This photo was taken by John Holman in a wheat field in Wiltshire, England. The crop
circle was discovered early that morning. John went out with three of his friends and took
this photo. It seems something happened with the speed of the light that got to the camera.
We have the first 'layer' showing the strong, normally placed people and background. The
center of the image has a vertical shift up and down, near the feet you see a slight, lighter
image. The third layer is the shift of the people standing in different positions. I mentioned
John went with three friends? If you look you'll see four - the fourth being *one* of his
friends in dark pants who position was shifted not only down (you can see the reflection)
but over. This man had not moved when the photo was taken; it was a 'normal' fast camera
click of the shutter. Notice the tractor tracks, which do not duplicate but the right -hand one
dips and wavers while the left one stays straight. The camera and film were analysed by
Kodak who took the camera apart and examined the film. They found neither had been
tampered with or altered in any way. Kodak had no guesses as to what caused this photo
to come out this way.