The first 'true' humans are said to have originated about 2.5 million years ago.

This skull was discovered in the mining town of Freiberg, Germany sometime before 1813
where it's known a pharmacist named Loscher owned it.

It has been tentatively dated to be about 10 million years old.

Today the skull is in the possession of the Geological Institute in Freiberg, which has a
collection of fossils and things found in the coal mines there. It's in a glass display case that
was specially made for it and no one's saying it's real, not real or some misunderstood piece of
artwork. It just 'is', and it just sits.
Tests conducted in 1923 by the Zwinger Museum in Dresden identified the skull as "lignite mixed
with ferrous ore containing manganese". Lignite is a type of fossilized peat or in other words,
coal. This type of peat formed on Earth about 15 million years ago. Which means if this skull is
authentic, the peat and the skull fossilized at the same time.

In 1988 a Professor Roselt came to the opinion that the skull was a hoax and man-made. The
reasons are vague and not very scientific - he says the skull's weight, about 7 pounds, was 'too
heavy in relation to size' and the eye sockets and forehead resembled modern skulls more than
the 'approved' to be genuine existing fossilized skulls or our first accepted "true" ancestors.
Microscopic traces of straw and one plant seed were found in a sample taken from the skull,
though there's no way to tell how they got there - a logical possibility is that these particles
attached to the skull because of how and where it was stored all these years by the owners.
Roselt suggested the skull was made using resin, lignite and minerals and heated to between
110C (230 F) and 360C (680 F). Has to be a hoax -- how could a modern-looking skull end up in
antediluvian period material 10 million years ago?

Geologist Bernd Nozon formed another opinion based more on scientific 'fact' in 1999. He
suggested the skull layed at the bottom of a swamp during the Tertiary Age, where it's cavities
filled with peat and becamse fossilized along with the swamp contents as a course of normal
geological proceedure. Two tomographic slices through skull samples show clearly that the
skull was made of concentric layers. If this object was faked almost 200 years ago, who'd have
the know-how to make a skull of layered coal, which would have to have been melted and
poured into a mold of a skull? How, and why? Is this the skull of some Space Traveller?
Some anomaly of coal creation we don't know of, or some artist's lost proceedure? Does this
have anything to do with the gold chains and other 'civilized' items found in coal mines
throughout the years that science ignores?
No X-Rays have been taken to date or any scans.
Hey, about it?