How to spot metals/aluminum in chemsprayed rain

Incredible levels of metallic particles believed to be in the compostion of Chemtrails can be found in rainwater samples. The particles include aluminum, barium and silicates. The water shown here is rainwater collected on July 26, 2001 in Santa Fe New Mexico after a day of heavy Chemspraying.
To try this yourself you need to distill the water down to a small amount.
Collect as much rainwater as you can in a clean glass container. The idea here is to boil it down until it's only a thimbleful or so. You can do this by slowly simmering the water over the stove - leave a cover on it a bit ajar so the water can fall and circulate a bit while also evaporating.
The metallic particles will be visible in concentrated form after distillation occurs if you put the remaining liquid in a tube or small container to condense it as shown, and then shine a bright light into it. The water shown on this page started out as about 30ml of rainwater and was boiled down to 4ml. You'll be able to tell the metals from any Usual Crud because the light will glint off it - it'll be obvious that you're seeing metallic particles.