letting people lounge on Death Row for 25 years, getting college degrees, getting married, writing books, becoming celebrities. (I said I'd shut up a while back..didn't I?) :)

from "In focus: national geographic greatest portraits"

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