Chemtrail shadows - Dallas, Texas

I love when I get something in the mail and when I pull up the photo, I say out loud, scrunching at the photo on my monitor "Holy <pottymouth word>, you've got to be kidding me...". Talk about chemtrail chemical can anyone deny what this is? Oh..they do things bigger in Texas. They were brilliant enough to even show an arm's length view for an idea of how low these things were - low enough to reflect shadows on the spew they'd already created. And we're breathing this. For what reason? Let's even humor the Doubters and say this is regular airline stuff. This is just jet fuel exhaust. Why is that still OK? If this was just exhaust, is this what you want to live in? Except it's not. And these are not passenger jets doing this, it's not the regular flight path of Aunt Rose's 747 coming back from Des Moines.

I've added a photo of my own at the bottom - a comment as to what a small world it is when you're spraying people.

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This was over my place from chem spraying hundreds of miles from Texas. The plane that was spraying this was so low, the windows rattled. The inner ring is reddish, the bow is yellow and blue. It smelled like an "SOS" scouring pad. Perhaps that's a cosmic hint.
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