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Photo of field Calculate your march towards death
Photo of field Chinese justice
Photo of field The strange story of Elmer McCurdy
Photo of field Strange India Thug Art
Photo of field When Terrorists lose their heads from Razzell
Photo of field Bar-B-Qued Dead Guy
Photo of field Ukraine Air Show Crash - Aug, 2002. . (warning: extremely graphic)
Well, the media's circus actually Charles Bishop's suicide circus
and she lived happily ever after Lizzie Borden took an axe...
cool. like Fonzie The Graves of the Russian Mafia
A four letter word is behind it The murder of Kurt Cobain
Buddy, JP and Richie The Day the Music Died
Ew? 1100 pounds of dead meat
and a touch of madness... Masakichi - Art for life; art for death
I hope we all get along in Heaven Setting yourself up for Hell
When deer show off Two deer with locked horns
with pics, you ghoul The 26 stages of death
and even a snack! Grave of a Saxon warrior and his horse
Take the quiz! Do you know a Psycho Killer Time Bomb?
maybe... Man vs. Snake. (warning: icky)
A "Special Kind of Stupid" story .. Man vs. Lions . . .(warning: icky)
Harvey Glatman - shoot them, then shoot them
Columbine Murder/Suicide? - Klebold and Harris . . (warning - extremely graphic). (photo greyed out unless you want to view)
When Moms Snap - Rosary Shellfo and the cutting board, 1943
Death trivia and tidbits
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